Carra rubbishes tabloid speculation

You can tell Liverpool are having a bit of a good patch when the press revert back to the classic Benitez to Madrid speculation.

This time Jamie Carragher has stepped in and insisted that he believes Rafa is ready to build a new Anfield dynasty:

“Rafa wouldn’t get anything better than Liverpool, or I wouldn’t think so.”

Hinting at the reasons that Rafa left Valencia, and the fact that he would encounter the same problems at Madrid, Carragher continued:

“He can buy his own players here. He’s one of the best managers around. He proved that at Valencia, and he’s already proved it here. Hopefully we can go on again over the next few years and win more things.

“All the players enjoy working with him. I’m sure you can see the difference he’s made over the last few years, especially in Europe. Next season we want to push on and do well in the Premiership as well.”

Well said JC.

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