Cisse’s ‘dreams’ come true with Marseille move

Djibril CisseA football transfer is always the ‘dream move’ in the eye of the player involved, and Djibril Cisse’s move to Marseille is following in this great tradition.

Cisse who spent the last year at Marseille became a figure of crowd frustration towards the end of the season as Lyon stormed to another French title. 

Just two months ago in an interview with the BBC’s Football Focus he was ‘dreaming’ of returning to Anfield for another shot (video link).

But footballer’s are nothing but fickle and as Liverpool prepared to wave goodbye to our second most expensive signing Djibril was convincing himself this was a good move. Ah bless.

“I am very happy, really delighted,” Cisse told Marseille’s official website.

“It has been a long time coming. We fought tooth and nail for this – and we have got what we wanted.

“I decided on Marseille even before the end of the championship. I had already made my decision.

“It went very well last season. Marseille is like my home. I am happy here.”

“I was really keen on being present at all the talks between the directors of Liverpool and Marseille.

“I wanted to show to the chiefs at Liverpool that this wasn’t a joke, that it wasn’t just talk, that my wish was to join Marseille.

“I think that played a part in the final outcome.”

Good luck Djibril.

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Cisse’s ‘dreams’ come true with Marseille move

  1. Cisse was never really given a chance (in his preferred position) to prove himself at Liverpool! Benitez had it in for him from the start because he wasn’t his signing! I think if he was there when Houllier was still in charge he would have shown that he is a quality player and could meet Liverpool standards!
    Gerrard plays worse when he stuck out on the right than what he does when he’s in central midfield (controlling the game).

    I wish Cisse all the best.


  2. i am personally disapointed to see cisse leave as i still think he can achieve the potential he had when he joined liverpool for that huge sum of money but with liverpool spending big money again on strikers this summer i hope they dont turn out to be the wrong costly signings unfortunatly rather like ciss rememba wen he wore different boots in dat match i think dat jus sums him up

  3. So much promise but didnt live up to the expectation. Really sorry for the guy with the bad luck of 2 serious Broken Legs. Hope things work out for him

  4. Lord Frodsham has left the building…
    Credit to him after those 2 nasty broken legs and thanks for
    scoring in all the Finals he played in, it was the difference between success and failure so he has played his part in the silverware in his time at the club. He was frustrating at times, (aren’t all Liverpool players or do we just have exceptionally high standards that some players just don’t meet?!)
    Good luck Djibril, hope your ‘dream’ is everything you want it to be. Eccentric it has to be said 😉

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