Finnan prefers keeping his head down

Steve FinnanSteven Finnan’s name doesn’t lend itself well to the back-page headlines of ‘Gerronimo’ or ’24 Carra Gold’ but nevertheless, he has been one of our most consistent players of the last few years.  Does this bother him? The reds right-back says not.

“I’ve never minded not getting plaudits. It’s a question I’ve been asked many times, but I’m really not bothered,” he says.

“It’s always been more important to me that the team plays well. There are other lads in the team who are playing well but don’t always get the praise. In football you always expect the lads who are getting the goals to get most attention, and they deserve it.
“I’m happy with how things are going for me, but more especially for the team.”

Liverpool were looking hard at signing Daniel Alves, and with the arrival of Arbeola (who is capable of playing right back), Finnan has been under pressure for his place before.  The Irishman has already seen two right backs enter and leave Anfield, failing to take his place – Josemi and Kromkamp. Now the player is looking at cementing his future at Anfield.

“I would definitely like to sign for more time, but that’s up to other people.”

“Everyone can see the club is heading in the right direction with the new owners. It’s an exciting time. Everyone wants to be a part of it, especially me.”

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