Gerrard ready to ‘give it a good go’

Steven Gerrard has commended Rafa Benitez’ summer purchases and insists that the reds will push much harder than last season in an attempt to break in to the title race.

Speaking ahead of Liverpool’s first game in the Barclays Asia trophy tommorow, SG said:

“I’m really pleased with the standard of players the manager has brought in.

“I think he has brought in quality players, big name players who can help.

“I think it would be stupid of me to sit here and make promises to the supporters that we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that but what I can say is we’ll have a right good go and work hard.

“We don’t feel as if we’re too far away from the other big clubs in the league and we feel if the current players dig in a bit and work a bit harder we can get involved in the title race.

“Playing for Liverpool Football Club, it’s all about winning trophies and this summer’s no different.

“The squad has improved, the manager has been backed with good money and he’s spent it well and now it’s time for the players to deliver. The Premier League, that’s the one. That’s our main priority.”

Liverpool take on South China tomorrow night in Hong Kong (1.30 in the afternoon UK time) and Fernando Torres is one of the players expected to continue his Anfield education in the tournament. Speaking about Torres, Gerrard remained positive:

“I think I knew how good he was before we signed him.

“I watch a lot of Spanish football and he played well at the World Cup but what’s impressed me that he’s not come in as a star name.

“He’s come to work hard and the players are excited to have him alongside us. He’s the kind of player we need and hopefully he’ll be our big name that scores a lot of goals for us.

“I think he’s coming into a really good team with players who will help him settle in, quality players who’ll set up goals for him.

“I can’t see him having any problems settling in and achieving what he wants to achieve.”

Gerrard also believes that Liverpool have exciting times ahead – both on and off the field:

“It’s going to be a difficult title race,” he said.

“Like us, Chelsea are upset losing the title to Manchester United, Arsenal’s young players are more experienced so I’m sure they’ll want a better go than last year and sides below us are strengthening as well so it’ll be a tough title race this year. I think more teams will get involved.”

“It’s a really exciting time for the club.

“We have new owners in charge and they’ve put the money on the table.

“They said they’d sort the new stadium out, give new contracts to current players and strengthen the squad and that’s what they’ve done.”

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