Kewell wants to stay… for life!

Harry Kewell who played in the reds last two league games of the season (a defeat and a draw) has insisted he would like to see out his career at Anfield.

Harry is widely tipped to be out of the door in the summer – his contract expires next summer leaving Liverpool this summer to get a transfer fee for the player, but Harry has different ideas.

“If it came around that I had to sign another contract for another five (seasons), for the rest of my life then I will, because it’s a fantastic club.”

In memories of Istanbul when the player lasted minutes before facing the wrath of the travelling Kop, Kewell is pushing for a place at Athens.

So should Harry get another chance? Or have his persistent injuries cost him his chance at Liverpool?

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Kewell wants to stay… for life!

  1. Harry should definitely stay – he needs a chance to prove himself and to repay the faith Rafa showed in him by signing him to the club. Even when he has not been 100% fit, he’s always made an effort and has tried to create chances – he looks dangerous, fit or not! it’s because he puts himself into the game heart and soul that he has had so many injuries! and there was a reason that every club in Europe wanted him and why we got him – he loves the club, always has, always will! For that reason alone he deserves a chance!

  2. i think we should keep kewell because he got his talent, techique and pace on left wing and i should think he should playing on champions league final for liverpool as well.

    You never walk alone !

  3. i think we should keep kewell he is a world class player i would rather have him playing then zenden and Mark Gonzalez still has alot to learn .rafa should sell zenden to go towards a better player

  4. In regards to his interview to Australian TV it can be seen on

    He actually says on the interview that he has always said he wanted to play abroad but he went on to say that if Liverpool offered him a contract now he would take it. He has always been a Liverpool fan and hasn’t proven himself yet, so I think he won’t want to go anywhere yet. He was simply stating that if Liverpool don’t want him that he could go abroad.

    He doesn’t want to go anywhere just yet and I don’t think us fans want him to either. He is a creative winger that had the ability to change the course of a game and be a potential player of the season. There was a reason Rafe wanted him in the last cup final, so I would think he would want him now as well, but clearly that will be off the bench when the game has a tempo

  5. The way Kewell came on, and immediately looked the best player on the pitch, it was obvious he has the confidence he so lacked at the start of his liverpool career. He deserves and we need him to be offered a new contract!!!

  6. kewell should be given a another chance because he was playin rele well up untill he got injured and he had a great game against charlton so it proves he still has what it takes to play for liverpool. personally i think aurelio should be sold and get rid of mascherano as we will ave 2 many midfielders gerrard,alonso,sissoko,gonzalez,pennant,kewell,garcia.
    p.s does any1 agree wiv me?

  7. Best Wev’e got on the left, he plays or at least is on the bench to come on if we are chasing the game. (5 more years, 5 more years…..)

  8. i think we should keep him. admitedly, he’s not been good enough, but in fairness, he’s played for for about 3 seasons now, with either serious injuries, or niggling injuries. he’s had 11 months out now, and has had to start his rehabilitation from scrath, which means every bit of his fitness has been built up carefully and properly (unlike previously were he was rushed back). Remeber the harry kewell we bought?? every club in europe wanted him, he was brilliant! and he deliverded in his first few months until the 1st injury. there was signs against charlton that the harry kewell we bought is back. And if that’s the case, then love him or hate him, want him in or want him out, we’ve got one of the best attcking players in the league and in europe, and therefore he should play.

    i want him to play in the final, because frankly, he’s better than gonzalez and zenden.

  9. No doubt Harry should get another chance. When he is fit he is our best winger and a sensational player. I know injuries have been a serious issue but here is a player that potential offers so much to the club and at 28 there is still time for him to produce his best. If anyone watched teh world cup Harry was a big part of Australia’s success and as an englishmen it hurts me to say the convict can seriously play.

  10. interesting…

    However Harry said something a little different in a television interview he gave via satellite to Australian TV this week. When asked about the possibility of him playing in La Liga or Serie A.
    in the future Harry replied:

    “Its always been a dream of mine to play abroad one day and sample another culture and environment, however I have 1 year left on my contract at Liverpool who are a fabulous club etc etc, so we will see what happens !!!!!!”

    so ‘we’ll see what happens…’

    Given he has one year remaining on his contract it will be interesting how the club plays things.

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