LFC News Round Up (15 June 2007)

A slow Friday for news on the mighty reds but we have made a signing.

Unfortunately he is only 14…

Liverpool have signed Ben Robinson, aged 14, a hot prospect in the goalkeeping department from nearby Stockport County. The team from down the road however are crying foul, claiming that Liverpool have made an illegal manouevre.

“We have been up front, forthright and professional in all of our dealings with Liverpool, and all the players concerned, but unfortunately this has not been reciprocated.”

Don’t worry Stockport – as soon as he gets decent and threatens to start playing for England I am sure Liverpool will loan him back to you, we do that with our English keepers.

Reds not Bent

After Darren Bent turning down West Ham’s £75,000 a week, all eyes turned back on to Liverpool in the race for the £17 million rated (!?) Charlton striker.  However, the press have turned all their focus on Spurs who are set to land Bent. Liverpool’s interest all along has been questioned in our forums and Spurs will probably have to break their wage structure to land Darren.

Fat Frank relishes..

Not pies for a change – but our early Premiership clash against Chelsea at Anfield. Lampard reckons the start of the season is just about the right time to play Liverpool.  Frank, who captained Chelsea to two defeats at Anfield last season said:

“The two fixtures that really stand out in the first few weeks are the ones at Liverpool and United.”“Liverpool have had a habit of gaining momentum later in the season this past couple of years so. Maybe playing them in the third match could be a good time,” he said before disappearing in to a local bakery.Stevie set to tackle AlexOur Captain gets married to the apple of his eye, Alex Curran, in their wedding which will be held down in Berkshire. On the guest list are Gary Barlow and Girls Aloud.  The loyalties of the Croxteth duo, Wayne Rooney and Coleen will be tested to the max as Gary Neville is set to break with family tradition and marry somebody outside his genepool in Manchester Town Hall.  Steven Gerrard, the hard up fella that he is, has signed a six figure sum with a celebrity gossip magazine for the exclusive photo rights.

Torres alert

Fernando Torres career at Atletico Madrid could be decided by the final games of La Liga this weekend. Atletico are struggling to even qualify for the UEFA Cup and failure to do this could result in the player leaving Spain. A transfer fee of around £20 million + would be expected. Expect a bid from West Ham, and probably not us.

And the dirty gossip….

Marseille, currently involved in talks with Liverpool about a further deal for Djibril Cisse, are believed to be interested in taking Sami Hyypia off our hands. The player is hoping to stay on Merseyside, but nobody from the club has given a firm commitment to Sami’s Anfield future. I’m sure most of us want Sami to stay – at least for another season.

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LFC News Round Up (15 June 2007)

  1. phil I personally think we should give a last chance to CISSE,
    because he is still our player rather than panic buying, we got enough strikers if our american owners do not want to splash out big money for world class striker get Maluda and Simao so they can provide the crosses our big men need in the middle, rest of the field is more than ok.

  2. With all the excitement about Eto’o a while back,if we end up signing average players with overinflated prices e.g bent,it seems like panic buying again. Why can’t we keep cisse for at least another season, he wasn’t given much of a chance and hes everybit as good a lot of the other players reported to be coming here. I also think we should be trying our hardest to get Torres – he can score goals and top strikers get you trophies.

  3. Despite Rafa’s earlier outburts transfers are still taking far too long this season. The longer we leave things the less likely we are to land the players we want. More media hype will be written about our interest in them drvining up thier price, and alerting other managers to their potential availability. We (and our american owners) need to start moving quickly to avoid this.

    That said it doesn’t mean we have to break the bank. We could get Owen on a straight swap fo Bellamy (what with the nine mill get out clause, and Big Sams interest in him), and we could still get Simao for 12mil which would be recouped by letting Juventus buy Momo.

  4. As a RED fan I think we have to wait for another 2 to 3 years to win the Premiership according to players we can get this year.
    I was so excited to hear likes of Eto,Simao,Maluda,Torres, joining the Reds.
    What I can not understand is why do the owners have lied, if the told they will back Rafa next year i think all RED fans would not be so disappointed. WE hope our dreams come true soon as possible.

  5. Bent has agreed a deal with spurs,but will listen to any offers from the big 4, deal will be kept quiet as Charlton
    want to save face at not getting 17m they demanded, also don’t want
    other clubs to inflate prices on their own targets.

    Deal will be about 13m-14m. Bent getting about 40-50k.

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