LFC News Round Up (18 June 2007)

The speculation on players both in and out of Anfield moved up a notch and the media have been filled with the weekend’s comments from Mr. Gillett.

New Anfield Stadium proposals

As we reminded everyone this morning, the reds are unveiling their plans for the new Anfield stadium to the City Council today.  The plans have been sent to the application department who have to go through some ‘official’ time-wasting before they are revealed to public.  We were sent a pdf file containing two pages of the new stadium designs about midday today. The document looks official but I would imagine that the official website will display the plans first, and I’m not running the risk of looking like a clown by being duped (again!).  The pictures I saw I would be well happy with though. I’ve already picked me seat.

So the club have presented their plans and this morning the council were talking positive – the council leader was on local radio insisting that they want work to start as soon as possible – obviously keen to being the regeneration of the Anfield and Breckfield areas ahead of the European Capital of Culture year in 2008.

All the LFC websites and forums will be inundated with the images as they no doubt get leaked over the next week to ten days so don’t disappear on a pot-holing expedition just yet.

Reds chasing strikers

Some confusing rumours from the weekend.  Apparently Darren Bent will go to Spurs for around £12 million (he was £17 million last week if West Ham wanted to buy him) but Liverpool will turn their attention to £13 million rated Diego Milito of Real Zaragoza. Confused? Were we ever / Are we interested in Darren Bent? Even former Spurs man Gary Lineker no less was backing Bent to come to Anfield for a ‘better footballing education’. Where’s the loyalty from ex-players these days?

Bellamy to follow Rush

Craig Bellamy could be set to follow in Ian Rush’s footsteps and make the move to Italian side Juventus.  Rush who famously said of his time in Turin, ‘It was like playing in a foreign country’, played for Juventus for the 1987-88 season after a massive £3.2 million transfer from Liverpool. As proof that money in football really has gone mad, Juventus (and Roma) are considering meeting Craig Bellamy’s £12 million valuation. (Personally I’d take the 4 Ian Rush’s).

Rick Parry – working hard

Unfortunately not on our transfers, but helping out Sheffield United – you know them – the team that always have a moan about us. Rick was the first FA Premier League Chief Executive and with close involvement in the Mascherano transfer he is believed to have presented evidence backing Sheffield United’s claims that they should stay in the Premiership. Good work Rick – now get on a plane and take a chequebook (or Bellamy) with you.

Forlan – great news

Diego Forlan looks like he is coming to the Premiership. Fortunately, all eyes, including Mr Forlan’s, appear to now be on Sunderland.

And Gorgeous George smooths over the cracks

George Gillett has spoken that ‘Phase Two’ is about to commence. Phase One, you see, was all about signing up the big names, Gerrard etc, and now we are moving on to our signings. A lot of talk about ‘not spending for spending’s sake’, ‘we have a plan’ and ‘we are here to win Championships’.

With La Liga now finished for the season, now really is the time when there are no excuses for deals not being put together.  The next few days and weeks really will decide if Liverpool fans and the new owners are set for an extended honeymoon, or if George and Tom are going to be sleeping on the couch.

12 comments on
LFC News Round Up (18 June 2007)

  1. i would like to see torres upfront with kuyt we will get goals with those two strikers a decent winger like wright phillips and malouda that will do for me

  2. Why dont we attemp to get Henry!?

    He has already stated that the only other prem club he would play for would be Liverpool and he’s a million miles better than Bent.

  3. i think we should buy more impressive players like samuel eto, simao sambrosa, fernando torres and other more. we sholud get out on loan craig bellamy and swap with mancini cause i think he’s a better and effective player! we should do these things recently because it’s time for trasferements!

  4. I just hope we can get 2 world class wingers & strikers that can put the ball in the net when the crosses come in.I hear SWP will be sold for around £10m + Defoe he’s been scoring well in past seasons & they are both english.

  5. Darren bent hahahahaha let spurs have him, Diego Milito and his brother Gabby (striker and defender – Real Zaragoza) yes please, Flo Maluda (Lyon), Simao (Benfica), Silva (Valencia), Fernando Torres (A Madrid) all of these players would be good for us, as we have already got Veronin, Lucas Levia, Sebastion Leto????? (not sure if he has signed or not) so lets hope Uncle George is not trying to pull the wool over our eyes by saying phase 2 is under way (the buying phase) if he is then I am pretty sure his honey moon with Liverpool is over and he will face the chilling truth that Liverpool fans do not like being taken for fools and lied to – Ask the Sun after Hillsborough (god rest there souls).

  6. I hope you’re right doug. we could do with tevez, but i reckon parry’s involvment will work against us on that front. We have pi**ed West ham off today, so i don’t think they’ll sell tevez to us. It’s not like they have to accept our bid, there’ll be 7 or 8 top clubs in for him.
    Darren Bent would be good for us, proven Premiership goalscorer, not just a big name, like shevchenko turned out to be!

  7. Well actually , I prefer to swap Bellamy with Mancini, it’s the best deal , because we need a winger play in both sides, mancini is very good in left and right sides.

    I don’t like Forlan nor Milito, they are both above 27 years old, they are won’t give liverpool long-term form, also they are not top-class players. I think its better to be looking to young and talented players such as Torres , David Villa , Mancini , Gamst Pedersen, Schweinsteiger Reyes.

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