LFC News Round Up (20 June 2007)

Fernando Torres - Liverpool bound?Another day – same old squad.

Can you hear the Kop Fernando?

Fresh from Henry, Malouda, Eto’o, Bent and Benayoun the media have today switched all eyes on to Fernando Torres with his magical release clause of around £23 million. The media appear to have re-hashed three old stories – the first being that Atletico haven’t qualified for Europe, the second that Torres famously wore a captain’s armband with You’ll Never Walk Alone written on the inside and thirdly that Rafa is a long-term admirer of the 23 year old Spanish striker.

Last week Darren Bent was Liverpool’s number one target – if so why are the reds not moving faster to purchase him for half the price of a Torres?

Liverpool are playing their cards close to their chest, if they do have any cards that is. One theory is that the bank have asked for us to cut them up…. Torres is a great striker, plenty of potential but Rafa is seriously considering splashing that amount of money on a relatively lightweight striker then the player will have to perform. Enlarged transfer fees at Anfield will increase the pressure on our Rafa to land the title.

Cisse – another loan

Are we about to finally get some of our millions back that we spent on Djibril Cisse? Of course we aren’t. It looks like after discussions between Marseille and Liverpool, the player will stay at Marseille for another year with a then option to purchase for a pre-determined transfer fee. My opinion is simple, and Liverpool should stick to their guns and grow a bigger pair of balls: Purchase the player for a sensible fee or he will arrive back at Anfield. At this rate – he could be our biggest summer signing.

Craig Bellamy isn’t welcome

Not the words of the owner of the Portugese hotel in which Craig wielded golf clubs earlier this year – but the words of Mr. Newcastle United, Alan Shearer. Apparently he nearly had a coronary when he heard the Welshman with no neck was linked with a return to St. James Park’. Pulling no punches, big Al’ said:

‘Has no-one learnt their lesson about signing Craig Bellamy?’

‘If only Rafa Benitez had rung me I would have told him exactly what he was like. I hope there isn’t anything in these reports.

‘I was having a few days away in France with [former Newcastle team-mates] Gary Speed and Steve Harper and the wives and I picked up the newspaper. I was having a fantastic day.

‘But when I read Bellamy for Newcastle I thought I would definitely have to have another drink. I had several.’

Newcastle United have not commented. Rumours that they have been busy building a brand new shoebox for their trophy collection have not been confirmed.

Poor old Scott

Scott Carson’s 30th England Under 21 cap ended in disappointment. England were leading Holland 1-0 until near the end when the equaliser from the Dutch sent the game in to extra time and then penalties. An amazing penalty shoot out followed with both sides taking a mammoth 16 penalties. Scott Carson even took one and scored. But Holland knocked England out of the semi-final winning 13-12. Carson only managed to save one of the pens in a thrilling shoot-out.

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LFC News Round Up (20 June 2007)

  1. To be honest, I think Toress is too young to spend 27 million pounds.
    If you have to spend that much, I feel better to move for Etoo instead.
    Eto’o deserves that price.

  2. torres is world class and young.why do you think man u and chelsea are linked with him.whats all the negativity about.we are competing for the best now as you can see.

  3. He’s abit lightweight though isn’t he? I’m still not 100% convinced but he’s alot better than Forlan!!!
    Get Saviola on a free instead, he’s world class and knows where the net is, surely he’d have a field day with Crouch or Kuyt. Tevez would be nice too…

  4. hhaha That bellamy story is funny 🙂 as for Torres, a wee bit on the expensive side, buy out clauses are not really ment to be used, when the clubs sign them they put in a massive buy out clause, he’s prob only worth £15-17m max. Having said that, yea I like the guy… however there has to be more no? where are all the youth team players!!! nobody coming up through the ranks to fill robbies shoes?

  5. from what i have seen Torres is a great talent and we could do with him,he cant do any worse than bellamy,im sure he will score goals if we bring in some great wide men!!!

  6. torres is a class act for me hes got everything,pace,skill,touch,pass and hes excellent in the air,i laugh when i hear people talking about signing diego forlan coming to anfield what a dissaster that would be wake up people?torres is wanted by every big club in europe but he wants to put on our red shirt and play for the greatest team in the world,better still go onto you tube and type in torres and watch some of the goals hes scored im gona make a statement and il choose my words carefully and say that he is as good a finisher if not as good hes a better finisher than robbie fowler,hve a look at him and then judge him j.f.t 96

  7. I think Torres will be a great signing for us, if we do sign him. he has pace, strength and a fine finisher. we have good strikers at the club already but they are not prolific and we need a striker who can hit 20 – 25 goals a season regulary

  8. Although i like Torres i dont think he will adapt to the premiership that easily , Defoe is going to become available and has already shown he can produce in a medeocre team, imagine what he could do with the talent we already have providing for him . Simao and Yossi would also fit in really well, i think Bent is overated and overpriced , maybe bringing Owen back will reap better rewards and will certainly be cheaper.

  9. I think Torres will be great. He is a young and strong forward. He has the potential to be like Owen, just that he won’t betray us. What’s more, he wore a liverpool captain’s armband, which proves that he likes liverpool and has the motivation to carry him to the pinnacle of success.

  10. Torres is a classy forward with heaps of potential we’ll get him but he will strugle with rafa’s rotatioal system after playing every game 4 madrid but he WILL be our top scorer.

  11. Torres would be fine at Anfield. Cristiano is a player who likes to go to ground a lot and that has worked out well for Man U so why not for us. I think he would do well with a real world class squad around him like Liverpool can provide.

  12. Torres is a diving bottler. He is not consistent and will be another flop in England. We need a person who can be sure to adapt to the rigours of the premiership. Torres loves going to ground and will find it very difficult in England. Forlan would be a better prospect than Torres. Just give me Bent,Simao,Yossi,Malouda and Burdisso

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