Liverpool and Carlsberg to continue affair

Carlsberg LiverpoolIn a relationship spanning back to 1992, Liverpool FC and Carlsberg appear set to continue their romance with each other, as newspaper reports suggest the Danish brewing company is ready to make a vastly improved offer to continue shirt sponsorship of Liverpool FC.

Carlsberg managed a great deal for themselves when they managed to sign a contract extension with Liverpool just before the Champions League final for a bargain £5 million over 2 years. That contract is due up this summer and in recent years Chelsea have signed £50 million 5-year deals with Samsung and Manchester United signed a £54 million 4-year deal with AIG.

Today’s report, by Chris Bascombe in the Liverpool Echo, quotes a Liverpool-Carlsberg tie up worth around £22 million over the next 3 years. As a result, Carlsberg would potentially be the first Liverpool shirt sponsor at the new stadium which may have implications for naming rights of the new stadium.

The deal however wouldn’t even compare as well as Tottenham Hotspurs £34 million over 4 years with Mansion House.

The agreement was apparently reached before the takeover announced earlier this week.

If the deal goes ahead it will be good news for the supporters who bought brand new kits last summer after adidas returned to Liverpool as kit manufacturer. There were some worries that a change in kit sponsor would result in the need for an entire new range of replica shirts.

Liverpool were the first team in England to introduce shirt sponsorships, in 1978 with Hitachi. If the figures are believed then it looks like Carlsberg have ‘probably’ pulled off another of their greatest shirt negotiations…in the world.

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Liverpool and Carlsberg to continue affair

  1. I’m a muslim too. I love Liverpool. Please don’t put the carlsberg sign. Because I LOVE ISLAM more. Itt’s wrong for you to use something that is haram for us.

  2. please la.
    don’t put the calsberg on the shirt.
    we from malaysia were strugling with the ‘i dont want to put carlsberg on my chest! but i love Liverpool!!!’

  3. Well, I will say this, I support Liverpool no matter what they wear, the Sponsorship doesn’t define them even if thats what they aim to, but with all the constraints with money to get higher tier players to LFC, you gotta wonnder why they are going witht his low ball deal. Hell despite me hating Hicks, with his exhistance as an owner surely he could score a better deal with someone else?

  4. I wouldn’t wear a Liverpool jersey with Carlsberg logo on … worst beer in the land … noticed club wasn’t wearing logo in Champions League match Tuesday … where can I get one that’s logo-free?

  5. what on earth.. i’ve been praying day and night for Liverpool to find another sponsorship.. do agree with Adam, with the calibre of a club like Liverpool.. i think we should get another mega deal, fans in Malaysia and other muslims countries were strugling with the ‘i dont want to put carlsberg on my chest! but i love Liverpool!!!’. hopefully i can wear the shirt proudly without the carls brand soon.. hopefully.

  6. what a sad day for LFC… the deal just good for Carlsberg not LFC… cammon’ just be realistics…. MU, Chealsky n Spurs make for good from the shirt… UK$30+ million… how come a great club like LFC just worth for UK$20+ million…

    Or, we cannot bring new sponsorship anymore?

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