Liverpool FC to launch TV channel this summer

TVThe winds of change are finally blowing through Anfield, and Liverpool are finally set to unveil their own tv channel this summer – ingeniously entitled… wait for it… LFC TV.

Many supporters have wondered why the reds have been so slow in introducing a TV channel to go alongside the excellent official club website, but plans are now at an advanced stage. The club have advertised over 20 positions within the new media venture in today’s Guardian and in the media trade last Friday.

The channel is planned to broadcast seven days a week, and will no doubt be available on satellite and hopefully also cable.

After years of staggering behind fellow Premiership sides – it looks like the reds are now attempting to really get to grips with the modern sporting environment.

Let’s hope the interview process is suitably demanding to prevent any ‘outsiders’ sneaking through the net!

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Liverpool FC to launch TV channel this summer

  1. Long overdue! I hope people all around the world as afar as Mauritius can subscribe and get the images live and that it is not limited to just the UK & Europe.

    Anwar (Mauritius)

  2. Will the e-season ticket be required now? If they show all the content on the new LFC TV it seems silly to pay twice!

  3. Exciting indeed! A great chance, if accessible European-wide, to view our fabulous past along side with our magnificent present. My son will surely value this channel, giving him the opportunity to watch Liverpool’s glorious past achievements, not leaning exclusively on his dad’s descriptions and archives!
    Best regards-George Athanasiou

  4. this is real cool..i just hope that “LFC TV” will be broadcasted all the way here on would be the best thing that could happen for my summer..i love lfc and if they are going to have their own channel..that will be awesome and exciting. It would be the only thing i would look forward to waking up for during summer. well, hope all works well!!!

  5. bloody great idea but is it going to be on sky sports as a channel you have to order likethe other clubs own channels are like ‘mutv’?

  6. Great idea.Living in Ireland i’m sick & tired of the Man U tripe served up by RTE morning, noon and night.LFC TV can’t come soon enough for me.

  7. i think its a brilliant idea i was wondering how long it would take before happening i fotr one will be a proud owner of the channel

  8. Instead of a TV channel how about investing the money in the ticket system and get some proper phone lines that have a queueing system on them meaning people that can be bothered to get up at 8.30, redial all day and find the game is sold out,get put in the queue first as opposed to some who get up at 1OM and get through first time!!

    Or a decent online ticket server that doesn’t crash and can cope with demand of more than 10 people

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