Liverpool players playing for their careers

The arrival of the new chairmen at Anfield and their promise to fund Rafa’s transfer raids, coupled with Benitez’ constant team changes in his search for perfection, have left the Liverpool players under intense pressure to perform.

Many players could be about to enter the twilight weeks of their Anfield career and this fact has not been lost on John Arne Riise.

Riise, probably echoing most of the players sentiments, insisted the players were keen to impress to stay involved in the future Anfield revolution:

“You never know what the manager is going to do from one game to the next – that keeps everyone on their toes,” said Riise.

“But because the new owners are here too, that’s going to make everyone work hard to impress them as well.

“You never know what’s going to happen and how many players will come in during the summer.

“We always work hard at Liverpool but there are exciting times ahead and everyone wants to be a part of that.

“The new owners came to Melwood last Sunday to watch us train and they seem like good people.

“We’re getting good feelings in Europe again but now is the time to be professional and to continue our form in the Premiership. Reading is a game which is also very important to us.”

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Liverpool players playing for their careers

  1. Changes and changes… very good for Liverpool. I think that our past financial limitations have left us with a number of players that should not even have made it into the club under normal circumstances, and the recent investments in the club is the first chance Liverpool has to fix this issue and get back up there in challenging Manchester United and Chelsea. The players that should go include: Graig Bellamy, Bolo Zenden, Jerzy Dudek, Sammy Hypia, Robbie Fowler. Many of these guys have been brilliant for us in the past and we will always be grateful for that, but football today demands that clubs remain on their toes in terms of quality of the squad and its time Liverpool learns to dance to that tune as well as the top two in the premiership have….

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