Moores to pocket £75 million in LFC sale

The Dubai investment bid at Anfield is set to value the club itself at £156 million according to the BBC.

Chairman David Moores, who owns just over 51% of the club’s shares, is expected to pocket £75 million from the deal.

Dubai Investment Capital are at a very advanced stage after assessing the club’s finances in intimate detail in the last month.

DIC has almost completed its due diligence, but Liverpool are keen to get the deal done in time to allow them to bring in some new players before the closure of the transfer window on 31 January.

It is unclear what level of investment in players will be made available to manager Rafael Benitez should the deal go through.

However the total investment package will be nearer 350 million pounds, as around 200 million pound will be needed to help finance the new Anfield stadium development.

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Moores to pocket £75 million in LFC sale

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