No Heinze for the reds

The FA Premier League panel that met yesterday have decided that the controversial letter handed to Gabriel Heinze by Manchester United does not mean the player can move to Liverpool.

The panel said in a statement:

“The Premier League Board appointed panel have heard submissions of evidence from both parties and has ruled to dismiss the player’s case.”

Before the game Gabriel Heinze had made one last plea to the United board:

“My idea has not changed and my objective is to go to Liverpool. I will always be grateful to United, but now I hope they allow me to get my wish.”

Although the matter now looks unlikely to be resolved before the transfer deadline it looks like this matter is not closed. Gabriel Heinze is planning to exercise his right to appeal to the Premier League panel and failing that rumours abound that the player will be in a position to buy himself out of his contract in the January transfer window.

The question now is – will United want to keep a player who would rather play for Liverpool?

Update 22 August 2007: Gabriel Heinze has now agreed a 4 year deal with Real Madrid. Real will pay £8 million for the player.

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No Heinze for the reds

  1. It’s a shame that Ferguson has been so stubborn on the Heinze issue. He is a world class left back and would have have fit perfectly in a position we’ve had problems with for a long time. I’m still unconvinced about Arbeloa. I reckon we’re going to need to buy someone else, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time to do so.

  2. A player of heinze’s quailty, is a major coup for any big club and also with his desire in wanting to join liverpool is even more intresting, due to the fact he is a man u player and trying his upmost in joining liverpol.

  3. lets face it ferguson has lost the plot and it is time he retired hes been with united far to long and its beginning to show problem is you lot wont let him

  4. Liverpool dont need Heinze. Arbeloa has been doing great in defence and also with finnan, agger n carragher he wouldnt get in the team every week. Riise will also play as a defender when Kewell is back from injury

  5. Of course United don’t want him! We just didn’t want to sell him to you lot. There was no way Ferguson was going to be the first manager in decades to sell one of ours to you.

    I’m quite surprised that Liverpool have gone to such measures to try and sign our second choice left back though, to be honest.

    We’ll offer him to the continent, and if they don’t bite, he’ll stay in the reserves. Simple.

    United have bent over backwards to give him everything he wanted. We let him go to Spain for his treatment when he was injured, rather than keep him in Manchester like we do with all our injured players. He missed our entire season, only to go to the World Cup, and return to us injured. The fans loved him, the club treated him well, and he stabbed us in the back. Not the kindof player I’d ever want to see in our shirt again.

  6. To all you tourists (sorry man utd supporters) We want a good left back who for some reason can not get ahead of Evra who is not as good as sylvester however your wonderful manager who was given a knighthood for his knowledge of footbal took time out to accompany his chief executive to a meeting with a fellow from Sheffield Wednesday who decided he cannot come to Liverpool fc.

    Thats fine but i feel sorry for Gabriel Heinze who now will not be able to play football for anyone. Remember this – we sent Sheedy a Liverpool reserve to Everton HE WENT ON TO WIN THE LEAGUE but we did not cry about it.

    He was not our first choice and deserved the chance to play but this will not happen under ferguson because he was a failed footballer and the clowns in old trafford do not know enough about the game to make a decision.

    As the real support is watching MANCHESTER UNITED in the lower leagues they will understand as football is a passion not a plaything.

    Hang your head in shame gill for supporting a man who has lost the plot if he cannot come to liverpool sell him cheaper to someone else but let him play football

  7. What’s the buzz!!! When SG was going to Chelsea nobody opposed his wish then.

    Is Heinz moving to LFC a bigger deal, the story behind all this is another. It’s Fergie’ character, not all players will stand to his shouting and throwing boots around, not even Beckham…or Veron

  8. John – we won’t see Heinze in a United shirt again.. and know that no one wishes to see him in one either. His number’s already been given away to Hargreaves. Suffice it to say, his career is over. He won’t go to Liverpool, he’ll just rot

  9. No offence intended, but the question should be – why would a united player WANT to play for any one but united, remember in your “dominant” era when it was said that if you leave Liverpool the only way is down,well,what most united fans can’t understand is why! He’s guaranteed CL football,has a good a chance has any team in EPL of winning medals, my guess is he is not prepared the fight for his position in the team or he has been offered a MIGHTY great rise in his pay packet, my post is not intended to have a snipe at you but just bewilderment,just think what your reaction would be if the position was reversed.

  10. I thought players could only buy out their contracts at the end of the season and that they have to give notice within so many days of the last game???? I read something on a chelsea website – I Know! but do a google search for “footballers buying out contracts” and look at the 4th one down, it quotes FIFA rules etc…….

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