Rafa’s determination helps reds close Cisse deal

Djibril CisseYou have to wonder what the ‘backroom boys’ at Anfield really get up to at times.

A number of weeks ago, Djibril Cisse’s one year loan at Marseille finished.  Some transfer talks happened – but it looked like the reds were prepared to be fobbed off by Marseille who wanted ‘another’ year of loaning the player.

The deal, was almost done. Until Rafa Benitez got back from his holiday.  With one sentence he uttered that Marseille either paid for the player, or they would not have him on loan again.  You can only imagine that Rick Parry felt the force of Rafa’s displeasure at Liverpool’s weakness when dealing with other clubs.

Today the news is that Cisse looks set to sign a permanent deal with Marseille this weekend, after the reds began to take enquiries from a host of English clubs – Man City, Portsmouth and West Ham (after losing out on Darren Bent) have all been mentioned.

“Marseille is definitely the choice for Djibril,” Cisse’s agent Ranko Stojic told BBC Sport. “I think the deal will happen on Friday or Saturday.”

“Mr Benitez has been very, very correct.”

“Of course he tried to get a little bit more money for his club but I think it will be a good deal for everybody.

“There are some details to sort out between Liverpool and Marseille but I think it will happen soon.”

Maybe Rafa should be doing Rick Parry’s job as well as coaching the team? 

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Rafa’s determination helps reds close Cisse deal

  1. Come on..not every one is good in everything. Parry might have the skill sets for big picture items like help setting up premier league or find a good set of owners for LFC (because he is, say, of more easy-going character and do not rub people the wrong way) but it does not mean that he is automatically a good negotiator or quick thinking/decisive enough to close transfer deals.

  2. I think people are missing the point here. Any perceived “weakness” of Rick Parry is now offset by the determination of Rafa`.This was never the case under other managers. This partnership requires time. I think we are already stronger and some people are too quick to make decisions that can`t be undone.

  3. I sincerely hope the ‘reading the S*n’ comment was not aimed at me. Tongue was firmly in cheek when I suggested that Rafa could do Parry’s job – however Rick has shown himself to be too slow to act on numerous occassions in his job. I have heard personal stories about the ineptitude of the guy and although he is a Liverpool fan (something positive in a Chief Exec) I don’t think he is the man to help Liverpool reach the global level that we should be at such as Real Madrid have.

  4. Oh good grief, the ‘I’m an expert on the inner machinations of football clubs, listen to me’ brigade are off again!

    Let me ask you, can you tell me exactly what role a chief executive plays? Can you explain any of the intricate details of a modern football contract? Do you have any understanding of money and its workings? (Not including playing Monopoly by the way!)

    Running a massive club like Liverpool is an amazingly complex task and I can assure you Rafa Benitez would not want to be involved on that side of things. He is a fantastic coach and manager but let him do what he does best, leave the rest to those who know better.

    Look, if Rick Parry, the man you so laughingly dismiss as rubbish, had listened to you lot, we’d now be under the ownership of Thaksin Shinawatra, a declared bankrupt who has billions of dollars of ill-gotten loot which he stashed outside of his country to avoid losing it. If he ever does go back to his own country, he’ll be in prison for too long to run a football club! Instead we are owned by two men who are experts at owning and runnings huge sports clubs and building world class stadia. Whatever you think about foreigners running English clubs, these two have put in a phenomenal half a billion pounds and quite frankly, there are no British businessmen waiting in the wings to offer that sort of sum for any club.

    Our club is in good hands from the boardroom to the pitch. Stop reading the S*n and get behind the team you claim to support and stop pretending you know even the first thing about running a football club: this is not Fantasy football, this is the real world!

  5. My sentiments too, I think Rafa at the moment is too good for liverpool i have to say that.

    What the hell are they or do they do up their with the board and the so called money men………..

    For the love of god lets change it becuase he will have enough one day soon and do you blame him?

  6. Rick parry should be removed the man is a waste of time. He should have left with Moores. Though Moores was a good guy – he should have got rid of Parry a long time ago.

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