Rafa’s old side hand Barcelona defeat

Liverpool slipped up last week in their last league game losing 2-1 away at Newcastle United. Now Barcelona have repeated our feat after losing 2-1 to Valencia who scored twice within the space of 3 minutes.

Ronaldinho scored a goal late on in injury time – a trademark free-kick from the edge of the penalty box.

Samuel Eto’o asked not be included in the Barcelona squad for this game – hoping to be fit and ready for Liverpool this coming week.

The win puts Rafa Benitez’s old club 4 points off the top two in what looks like an exciting three horse race for the Spanish La Liga.

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Rafa’s old side hand Barcelona defeat

  1. 2 Shakes Modi

    If somebody doesn’t know nothing about this or another player, that provaes his individual bad informing.

    Voronin is great player. Liverpool made a good purchase. In general, I thought he will go to the Spain. Anyway, not so far from the true: Rafa brings a lot of spanish football to the club.

    Well, once more – evrybody will see, how profitable will be that guy for LFC.

  2. Why are we wasting time and money on an unknown player like Voronin? Lets go for players with pedigree.
    Fowler, Gonzales, Dudek, Kewell
    Villa or Eto, Alves, Ronaldinho, Casillas or Canazares

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