Reds in talks over Cisse but no approach yet for Malouda

Florent MaloudaLiverpool’s officials are set to head over the English Channel next week to discuss the transfer of Djibril Cisse away from Anfield, while nearby Lyon winger Malouda has still had no LFC contact.

Marseille have spoken in their strongest terms yet at keeping hold of Djibril Cisse whom they had on loan last year, even though the player has become something of a scapegoat for continued failure by the Marseille fans. Their eccentric Chariman Papa Diouf said:

“The meeting with the Liverpool officials should happen later next week.”

“I have good hope because Djibril has showed very clearly his desire to go on with us.

“So there are already two parties willing, ours and Cisse’s.

“Now we have to convince Liverpool. We are keen to go far in the talks to settle that case.”

Meanwhile, over in Lyon, and potential Liverpool target Florent Malouda has stressed that although he is keen to leave Lyon there has been no official contact yet.

“Liverpool have not approached Lyon,” said Malouda.

“It’s no more advanced than that.”

What is clear that in particular with Malouda he is keen to move as soon as possible, is hoping that the club that wants him expresses a strong desire to get him and above all – if he REALLY is a top target for Rafa Benitez then what exactly are the board waiting for? We’ve let numerous players slip over the years by being too slow off the mark – we nearly even lost Gerrard through it.

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Reds in talks over Cisse but no approach yet for Malouda

  1. So sick of this season after season. spend the fricken money. mount a title challenge. wait too long and once again we only get our third or fourth choice. Management (not rafa) seem determined to let our club slip into mediocrity. Hope the yanks are true to their word.

  2. I wouldnt really like Eto’ in LFC in my opinion. He is a great striker no doubt (proven) but he lacks that desire to pull on the LFC shirt. Tevez (express his intrest before and with Masch, who knows), Simao, Malouda would be all we need. Keep Bellamy. Loan out speedy and sell Cisse. We need heart, not just skills.

  3. We need a good striker with a lot of aggression up front.
    Thats what cost us the champions league final. In 2005 we won because we had a good player like Smicer, hence, the 2006/07 Liverpool team was well and truly inferior to the 2005 team.

  4. Sell cissie buy malouda for our left sided midfield also buy Etoo or Villa. Daniel Alves got to be a def buy after huis fanstastic seasons. Siamo maybe part of cissie deal. Ive also heard we are puttin in 10 million + belley for Tevez and also buy Gabreil Milinto then we will be champions

  5. Liverpool need good players fast , malouda could be one of them but selling ciise would be a mistake in my eyes , buying eto wudnt be.

  6. For as long as Dic Party is at LFC the situation will remain in chaos. He has been taking the mickey for years and his priorities are different to us fans and the manager. I would not be surprised if nothing happened for the whole of JUNE because RP is going on holiday for 3 weeks and everything must wait till he gets back.

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