Reds run in to trouble with two foreign imports

Liverpool could fall foul of the UK immigration rules yet again, in a situation reminiscent of the Mark Gonzalez affair.

Firstly new boy Lucas Leiva, the £4.5 million Brazilian signing, is due to join up with the Liverpool squad next week, but the reds are still awaiting passport clearance for the 20 year old.  The reds have been working on securing an Italian passport for the player for a number of weeks, but Rafa remains hopeful.

“We expect Lucas to be able to join us in Switzerland.”

Meanwhile the signing of Bulgarian Under-21 goalkeeper Nikolay Mikhailov could also run in to a spot of bother.  Mikhailov has been training with the first team squad in the last few days but work-permit issues may mean the reds would have to send him back to Bulgaria.

Liverpool are believed to be unwilling to go through another lengthy work-permit application as they did with Mark Gonzalez – who had a move to Liverpool delayed by a year.

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Reds run in to trouble with two foreign imports

  1. It does strike me as odd how easily Anderson got through, especially as he’s surely in the same boat as Leiva nationality wise.

  2. What about Leto? Anyone know anything about him? When will he come? It seems like everyone, including Rafa, forgot about him.

  3. Typical Liverpool fans. The whole world isn’t against you but the problem is that you have got monkeys in charge of your transfer dealings.
    The self pity city!!!

  4. Solaster,

    Bulgaria is indeed a member of the EU. However, their admission was under much stricter conditions than previous entrants. There are restrictions on migrations for three years and this is why Mihaylov needs a work permit.

    Political lesson over. Maybe Slick Rick should have checked this out first.

  5. What is this?Premier league is clearly biased.What on this world prevent us from importing youngsters when other 19 clubs imports youngsters so easily???

  6. This is just so crazy! Manchester United had this problem with Anderson but then they had their second appeal go in their favor, it’s like one rule for them and another one for us and what about Arsenal? Arsen Wenger brought in a load of youngsters from abroad .

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