Reds step up pressure on Torres deal

Fernando TorresFernando Torres may currently be on holiday, but Liverpool are stepping up the pressure to activate the release clause of £27 million, after Atletico appeared to be unimpressed by a deal involving a player swap.

It looked like Liverpool were keen on handing Atletico either Djibril Cisse, or Luis Garcia, plus around £20 million to secure the services of the Madrid striker. Media reports suggest Rafa’s patience with Atletico’s stalling is beginning to wear thin, and he has urged the Anfield hierachy to activate the release clause by bidding the full £27 million in cash.

Atletico appear to now be fighting a losing battle in keeping the player in Spain, major shareholder Gil Marin already seems to be resigned to the fact that Torres will go.

“Nobody is indispensable. We are trying to create a competitive team and no player by himself, very good though he is, is able to make a team achieve its aims.

“Atletico are building a team that does not revolve around Fernando Torres but around the team as a whole.

“I would delighted if Fernando was to continue here, but the future is going to be decided by Fernando himself.

“We have spoken to him and told him we would like him to stay.

“It is normal that he has doubts. It is normal that the offers and everything surrounding them has made him think.

“Torres knows that Atletico want him and if Fernando wants to continue at Atletico, he is going to continue.”

There have been claims that Fernando Torres is keen to work with Rafa Benitez at Anfield, although no direct quotes have been forthcoming.

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Reds step up pressure on Torres deal

  1. I think we need fernando torres as he is a top class player with alot of skill. if we do not sign him we will not be able to push for the title next season. steven gerrard will be great for assiting him we also needed good strikers yeah bellamy is good but he has not performed
    good last season. it would also be a shame for him to go a other top prem club like chelsea or man united

  2. Why not keep Cisse (HE DOES SCORE GOALS and CAN play on the Wing) get rid of Bellamy to raise some cash Buy Torres (class player and would give us a sense of direction) and for godsake don’t get rid of Peter Crouch he is an amzing player who causes huge probles for every team played against,

    We then have four Quality Strikers in Torres, Cisse , Kuyt and Crouch
    That don’t sound bad eh?

    Also Cisse loves liverpool thru and thru, he even got married in red!!

  3. abdul agree about torres being fantastic player but best signing ever definately £440’000 paid by bob paisley for dalgleish

  4. Definitely the kind of striker we need someone who can put fear in defenders a world class player who will make liverpool title contenders. He is like wayne rooney both players of which defenders hate to play against. Dirk kuyt will definitley be the best person to assist him and they will make a brilliant strikeforce something which we have lacked for the last 5 years.

  5. He is fantastic player who can change the game. He is the man who will lead liverpool in to the another level. So Torres is a player who can be worth 27 million euro so lets wait next week and see what happen. For me its the best signing ever in Liverpool’s history.

  6. We need 4 quality attacking players ie 2 wingers , 2 strikers.The bottom line last season was we didtscore enough goals.Its been a problem 4 a long time now.1 super striker will not resolve this problem The load has to be shared and the threat needs to be carried from more than 1 player.Unfortunetly united have 4 quality strikers but are inferior in every other position on the park , but scoring goals is the name of the game. We need another 2 quality signings that score goals.If not we could sign ETO and we still wont win the league.

  7. I think there is no doubting Torres’ ability and I agree that it would be a disaster to see him play at another top prem team. However I believe Lpool need to make notable effort in attempting to resolve the problems on both wings. I know that Harry is back fit now, but for how long if he gets injured again this season and we have no cover then twenty top strikers won’t win us the prem. I think the wingers need to be bought in before too much money is spent on strikers.

  8. HAving a player of his calibre in the side will do wonders for liverpool. Alot of people are saying he is not worth 27 million an he might not adjust to english football. Look what having Shev did for drogba, it gave him more space and let him have a fantastic season. Mereley having the pressence of torres will help the other liverpool forwards get the job done, and remeber torres will be the future and although he may not be as consist as others he has shown he is pure class.

  9. i have to agree with fabio, he is good but not worth that amount of money, i would rather go for villa too, i follow spanish football very regularly and i haven’t seen torres prove this value.

  10. I feel that the only way that we will get Torres is by paying the 27 million asking price, although it sounds like alot of money, Torres is a brilliant player who has many different attributes that can assist us in making a serious title challenge, and with our other class players,Gerro,Carra,xabi,Finnan,Risse,Reina.we should be ready to challenge for trophies next season. also we dont want to see a class player goin to chelski or man u.

  11. I think yeah £27 million is alot of money at the end of the day!! as Henry was only £16 million so ur trying to tell me Torres is better than Henry? i dont think so somehow!! but Torres is young as has been Athletico’s top scorer for the past 3 seasons but there is no guarantee he will do the business in England soo im not totally convinced by him but if we’ve got the money then actually F***** buy sum1 decent already!!


  12. well truly think about it what do we need at the moment a 30 goal a season striker what is torres? a thirty goal a seasdon striker he may not be as good as david villa but he can rock the prem with us an we can mount a seriouse title challenge next season

  13. 27 million is peanuts to gillet and co
    They’re more concerned about whether Benitez feels he can work with him and he fits into the next 5 year plan. Obviously with a buy out clause of 27 million one isnt going go and say ‘ fair enough here’s the dosh..’
    Liverpool will try and get the price down and that will take a while….its called haggling i think
    obvoiusly Torres has been told not say too much otherwise it gives Liverpool too much leverage in the deal. If Torres comes out and says its Liverpool or nothing then Athletico can’t play Liverpool off against other teams ….he’s more than likely coming but it takes time

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