Reds striker insists he is going nowhere

Peter Crouch, linked with a move away from Anfield – possibly to Newcastle United, is going nowhere according to the player himself.

The reds giant has said that Rafa himself has given him his backing – which probably ensures that Craig Bellamy´s career at Anfield is approaching an end.

“He’s told me I’m part of his plans and that’s good enough for me,” said Crouch.

“At a club like Liverpool there’s going to be competition for places, especially as the manager likes to chop and change.”

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Reds striker insists he is going nowhere

  1. I’m just not sure about crouch. most people say keep him but when i ask if he is or can ever be world class, the answer is a resounding no…. Bellamy is pacey but lacks the quality. Bring in tevez and either villa or torres.

  2. Keep Crouch. He is one of a kind and really good at what he does. Keep Bellers, i have this feeling he will come good next season. Get Tevez (proven in Prem), Malouda and Simao. Sell Cisse, he no longer has the heart of LFC in him. Loan out Speedy. He just lacks first team football. Kewell and King Luis will be the players to watch, trust me. Their desire is hotter then ever after what happen last season. would love owen back but not at Crouch’s expense (anyways big sam has done all the convincing i suppose) YNWA. In Rafa we trust.

  3. I think Peter Crouch gives us a big threat up forward especially with his height and ability to head the ball from up high.

  4. If only we could keep Crouch, Fowler and Owen.
    I must say I harboured my doubts in the beginning over Crouch’s abilities but time has proven me wrong. However, Owen is A MUST for Liverpool! Especially now that he has expressed his desire to move in the summer..
    We must grab him right now!!

    Combining Owen’s abilities with Crouch’s head, together with Kyut’s labour, we can produce an outcome unparalled in the Premiership…

  5. I am glad to hear Crouch is staying. If he could work on his heading abilities he would be undefendable. Owen was great when he burst onto the scene but he had a bit of fire in his belly back then and I haven’t seen that for a while even before he was injured. I want to see another great offensive partnership. John Barnes and Ian Rush had it and Gerrard and Owen had it. That, I believe is the key.

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