Reds to prevent ex-assistant moving to rivals

After the shock departure of Pako Ayesteran two weeks ago from Anfield, the reds have put in place a deal to ensure the assistant does not join any other club for the rest of the season.

There were concerns that after the split in their 11 year working relationship – Pako may have been offered lucrative deals with Chelsea or Manchester United.

One suggestion throughout has been that it was Pako’s closeness, or even desire to work with, Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

It is believed matters came to a head when Ayesteran refused to appear in this season’s squad photograph.

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Reds to prevent ex-assistant moving to rivals

  1. i think that liverpool should let pako go because it is unlikely that he is gonna go 2 man utd or chelsea because chelsea have got simon clark an man utd have got calos quieroz no onw will no y they ended ther 11 year relationship bu i think the best place 4 pako is 2 go back 2 spain an work with another club.

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