Reds winger content and Spanish star not coming to Anfield

Jermaine Pennant believes he is starting to repay the faith that Rafa put in him when he paid around £7 million last summer for the ex-Birmingham man on the same day that Real Madrid issued a hands-off warning for their striker.

JP had a very poor start to the season and was widely tipped to be an Anfield failure, but in recent weeks and months the player has shown improvement and has been happy with some of his delays.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo Pennant said:

“I’m in good form at the moment, but that’s as part of the team isn’t it?”

“When the team’s performing it’s easier to play well yourself. Your best comes out then and at the moment I’m really enjoying my football.

“It’s pleasing to have found a consistency level. That will be pleasing to the manager and the rest of the boys as well.

“You want to do a good job and then you get rewarded for it. I feel I’m having an impact on the games.

“I know the standards expected at Liverpool and I’ve known that since the first day I came here.

“Every day is a learning curve for me and the way we play football here is great for me.

“I feel we’ve been playing well and being part of this team helps me get better and improves my confidence.

“Last night’s game (a 2-0 win against Middlesbrough) showed how confident I am out there now.”

Real Madrid today seeked to end speculation linking their captain Raul with a move to Liverpool.

Director Predrag Mijatovic told the official Real website: “Raul will stay at Real Madrid because he is our captain. He is a great player who means a lot to this club,”

“He’s got three years left on his contract and he’ll stay with us until he retires. We haven’t talked to him about the offers we’ve received for him because he still has three more years on his contract.”

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Reds winger content and Spanish star not coming to Anfield

  1. dont wont owen back..the man should have shown liverpool a decent attitude at the time we offered him a new contract, … if he wanted to stay he would of done,,, i wish any one and everyone would wake up and see owen for what he is.. a little glory hunter,,,,,,, look at fowler he came back for next to nothing becasue of real deire for the club, not just the money…………. never get owen back in a red shirt give me kuyt any day and get me villa up front with him………..

  2. who says owen should be brought back was the lad given the chance to let raffa prove himself in his first season yes but he thought madrid were a better prospect at winning in europe and home what happen madrid won nothing and owen was shown the door liverpool lifted the european cup owen was then given a clear sign liverpool would take him back but yet again owen said no wanting to win big he join NEWCASTLE yes thats right he won nout were as the reds have secured another european cup final we dont need disloyal little boy who has it seems again thrown his rattley out of the pram to try and secure another move elswhere we have signed vorin and hopefully at least one more good name striker but not owen

  3. I agree with Sam and Anfield. Raul has reached his last days as an effective striker (or even footballer) at that level. What we need is around the box strikers who will finish off the great work that our wingers (like pennant and gonzalez) are starting to do and take some pressure off Steven Gerrard. I don’t think we can get David Villa as the price tag Valencia is putting on him is just ridiculous. But I hear Sammy Eto is prety keen on Liverpool. We should do all we can to bring him and also addd Michael Owen.

  4. i agree with u sam we dont need a player like raul, rafa shud go all out 2 sign david villa now dat we ave the resources and if we fail in gettin villa den he shud go after darren bent or michael owen, possibly even robinho as they wud all play well upfront with kuyt

  5. i really dont see why we need a Raul player, come on it would be marketing reasonand yes would bring a bit of hype and shirt sales, but we are seeking a longer term aium and thats building and getting a squad which is mainly young and which isnt packed with slow aging players whho are not tested in england. yes we do need a striker, we all know that robbie, (God)
    just hasnt got that much that we are looking for, kuyt is ok crouch is ok, bellamy is a squad player at best we need a 20/ 30 goal striker who is just aggressive and hits the goal on a regular basis…….. my option would be either villa or eto

  6. Raul is a legend and Liverpool are a legendary club, therefore Raul will play for Liverpool… why would he stay at Real Madrid anyways? The once giants are now no good. Their manager is useless, Benitez is ownage, and Liverpool are fully Spanish – so why not?

    As for Pennant, he is an absolute star, and I’ve wondering myself why he has got so little game time as of late. I still remember the day Pennant grew from being a child, into a man… and it was against Chelsea! 🙂 Where Kuyt scored in the 4th minute and Pennant finished the game off in the 18th haha. 2-0 over Chelsea, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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