‘The Crow’ to be Liverpool’s next striker

Andriy VoroninRafael Benitez’s scouts must have gone AWOL on their latest scouting exploits as they travelled to the non-Spanish speaking country of Germany to analyse Bayer Leverkusen’s 27 year old front man Andriy Vorinin.

The Ukrainian striker is widely tipped to sign a pre-contract deal with Liverpool shortly, which will enable his smooth transfer to the club in the coming summer.

His contract will expire this summer and the player is believed to be looking for a fresh challenge after spending his career to date in the German Bundesliga.

The player, nicknamed ‘The Crow’, has scored 27 goals in 68 matches with Bayer Leverkusen since arriving in 2004.

Previous clubs include FC Koln, FSC Mainz and Borussia Monchengladbach.

Liverpool fans worldwide will be pleased to know he has not listed one of his favourite pastimes as Karaoke.

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‘The Crow’ to be Liverpool’s next striker

  1. Quite frankly i eat my words! Voronin is “nothing to crow about”.Another one of Rafa’s many f….ups signings.
    Keane could be the answer but so far seems to have two left feet.He is quality and will shine through if Rafa can play him in right position.
    As long as Rafa is there,Pool will never win the league.He is too negative.

  2. He’s actually not a bad player at all.at least he gives the effort.He teams up well with Torres.He is certainly better than that useless,overrated,carthorse Kuyt….what a waste.

    torres should be playing upfront with Crouch and not Kuyt.Kuyt is not up to standard…he must go!

  3. vorenin has been around for a while and although he is a descent player in the bundesliga, he hasn’t got anything new to bring to liverpool.even though he is free, we shouldnt waste our time with him when we have money to buy such players as trezeguet, eto’o, and MAYBE michael owen. WE NEED GOALS ON A REGULAR BASIS!!

  4. As Bob said in #11 – In Rafa we trust.

    This is a man who won La Liga against Real Madrid. He has proven that you don’t need to spend big money to make *a team*. You need players of good quality who work as a unit and are all working to the same end – winning for their fans. Let Man U and Chelsea keep spending money – they can have the stars, we’ll have the trophies.

  5. What a joke.

    Dont no much about this player in fairness, However i think Benitez, should be focusing on more of the likes of david villa.

  6. Those, who say, that Voronin is a garbage don’t know anything about football. He is extremely useful for team. Voronin is real “burning engine”. Don’t expect 20-25 goals per season from him, scoaring isn’t his best quality. Voronin got used to play from the middle, he doesn’t graze in penalty area. He struggles till the final whistle. He always captures the ball from backs, also he is a good assistant. Voronin is ideal on position of second forward, the main trick is to learn how to use him correctly. In Rafa we trust :).
    P.S. I think that Reds are going to buy some top-forward. And I think, that Villa/Torres + Voronin will be the best pair of forwards in EPL.
    P.P.S. Also The Crow has nice sense of humor. 🙂 He’ll show it after he’ll learn English, I hope.

  7. why not wait and see what this guy can do? a lot of big names have come from out of the shaddows! a lesser known player with a point to prove??? extra challengers for places – dont write him off the liverpool scouts know their jobs and i doubt it would have gone this far toward signing him if he was only fit for a sunday team! Good luck to him and UP THE POOL 😛

  8. Don’t know anything about this guy Voronin. I can see both sides to the argument (Good & Bad), I think Kuyt is the only striker garanteed to be playing for Liverpool next season of the current four. Rumours have been surfacing that Juventus and Newcastle are interested in Crouch and may pay as much as £10m for him. That would be excellent business by Rafa as we purchased him for £7m. Also today Rafa came out and stated he is quite keen on David trezeguet so maybe he could be tempted into a swap deal or Crouch and some cash for player deal. Fowler is getting on and looks like he will leave in the summer the same way as he came to the club on a free. Bellamy I don’t know, if he manages to stay a good boy & score a few goals (The winner against Barca ha ha) between now and summer he might just rescue his liverpool career but it is in serious doubt after his actions in Portugal. Lets consider it goes this way, we keep Kuyt, bring in Trezeguet as a swap for Crouch, keep bellamy and have Voronin as backup that wouldn’t be too bad at all. Voronin on a free and an international player, I certainly think the four I mentioned are an improvement on the four strikers this year. Or it could go like this we miss out on Trezeguet, keep Crouch,Bellamy,Kuty and add Veronin. In this case I would be very unhappy

  9. Voronin is undoubtable a good striker but he misses to many chances and are not much better than the striker that already is at Liverpool.A star striker is needed at anfield and not an average one

  10. було-синий
    I am glad you aprreciate Voronin!
    I went to Odessa last year and saw the FC Chernomorets stadium (his first club) and I am pleased we have a Ukranian player at LFC. He and Shevchenko are worshipped like gods over there!

    Everyone else – calm. down. now.
    He is a quality player, but he is not an out and out goal scorer, and yes he will be used as a backup striker or holding player. I think Fowler should stay at the club for life, but if he wants to play, (and I believe he deserves to), he will probably move on and have the best wishes of every Liverpool fan.
    Voronin can certainly win the support of the LFC fans – all this talk of him not being good enough because he isnt a household name is disgraceful. The OTT reaction to this signing, and the knee-jerk reaction to the Portugal incident which has been so obviously over-hyped by the press is unbecoming of any Liverpool fan. RTK! We are better than this!

  11. Oh come on, Aurelio was a free transfer and he’s hardly been a let down. Bellamy most likely to go, Fowler off to MLS and Crouch likely to head to the Geordies or Spurs, Voronin should be a good sub. striker or a 4th choice. Besides, he’s free. It’s not exactly a huge risk. If he ends up bagging 20 goals (probably not likely, but who knows?), I wonder how many of you will eat your words?

  12. He can only be better than the garbage we already got.Pool need a out and out goalscorer.Can “the crow” do it? His record isnt great,but who knows

  13. Its good business, signing players who are free agents. We sign them for free and sell them in 12 months when they have done ok for a nice fat profit. I think a lot of Liverpools signings lately have been good business rather than an actual need for playing staff. In general if you have LFC on your CV you are worth a lot more than you were before. (Well unless you were a French player signed under GH’s reign).

  14. i did notrate him when we beat levecusen in the champions leage and i dont rate him now what a waste on wages! monney thatculd be spent else were? rafa please get nw scouting staff the ones we have are shit

  15. He will be a useful 4th striker and will replace the aging Fowler. He is a hard worker who has little pace but will give us a good dimension when he need someone to work their socks off for the cause at smaller clubs away from home.

  16. Whilts the big 3 persue players like Samuel Eto we are happy because we signed Voronin!!! LFC must realise that we need to start buying BIG NAME players as with the like’s of Voronin we NEVER make the grade!!

    WAKE UP LFC !!!

  17. This is a bad sign. I’ve seen him play a couple of times and he’s useless. The reason he has a decent goal to game ratio is because he’s playing in a poor league. Definitely one for the bench who’ll probably be happy to take the wages for that important job!

  18. This is a joke. What Liverpool need is a proven goalscorer. Players like Samuel Eto or David Villa. Surely we can’t expect to compete for the premiership with these type of signings.

  19. Well, this reminds me once more that Robbie’s future at the club is at stake! Poor guy, he was desperate to return after his wanderings around the region but now looks like he faces another challenge. The “God” is fallibg down, a whole era is drawing to a close, does Rafa appreciate who Fowler really is and what he represents for the club and its fans???
    I don’t know about Voronin, he sounds a lethal striker, but we’ve got Robbie to fight for us, we all know his heart is 100% RED, what biggest motive a coach would need in a player?

    George Athanasiou
    An eternal Red fan

  20. Well, this reminds me once more that Robbie’s future at the club is at stake! Poor guy, he was desperate to return after his wanderings around the region but now looks like he faces another challenge. The “God” is fallibg down, a whole era is drawing to a close, does Rafa appreciate who Fowler really is and what he represents for the club and its fans???
    I don’t know about Voronin, he sounds a lethal striker, but we’ve got Robbie to fight for us, we all know his heart is 100% RED, what biggest motive a coach would need in a player?

  21. Come on guy’s, Rafa knows what he is doing. Robbie will be leaving in the summer and another out of Crouch and Bellamy so we will need another striker. The word on the street is David Villa. We are not going to spend £50 million on one player like the Chavski?????

  22. Voronin very good player for Liverpool. It is very diligent and efficient ! Liverpool fans will like him in future !
    You all dont know anything about Voronin. It is a great lider of ukrainian team. He approach for english stile.
    I wish you good luck, and win match with Barca !

  23. RE – simon
    this has got to be the biggest joke of all time
    chelsea man u arsenal must be laughing there heads off. if this is what the yanks can do for us
    see you in the championship..
    So you think the Yanks as you nicely put it had anything to do with signing this player, dear oh dear – go and support some other team then – moron.

    Seen as though Fowler probably will be going plus maybe another of our strikers we need to replace them. I see this fella being more of a backup and us splashing out on a big name or 2.
    I dont know anything about him but he’s an international player so he cant be that bad. Plus he’s free.

  24. This guy is a very good player, although he’s very Kuyt like and not an absolute goalscorer. He assisted most of Shevchenko’s international goals, for example.

    It’s also good business – if he scores one or two before next xmas, he’d be worth a few quid, which is good, considering he’s on a free!

  25. As a Free transfer it sounds a good signing to me.He is obviously going to replace Fowler as a backup so why would you want to spend megabucks on a spare striker. Better to spend it on your main targets.

  26. Bellamy will be on his way out after this incident which will bag us 9 million ish and fowler will have retired after this season. That will leave Crouch and Kuyt, Vorinin will be a backup striker, and will be brought in on a free in case rafa’s big summer transfer targets slip through the net. If we do manage to sign a big name striker in the summer, it will be good to have a few different options especially when we are getting him for free.

  27. It’s time we got out of this buying players good enough for the squad, but not good enough for the first 11. If the money is there (as hinted), stop bargain base hunting and buy a couple of world class players.

  28. Why is rafa buyin players who are has beens!? with the money we have and our world-wide reputation we can bring in much more quality – take a re-think Rafa!

  29. Benitez has always stated that a player must have a certain character that he wants to see in his players. Sometimes even the best get it wrong, though. But this dude has what Benitez wants. Or, he would not have had him sign for 4 years. Specially at Voronin’s age. Think, perhaps, he is already thinking of thining out the strike force? This signing did not just begin last week…

  30. stop screaming like a bunch of excitable mary’s!

    Voronin will be a a decent squad player for us – he has been signed primarily to replace Fowler in the Summer (which seems appropriate given the preceding circumstances). He has a decent enough goalscoring record in club football.

    I wouldn’t be worried about our transfers this summer. Lots of money will be well spent on world class players. In Rafa we trust.

  31. Again the average age of the responders seems to be below 11.

    Do you all watch Bayern Leverkusen each week? I cant imagine he will be Kuyts main partner next season but simply an improvement on an aging and soon to be gone Robbie Fowler.. so Sinama stays in Spain and we have a competent 4th choice striker….

    Grow up Bobad and show a little faith… Traore, Biscan, Josemi and Smicer helped us lift the Champions League… were you complaining then?

  32. Got to agree with Simon. Noe that the Yanks have taken over, we should be looking at getting star players, not free transfers that are pretty much unheard of.

  33. Disappoined all round. In order to raise the quality of the squad, we need to sign better players.

    We need to show intent in the market and bring in first team players who will immediately challenge for a place in the starting 11 if we want to achieve anything.

  34. I’ve watched him play for both Leverkusen and Ukraine. He sucks big time!! The scouts must have gone nutz!! I remembered this particular game he played for Leverkusen, he missed at least 3 sitters and for one of them , he actually stepped on the ball and fell while trying to shoot. Please Rafa, think twice!!

  35. Hmmmm…I dont know what to say…Today I saw him in german eurogoals and I though he is god player…but is he what we need??? I think not! We need players like Diego(Werder),Stepanov(exelent Serbian defender-like Vidic from Man.Jun.),Fernando Torres(A.Madrid)…only than we will have quality to win Premiership title!!! REDS FOREVER!!! Serbian fans!!! Sremska Mitrovica city!!!

  36. this has got to be the biggest joke of all time
    chelsea man u arsenal must be laughing there heads off. if this is what the yanks can do for us
    see you in the championship..

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