Benitez foolish to sell Alonso

alonso Xabi Alonso looks set to move to Juventus in a move estimated at £16 million. Alonso’s agent, Inaki Ibanez, spent around 5 hours in negotiations with Juventus.

Only days ago Alonso re-iterated his desire to stay at Anfield and he was rewarded only last summer with an improved contract to tie him to Liverpool till 2011.

However, for some reason, the player appears to be marginalised at Anfield. Rafa Benitez now appears to have developed what can only be described as ‘Gareth Barry tunnel vision’ and many fans are left wondering if £16 million out for Alonso to pay for £16 million in Barry is an astute transfer move at all.

The Juve president said: “We can’t deny our interest.

“But it’s important we get value for money.

“Managing director Jean-Claude Blanc is working on this and on other possibilities.”

Liverpool spent £10.5 million on Alonso’s signature from Real Sociedad four season’s ago. Despite only finding the net on 12 occassions in his 136 appearances, Xabi will also be remembered for that dramatic equaliser against AC Milan in the European Cup final in Istanbul.

Selling Alonso to pay for Gareth Barry may well be the most foolish mistake Rafa Benitez makes, and a move that in our opinion will fail to improve Liverpool FC.

Your thoughts?

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Benitez foolish to sell Alonso

  1. Use to be crazy about Alonso’s game, I now remember him more for the infringement that led to the first AC Milan goal in the Champions League final two seasons ago in what was his last brilliant game IMO.

    Barry offers great versatility that will reduce the burden on Gerrard’s multiple position play.

  2. It’s insane to sell Alonso, but Im sure Rafa’s hand is being forced by the fact we can only secure the Barry signing by selling Alonso. We should be adding Barry to compliment our midfield, not selling someone who prior to last season has been one of our most impressive and consistent performers. Could you imagine Man Utd selling one of Anderson, Hargreaves, Scholes or Carrick? Of course not. Barry, Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard should be our cm next season; especially with Lucas and Mascherano heading to the Olympics. Until we invest the kind of money that the top 2 are, we cant compete for the League title.

  3. i for one would not like to see alonso go he is the one who 9 times out of ten finds gerrard on the pitch when he goes forward
    masherano if hes worth 18 million xabi must go for more not many players can pass like him i fear too many new players this season can see is us going backwards

    stay xabi

  4. Alonso is Alonso & no one can argue about how we treasure the lad’s input into our club. But does anyone has inside info!? Do we know if Xabi himself (at the end of the day) wants to leave? I’d cast my vote not to sell him but I’d also cast my vote not to keep anyone against his will!

    I personnaly have faith in our boss & he surely knows what’s best to put the club on the Glory track again!

  5. Gareth Barry is a Good Player … and he is an englishmen … perhaps this is good policy for the club … but Xabi is fantastic player … it could be big lost not seeing him again in the field with REDS UNIFORM!! …

    Can we have them both ???

  6. Barry is a good and effective player but i think it is soon to sell Xabi. he is still young and he has a lot of potansiel. although in the last season he was not very good. however i hope these decisions will be good decisions and i wish best for xabi

  7. Alonso was great in his first years at Liverpool but unfortunately he did not perform last season. He was slow, often lost possession, his tackling was poor and his passing disappointing. The injury he suffered midway through the season may have been the reason for his poor form, but a great player will always remain a great player and I think it would be a mistake to sell him.

  8. Did you not watch the second leg against chelsea? Xabi unforunately is a homer he needs time and space and when the opposition do not allow him to play he becomes a liabilty because of his lack of pace, lack of strength in the tackle and inability to shield his back four with any type of authority. If liverpool are going to play with two defensive mids then unfortunately simply being a fantastic passer is not enough in modern football. I agree that pound for pound barry doesnt compare as a creative midfielder but as a holding player along side the ‘Masch’ its horses for courses.

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