Crouch dismisses transfer links

Liverpool striker Peter Crouch insists that the speculation linking him to a move to such clubs as Manchester City and Aston Villa are just media nonsense.

Media reports have suggested this season that Crouch has been upset on a couple of occasions at being left out of the reds side, but speaking earlier it appears Crouch understands Rafa’s policy with the players at Anfield.

“Everyone talks about me talking to clubs. Maybe it’s because I’m not playing every game.

“But at a club like Liverpool you’re not going to play every game.

“I’ve come to realise that this is the case at a club like this, whereas at somewhere else maybe you would play every game.

“But here we are competing for things and I certainly want to be a part of winning trophies.”

When asked about interest from other clubs, Peter said:

“I’ve not heard anything.

“No-one’s approached the club and no-one’s approached me.

“There’s a lot of speculation and, like I’ve said, that probably comes down to the fact that I’m not playing every game. But hopefully if I get a good run of games towards the end of the season then those rumours will go away.” 

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Crouch dismisses transfer links

  1. Dirk Kuyt is R-U-B-B-I-S-H! Rafa is stupid to think he has any talent at all. He hardly ever scores. Crouchy on the other hand scores all the time for LFC and at England he has the best goals to games ratio of any other striker. Crouchy would fit perfectly into Kuyt’s place as he could provide a target in the air, and has the ability to control the ball and lay it off to Nando or have a shot himself.

    I think Crouchy could become a regular first choice for England and LFC IF Rafa plays him regularly. His rotation policy is not right. I can understsand his thinking that players cannot play 60 games a season, but that doesn’t mean they are only fit to play 20 games! Rafa needs to pick his best team and play them often so they can build up working partnerships together. This is very important in attack, as a pair of strikers who have worked together consistently and understand each others styles is more of a threat to a defence than two strikers who play with a different partner every game.

  2. I think Crouch is a good striker and can play an important role in Liverpool’s title run. However, Liverpool needs to improve tremendously in the wide areas especially at left wing as both Riise and Kewell really are not up to mark.

    Often most of the time Liverpool’s attack got hindered at the wings and to make matter worst, when the ball finally reaches the third quarter of the pitch, Dirk Kuyt, who Benitez favours more to partner Torres is unable to hold the ball well and can not even shoot well. This leaves Torres often isolated which hinders Liverpool’s attack.
    Liverpool needs a good finisher, both technical and with pace too.

    If the owners are not able to provide funding, perhaps Benitez should sell Kewll, Riise, Kuyt & Sissoko to fund for replacements. Alternatively, Benitez should also give a chance to his young reserves such as Hamill, Anderson, Asterit or even Kristian Nemith. Most importantly, rotating players out of position will definitely not help his cause.

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