Crouch: Pompey not a step down

Crouch signs for PortsmouthFormer Liverpool player Peter Crouch has spoken to the media following his transfer to Portsmouth from Anfield, and insisted that it is not a step down.

“It is fantastic to be back, the club is going places and I have worked here before and the manager always gets the best out of me.”

“I feel I have got the best years of my career to come and it will be at Portsmouth.

“I have left a great club but this club is going where it can be.

“I had a fantastic three years at Liverpool and I would not change it for the world. I am privileged to have played for such a top club.

“Towards the end I did not get as many games as I would have liked but I will only take good memories away.

“In no way am I stepping down, I feel I am joining a club that is going places with a new stadium, a new training ground and some very good players.”

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Crouch: Pompey not a step down

  1. Mike hit the nail on the head: there is no discussion, which of the two clubs has reached the bigger achievements in the past or a greater history – that’s obvious! The question, whether Pompey is a step down or not, has to be answered not from club’s sight, but more from the players point of view. What perspective has Crouchie with regard to his personal career and development? And in this direction it became clear through the last season and the things going on now, that he personally will reach his aims more at an upcoming club than an established one like Pool. With this intention it will be not a step down for his own career. I personally wish him all the best to fulfill his dreams in the future. Crouchie deserves this.

  2. Liverpool, as a young lad from Portsmouth I was one of those that as a nipper couldnt wait to watch Liverpool play anyone, (Toshack, Heighway, Lindsay, Callaghan,Keegan, Fairclough, Johnson, Dalglish……brilliant, the lot of them and many more) take on allcomers and watch with envy thinking “Pompey will never be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Liverpool “……….times move, on and whilst Crouchie may be overstating the equal position, the phrase you mention ” greatest history ” sums it up. Liverpool have a great history but when was the last time you won the league ? did you win the FA Cup last year ? as a matter of fact Liverpool are ALL about history, its a bit like going round to an old relatives they have a memorable moment now and again but most of their achievements are well in the distant past………history, a wonderful thing but i would far rather be part of an improving and upward club than one which seems to be falling apart from the inside and always has such high hopes dashed. Be warned, although one swallow does not make a summer (Pompeys FA Cup win) Liverpool are relying more and more on history. Pompey are on the Up not just stalling.

  3. Let’s not dwell on any negatives here, Crouchie worked his heart out for Liverpool and I for one want to say thanks for all you have done, I was there to see him score his first 2 against Wigan and the crowd that day were absolutely thrilled to see him score, we almost willed the ball into the net.Sorry to see you go Peter and the best of luck in the rest of yor career !(Obviously just not vs Liverpool !)

    DT , Dublin.

  4. Nobody could quibble at Liverpool’s trophy cabinet, boasting as it does far more trophies than the one at Fratton Park. But I think PC was alluding to Pompey’s ambition to get in and around that 4th Prem spot currently occupied by Liverpool.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly as a Pompey fan. We will never be a as great a club as Liverpool but Crouch CAN achieve more personally at our club.

  6. Give it up Rob! Liverpool are a good club, no doubt about it, but if your honest you have as much chance of winning a trophy with any of the top 8 or 10 these days than you do with Liverpool or Arsenal. You have a great history but it does get a little boring when you quote it all the time, live in the present, not in the past, like i say, it gets a bit “samey” when you talk to Liverpool supporters, they usually quote the past and skirt around the present day, but good luck for the coming season.

  7. Oh come on Crouchie, wake up and smell the coffee! It’s always the done thing to speak up the club you are signing for, they are your paymasters at the end of the day. But do you expect to be taken seriously when you say that moving from the club with the greatest history in the whole of English football and which has won the European Cup 5 times is moving to a club of equal status?

    Most people believe their clubs are ‘going places’ but there is a world of difference between that and having been there, done it and sold millions of t-shirts! Portsmouth is a step down, nobody thinks otherwise, not even Harry! That is not disrespectful to Pompey, they have achieved a height few ever thought they would and should be commended for that. But it is an even bigger leap again to move from a top half club into the top four.

    Will playing for Pompey help your quest to play for England? Well, you’ll get more games for sure so it’s down to you to score the goals that make you an important regular for England which you have certainly been whilst at Liverpool.

    We all wish you well at Portsmouth as you continue your career at a club which is definitely good, albeit definitely a step down from the height you attained with Liverpool.

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