David Villa interested by Liverpool

David VillaWith Chelsea shocking attempts to unsettle Liverpool hero Fernando Torres, how ironic would it be if the reds were to snag the services of David Villa right under their noses.

The Spanish player answered questions about a possible move to England this summer.

“Liverpool and Chelsea are both big clubs with a lot of attraction.

“Liverpool have a Spanish coach and I also have a lot of friends there.

“When Rafa was coach at Valencia and I was at Zaragoza there was contact about me joining Valencia but I couldn’t arrive until the year after he left there.”

It has been suggested that Benitez tried to sign the player not only whilst at Valencia, but also since he took over as Liverpool boss.

Valencia are resigned to selling the player this summer to raise funds and a fee of £20 million could land the player.

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David Villa interested by Liverpool

  1. i think that villa would be good because him and torres play at spain together and theymay become the best strike force in the world and silva would be good to i guess

  2. Liverpool are the best team in the world. If they get David Villa then they can beat any team in the world, making them unbeatable!!!

  3. please please please can we get David Villa liverpool will be the best team in the world we are all ready but if we got David Villa we would be absolootly unstopable. PS: GERRARD IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it would be amazing if he came to us. villa and torres have all ready got a partern ship through spain and they play amazing together.forget any other player.

  5. David Villa to Anfield will be the Miracle to this club……and i am sure trophies will be showered then!!!
    Please Bring him to Liverpool to make wonders:)

  6. Reina

    ramos – carragher – agger – kallstrom

    augero – mascherano – gerrard – barry

    villa – torres

    imagine if tht was the liverpool team they would be unstoppable. benitez and parry make them americans listen and use their money and bring back the unbeatable lfc team of the 70’s and 80’s.

  7. torres and villa up front would be UNSTOPABLE, get barry in centre mid with gerrard and bently out wide, maybe sergio augero on the left cos this kid has a lot of pace and will rip through any defence, the mighty lfc would be unbeatable… again, also we need a decent left back now tht riise is gone so why not get lahm or kallstrom, these two are both very good attacking left backs and get sergio ramos for right back and the liverpool back four be like a bullet proof, bomb proof, manc proof brick wall. BENITEZ, IF U EVER READ ANY OF THESE COMMENTS THEN PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING AND SPLASH SOME CASH, ITS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD, ESPECIALLY IF WE DONT WANT THEN MANCS CATCHING UP TO US AND BECOMING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TEAM IN ENGLAND… GO CRAZY WITH THAT AMERICAN CASH AND MAKE US A PREMIER LEAGUE WINNING TEAM ONCE AGAIN.

  8. forget barry he crap, now you sellin voronin you need a stricker get david villa he amazing any way get him, get him. Him and torres are my heros.

  9. Dear, Sir Parry and Sir Benitez

    I would like David Villa To come over to the fav club of mine “Liverpool FC” and the top-scorer of the Euro cup David villa will be partner with the Man-of-the-match against The Finalist “Germany” Fernando Torres. they would might win against all the team and it could be the most Unstopeble team in the World…..

    Thank you…. Sir Parry.

  10. david villa is a graet player nd we will be lucky to sighn him, he was the leeding goal scorer in the euro 2008 we will definitely have a chance this year at winning the premiership

    (p.s) youshould bid for arjen robben from real madrid nnow that would be a killer squad !!!

  11. we need villa by hook or crook…….villa nd torres can nail down any opponent on their way……they have an xtremely good understanding which will help LFC to achieve any trophy this season…..we just need a villa.

  12. Imagine the line-up for 2008/09 now….

    Deggan, Carragher, Agger Dossena
    Mascherano Gerrard Barry Bentley/Babel
    Villa Torres

    to Rick Parry and the Yanks…Pull the trigger on selling Crouch (9 million), Alonso (14 million) Pennant (5 million), to fund the deal for Villa (25 million), Barry (16 million) and Bentley (8 million) making the Bickering Yanks put their hands into their own pockets for 21 million to make this team unstoppable in the Premier League, FA Cup & Champions League. Come on the ‘Pool, bring home the treble in 2009 and bring us back to the glory days of Dalglish, Rush & Barnes

  13. if liverpool doesn’t have enough money, then they can come and see me. i’ll emptied out my piggy bank and fork out from other sources to buy VILLA. Can’t wait to see TORRES+VILLA partnership in EPL. Bring back the old days… the most succesful English team in Europe!

  14. Sure David Villa must come to Liverpoolfc. He is one of the man can help Liverpoolfc to get the EPL champion…Futhermore he is also Fernando Torres GREAT partner..

  15. villa is a good player but liverpool is just turning into another spain with all the players they have. id like 2 see them bring in barry and maybe a couple of other english players as they can do the job as welll as the other countrys

  16. I would prefer Arshavin from Zenit St. Petersburg; have you seen what he`s done with the Nederlands yesterday? He`s fast like a rocket and this with ball. He`s a young player with high quality. What do you think about two players from Bayern Munich; Lukas “Prince Poldi” Podolski & Bastian Schweinsteiger??? Poldi scores 3 goals in tournament at the moment. He`s like Nando; but his shoot is better! His only problem is: Munich has two top-scorers with Luca Toni & Miro Klose. So the best for Poldi is a new challenge where he can take the next step to reach highest level and has the possibility to play every week. And let me say one thing about Cristiano Ronaldo. I dont see him in the CL-Finale (what a penalty; so arrogant) and all I can see in the Euro-Quarterfinale was power and heart from Bastian Schweinsteiger! Ronaldo has a lot to learn to become one step with Zidane!!!

  17. david villa would be a very very good parter for torres
    with barry and gerrard behind

    i shouldnt get too exited though, it seems too good to be true

  18. Has Benitez been given any funds yet? Villa would be a tremendous buy and it would let the rest know how serious we are, but we do need a right winger who can produce week in week out, and will Rafa play 4-4-2. I would if i had Villa and Torres to put up there, Babel left wing or third striker Gerrard, Barry/Mascherano in the middle, Bentley on the right, an attacking force which will score plenty of goals, so please you tight yanks give Rafa the backing and the money to fetch the glory years back to ANFIELD.

  19. Torres and Villa Awesome. Quadrable here we come. reina, Carragher, (NO more Riise),Babel, Mascherano, barry?! and GERRARD. OH YEH1

  20. Having toddled across several articles in websites….it’s pleased to hear about the realistic potential from Liverpool to sign Villa……Being a fan of a team…..I think you would like to see these things happen….wouldnt you? Really hope Reds can bring him in…..then Liverpool wont be under the situation of just taking up a title challenge…it will be the winning of titles!!

  21. villa is quality signing but if pool didn’t land him, please mr. benitez look another striker like podolski or winger like philip lahm to build lthe kop to the champ. I hope barry and bentley still candidate to join us.. Torres + Villa/ Podolski, Gerrard, Barry, Bentley/Lahm, Carra + Skrtel/Agger will be a good composition…

  22. villa has lit up the euros but we must not make the same mistakes we made with diouf n diou players allways play different in the big tournaments. also hes gonna use all our transfer funds if we have any.it would be the ideal partnership but will Rafa play442?

  23. Villa to the Pool !!
    strike force of the Premiership.
    Black Country lad that LONGS to sit in the Kop would love to see the Liverpool of the 70s-80s revived.
    Torres, Villa, Gerrard and (maybe) Barry…..Catch us if you can.

  24. Liverpool will look extremely strong if likes of David Villa, David Bently,Barry & Ribera signs for them. David Villa showed in Euro 2008 during the game btw sweden when the match which looks like heading for a draw , how clinically finished off the last chance of the game. Liverpool having the most drawn games among the top four, players like Villa s ability could make a huge difference to close the gap with the manu, chelsea. So I beg Rafa Benitez to make Villa a must buy this season.

  25. would love to see it!!……….but,the way things are at the club right now.Cant see the americans,giving the “OK” to Rafa,to go all out to buy him.With Villa,Torres,Barry and Bentley in the team…..we would be sending out a message and half,to the rest of the prem’ship.!
    Now lets see how serious the americans are about making us the best,again!!

  26. it would be amazing buy villa with torrs upfront keep the spine also for a must plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep xabi alonso he is still the man

  27. of course it’s a quality signing. Sell Crouch, Riise, Voronin and bring him on. Attack with Torres, Villa, Babel and Nemeth. Give Pennant a chance untill January & then buy a quality winger.

  28. David villa up front with torres would be with out doubt an awsome partnership and i desperatley hope as a liverpool fan we land him. But i dont think we can write off the importance of signing slightly lesser players such as Barry and Bentley.

    Bentley would be a great addition to the right wing a position that recently has been an issue for us and Barry in midfield with Gerrard would be a partnership that in my opinion would match that of Torres and villa.

    I know we already have several players battling it out for those central midfield positions but seeing as one of our isssues has been the squad depth of the likes of man utd and chelsea compared to our own but the likes of barry and bentley could definately help there as well.

  29. Has no-one realised liverpool DONT play a 4-4-2? So torres or Villa will be on the bench? NOT gonna happen. It seems everyone here is playing one of them tabloid fantasy football thingies. Where does gerrard go if villa and torres play together? Defensive mid..not likely, maybe right mid he only tolerates wide positions for england. I think liverpool have found a good shape that is consistently winning football matches. What we need is a good nippy undertoody to Torres not someone who will cost the world and hardly play.

    Our problem as we showed against chelsea is the weak link in midfield. We need genuine power in the engine room that unfortunaely Alonsos silk does not provide. The way he got bullied in the second leg against chelsea is a big factor in Benitezs decision to offload him and get someone in who is able to compete against the likes of Essien, Ballack, Scholes, Hargreaves and co.

  30. If we had the likes of torres,babel,mascherano,gerrard,villa as the spearhead then perhaps we could start the season and carry it all the way through. bring back the good lfc days.

  31. get villa hes a boss player ideal for us great signing barry is good but not of this level!
    benitez has vision and this could be another bit of the puzzle stop chelsea and man chester! in their tracks..come on august!

  32. What a boost the club would get by signing a quality player like Villa, I get the feeling the David has already said yes because of the connections at Liverpool, also hasn’t Rafa hinted at a surprise signing.

  33. Dear Mr Parry

    Forget Barry, Bently and the rest, sell Crouch, Pennant and Carson and get us David Villa.

    Please, please pretty please

  34. buy david villa definatly…..he is by far the best player in euro 2008….torres is a fantastic player and he should be partnered with david villa…although torres has underperformed so far in the euro 2008 i think it because the spain system just doent work for him…david villa we be the perfect buy incase anything happened to torres because we would have someone that can keep the goals comming

  35. I would absoloutley love it if he comes to liverpool he rockssss


    We will be the best team in the world!!!!!!!:):):):)

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