Everton binned off by Liverpool target

Albert ReiraThere is a saying in Liverpool that no matter how badly Liverpool are doing, Everton always do worse.  Unfortunately for Evertonian’s the saying usually runs true – hence the bitterness amongst our blue friends.

Whilst we do indeed have the Chairmen from hell and have had an embarrassing affair with Gareth Barry, the woe over the other side of the park has, as expected, been even more humorous.  Managers not renewing contracts, Chief Executive walks out, stadium plans thrown out, some of their more average players getting off, not being able to sign any new players and now, the final insult, a player not wanting to go to Everton because he wants to go to Liverpool instead. Remember Momo Sissoko…

Albert Reira, the Espanyol winger, has been the subject of enquiries from both Everton and Liverpool.  Everton offered the required €12 million (£10 million) and the club agreed on the fee.  Liverpool offered €9 million (£7.5 million) and the club said no to the fee.  Guess where the player wants to go?

Paco Herrera, formerly Rafa Benitez’ head scout and now sporting director of Espanyol said:

“This is a sensitive time, and we need to make sure we reach a solution one way or another.”

“Everything is going well and a deal can be reached. The differences we have are ones we can solve.”

“There is a team which is offering what we have asked and another one which isn’t, but the player is interested in the one which is offering the least. We will not lower our asking price.”

Riera spent an unsuccessful spell on loan at Manchester City in 2005 and is 26 years old.  He was instrumental in Espanyol’s remarkable UEFA cup campaign of 2006/07.

A decision is expected in the next 48 hours.

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Everton binned off by Liverpool target

  1. I dont think we should pay three or four for mill, for heskey,think we should wait till the summer, and get him for nothing, save the money and put it towards barry in the summer. If we stop wasting a few mill here, a few mill there, we can think about going for people like villa, and alaves

  2. Terry,

    Why don’t you contact your club???
    I’m sure they have an answerphone – I think the temp works on Wednesday he’s called David Moans or No moneys or something, nice chap funny accent..

  3. yes take the quickiest way to anfield for thats the only time use will see uefa cup or just check it up online were you can find the nearest uefa cup for show im sure its pretty close an you can see what is it just the 5 champions league never mind the tin cup

  4. can any of you reds who went to liege tell this blue about transport to liege? (politely preferably)

    dont seem to be any flights.

  5. David Moyes couldn’t sign his own autograph at the moment!! That was a bit harsh as there are 2 teams in Liverpool. Liverpool and Liverpool reserves!! YNWA!

  6. Ravo, I owe you 20pence…to call someone who gives a flying f*&k about your opinion. If I want your Evertonian opinion on any matter concerning the Pool, I’ll tell you what it is.

  7. Why are Non-Liverpool fans posting on this website? Haven’t they got their own bloody websites to post their “verbal diarrhea” on?

    Show an interest in your own worthless clubs!

    Why the fascination with Liverpool? Everyone wants to get involved in talking rubbish about Liverpool FC!

    Sod off Non-Liverpool fans and talk Balls**t to people who actually want to listen (good luck finding anyone).

  8. At the next everton Manure game will both fans join together to sing songs about liverpool? Knock the chip off your shoulders and support your own club, your problems are not our fault… “Would you like us to sing a song for you, Bitter blue, bitter blue”

  9. Hang on, before we start, like someone above me said, you carry on calling us “Bitter” seriously what the f**k? everyone knows the real reason that there is any Bitterness whatsoever,and that my friend was caused by your own club and fans, it was because of the Heysel disaster, what do you expect us to do ? thank LFC for gettin us banned from Europe for 6 years when we was League champions? i hardly think so, think before you open your mouth, but yer then again, your just a typical LFC fan making yourself look all innocent and whiter than white, no one should ever forgive Liverpool for that.

  10. The blue half of the city should be made up that Reira is going to the Kopites as he is utter garbage!!! He supposed to be a winger and would struggle crossing his legs. All us Evertonians will remember Peter Beagrie…beats his man 15 time and then still doesn’t cross…well this bloke’s the same. So good luck Liverpool, you’re getting another Vorenin, Kuyt, etc. etc. etc. No wonder the Yanks won’t give him any money!!!

  11. Well Bob if u find me an Everton supporter from Greece whos travellin few times the year to watch that team playin im gonna offer u two weeks vacations to Zante. On the other hand, well u have to accept the fact that we are a much better and famous (with the 5 biggest football clubs in Europe) team.

  12. Christ almighty Danny Rodgers (a name or description of his lifestyle?)- have the decency to f**k off out of a spat that is between reds (proper reds NOT ‘red devils’) and blues. Typical f**kin Manc, obssessed with LFC – anyone who writes EPL instead of ‘the Prem’ is either a foreigner or a f**kin wool. Didn’t the mancs just win the European Cup on pens? Football has been going for longer than Sky coverage- go to a f**kin game and we’ll talk…

  13. Your dead right Bob we will be at the game tonight and yes the hundreds of thousands of fanatical reds all over merseyside wil be shouting for our home town club on their dfs sofas and in the pubs cos they cant get tickets.

    Warning! To all youngsters don’t go near goodison park on match days cos you’ll get draged in. You might have to pay a fiver as well but on the bright side you can take your mates in free.
    And you can get Liverpool’s half time/full time scores.


  14. It’s a shame none of you Liverpool “supporters” will be at Analfield to see this geezer play. You’ll all be on your new DFS half price sofa’s with a warm can of strong bow or in your local moaning that you can’t get a ticket.

    But congrats and getting this fella before the poor poor Toffee’s x

  15. “Remember Momo Sissoko”…yes,he REALLY set the football world alight on Merseyside didn’t he? I’d say Everton were lucky to avoid THAT bullet,wouldn’t you? And remember,before you propagate any more rubbish,the REAL reason for “the bitterness amongst our blue friends” is Heysel and it’s aftermath…or have you rewritten history to show yourselves as whiter than white. Again?

  16. If Everton could afford to bit big clubs for great footballers they wouldnt have any problem all 11 to be foreigner.But the fact is that they can’t and even they bit more , usually they r rejected from the players themshelves-Sissoko,Riera-.

  17. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a player is the issue here is that, given a choice between LFC and EFC, players will always choose the Reds and not the self-proclaimed ‘Peoples Club’
    It’s like choosing Harrods over Woolworths!!!

  18. Anfield Online……nomark lars?? Degen, Dossena?? which one can’t get in the Swiss national side? In terms of Reira, he’s a player i wouldn’t have thought would help you win the title, indeed it could be said he was a ‘nomark’, i for one, am glad he’s not going to Everton, we don’t need to be spending what money we had on a rubbish winger.

  19. I have no idean if this fella is any good or not other than what Man City fans I know have said. They have told me he was tall but slow and utterly hopeless.

  20. Cheers Matt for your contribution. Indeed Herrara’s quotes were in the Spanish papers yesterday. The figure I quoted was for euros not pounds, apologies, now corrected. Please feel free to now ring up the Liverpool Daily Post who today are also publishing ‘two day old quotes’.

    And Cheers John for your insight. That’s right, Steven Gerrard, the club captain and Jamie Carragher, the vice captain have no affiliation with Liverpool.

    At least you are getting good old ‘scouse’ Lars Nomark.

  21. So Liverpool gained a player in preference over us. Its happened before it will happen again. Fact is it doesn’t matter, there are plenty more players out there and we are still British, whereas your club has turned into Disneyland with no real relationship with the city your name comes from.

  22. Yes we do indeed remember Sissoko, what a great player he was !! The Generation Game Conveyor Belt once again starts with the beloved LFC. The Fat Spanish Guy once more brings on another Player, who having failed at Man City, and not convincing his Owners that GB is worth 18 million, buys another err well another player !

    Lets be honest, the only decent player he has signed is Torres, hardly a shock really, was he, costing 26.5 million. Yet he has spent over 125 Million.

    So the LFC bandwagon rolls on trying to buy success every year. Unfortunately you cannot win the EPL on penalties, so keep trying, and keep having a go at your neighbours over at The Peoples Club, in the meantime we Man Utd supporters will just watch with great amusement.

  23. Riera’s Man City spell was not “unsuccesful” – City wanted to keep him but couldn’t afford to.

    Everton had a 9.5m bid accepted, we’ve matched that with 8m up front and 1.5m additional.

    Herrera’s quotes are over 2 days old. There’s much newer ones regarding the deal from Tuesday and the 72 hour deadline.

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