FA charge Mascherano

It’s clear the big-wigs at the FA are deciding to make an example of Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano as they today charged him with improper conduct.

Despite the antics we see every week up and down the country, not just by individual players but by entire teams crowding referee’s, the FA have followed the media scent and decided to land it all at the Argentine’s feet.

He will already miss the important game against Everton at the weekend but if found guilty further punishment could miss another two matches as well as receiving a substantial fine.

In a statement the FA said:

“The charge relates to his reaction towards referee Steve Bennett after being sent off against Manchester United.”

Mascherano sees red at Old Trafford

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FA charge Mascherano

  1. really unbelievable..It’s true charge relates to his reaction towards referee after being sent off..it is because the reaction was relate to the second yellow car..that’s bull!! What Now? the rule is we will get yellow card after asking the referee??

  2. unbelievable decision. not suprised though, the f.a get it wrong 90% these days.bring back some commonsence,they do my head in. now masch misses important games in which we could do with the type of player he is. NOB EADS.

  3. How totally unjust. It does not bear thinking about if it had been a Man U player and how Ferguson would have reacted and why was Ashley Cole not even given a tap on the wrist. Other than that, I’m totally lost for words.

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