Gillett to attend – reds to protest

George Gillett has planned to attend tomorrow’s clash against Manchester United, as Tom Hicks once again elects to avoid visiting the club.

George Gillett at Anfield

However we understand that club chairman Rick Parry has asked the co-chairman (who effectively kept him in a job this spring) to reconsider his decision.

Liverpool fans will be holding a protest march before the game from 11am from the Liverpool Supporters Club in protest at both the American’s horrific track record, and reneged promises since taking over the club.

George Gillett has been a long absent visitor from Anfield, and towards the end of last season was suggesting he would never sell his stake to Tom Hicks in support of the overwhelming opinion of Liverpool supporters.  However, it is believed the pair have now forged a closer relationship once again.

It was Gillett who was first interested in taking over the club, bringing Hicks along with him to add some financial firepower.

However this financial firepower has been the ballistics equivalent of a water pistol, and not only are our plans for stadium development being put on hold, but both owners have landed the reds under an enormous financial cloud of debt.

If you’ve got the bottle to attend the club you’re ruining, enjoy the game tomorrow George.  Make sure it’s the last either of you ever attend.

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Gillett to attend – reds to protest

  1. The fans have to make Gillett feel as uncomfortable as possible BUT ONLY AT THE RIGHT TIMES. They must get behind the team before and during the game. At half time, give this guy hell. The Mancs would love it if the focus is switched to THIS LYING YANK. Come on Gillett and Hicks – do the right thing and sell up and stop playing with OUR club.

  2. Hey Manc!.During those eighteen years we won the FA,UEFA,League cup and even the Champions league which ain’t “sh*t”.We’ve still won more League titles and European trophies then you lot down the road who will forever be in our shadow!.That just kill’s you Mancs doesn’t it!!?
    Just give us a few years to get sorted then normal service will resume with you being our servants!

  3. Manchester,

    Has to be the nastiest city in the UK, full of scum and down and outs and they talk about us. hahaha! their unemployment is worse than ours.

    Why don’t you all go and get a job, dolites.

  4. its just shows,that the thick skin’d american,is soooooooo far “out of touch” with the fans,that when he turns up for the game,hes in for one hell of a shock!!!
    he (and is “buddy”) aint wanted by the fans,or (by wot carras written)the players.with a game as big as utd nxt,you would think someone would have “advised” him to stay away,let the fans get behind the players,and sort out utd,not focus on protests against the owners.the utd fans,players and fergie will just love it !!!!

  5. Come on you silly scousers, your club has been sh*t for the last 18 years. Don’t blame the Americans for failing to stop the downward spiral you created for yourselves.

  6. How can this be possible two money minded people are still here and doing nothing for the club. All liverpool fans are waiting DIC to save our prestigious Liverpool Football Club !


  7. Let’s face it. The American dollars are weak. Buying Liverpool last year was nothing more than a business strategy for them. During these hard times, the only people making money are from the middle east.

    Hence the need to buy liverpool and sell to DIC with a hefty profit(at the right time) during these difficult period.

    The question is… Does Parry and Moores get some share in the profits? If not – WHY sell to the AMERICANS?

  8. Stay away you are not welcome at our club. Yanks have wrecked our club we want dic not you yanks who are only after making money 4 yourself not for the club. Last year we were a joke airing all your dirty linen in the public eye Lliverpool do not do that it is all kept in house. Yanks Out. DIC in.

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