His name is not Kean-o!

Fair play – the lad hadn’t scored for 11 games so in the post goal celebrations some of our fans may have mistakenly chanted the first thing that sprung to mind.

‘Kean-o’ (repeat ad-infinitum)

Unfortunately this is a Manc song – for the dirty World Cup avoider – Roy.

Robbie Keane’s song – to the tune of ‘Let it Be‘ is…

Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
His name’s not f***ing Kean-o, Robbie Keane

That concludes today’s Anfield education.

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His name is not Kean-o!

  1. Jay – Life long red, season ticket holder.
    Totally agree we shouldn’t sing scum songs, but not the biggest fan of the ‘Let it be’ song anyway.. dont think it sounds good on the kop, theres no wit in there, personally i think he sounds like father ted was his best so far…

    to Dean..
    song from city and the derby..

    we’ll be comin, we’ll be comin
    we’ll be comin down the road,
    when you here the noise from the Bill Shankly boys,
    we’ll be comin down the road..

    awesome song… sounded brilliant bellowing thru the streets of manc wen we all piled out the ground on sunday..

  2. Reina chant..

    1 pepe 2 pepe 3 pepe reina
    he comes from spain and he eats paella
    1 pepe 2 pepe 3 pepe reina
    wooooooooooooo PEPA REINA!

    also what is the song we was singing away to man city?
    sounded like were be coming were be coming? any one no?

  3. Loving the reina chant atm Hull Red
    the keno-* chant is a delicate matter liking the let it be tune but what about chanting Robb-ie instead of Kean-* that way its an easy chant to remember


  5. I’m a Life long Liverpool fan actually Joey. And I’m as well aware of the Anfield traditions of spontaneity, wit and originality. However we don’t need self appointed band leaders telling us what we can and can’t sing. If ye like the new Keane song so much keep belting it out at games, if its good enough it will catch on, (and doubtlessly be imitated at countless grounds throughout the country) but until then people can sing what they bloody like.

  6. Some good comments above and i understand why the kean’o
    Chant was used.
    But we must follow our home based fans.What we want for our club is only the very best.
    Listen to us scousers and respect our wishes which is to keep Liverpool Football Club scouse .Dont get me wrong any Liverpool fan is special to us all no matter where they come from. We are all together as one.
    ‘WE’LL ALL GET BLIND DRUNK WHEN LIVERPOOL WIN THE CUP’ was sang by the Kop in the 60s to the Torres song.That sorts that one out. Its ours!!!!

  7. I was watching the match on telly and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard ‘Keano’ being chanted. This is a Manc song end of story. And those of you who enjoy singing this are obviously not ‘true reds’ that know the meaning of being a Liverpool fan.

  8. As said above, the Torres bounce song (When Jonny Comes Marching Home) was first sung by our fans in the 60’s, so it is probably our song. I was in the Kop on Wednesday night, and I must admit the first song that came into my head was the Keano song after he had just scored, but after the first time I had screamed Keano I stopped and realised I was singing a manc song and that was enough.

    Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
    Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
    His name’s not f***ing Kean-o, Robbie Keane

    Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
    Robbie Keane, Robbie Keane
    Liverpool’s Number 7, Robbie Keane

  9. When in Rome do what the Romans do!
    If you support Liverpool as us scousers have all our lives
    you must go with our wishes
    Please dont sing Kean’o
    and never never use who are ya who are ya
    we have never used that .
    One point is, no matter where your from if you are a Liverpool fan we are all together
    Lots of Love.
    King Sensai
    The mighty reds of LFC my home town team

  10. Firstly- i understand that SOME fans sang it out of sheer jubilation.
    However it IS A MANC song and that makes it unsingable- if that is a word.
    In reply to declan, the ‘O’shea song’ u CLAIM was originally a song sang by the mighty reds ‘WE’LL ALL GET BLIND DRUNK WHEN LIVERPOOL WIN THE CUP’ So would any alleged liverpool fans please chack any FACTS before spouting reasons why we shouldnt be singing scum songs. Kind regards, Farz

  11. I think the reason for the chant was that it was the first thing that sprung to mind when he scored and everyone just went crazy and couldn’t help themselves.

  12. That’s the point. He’s had that chant everywhere else. We’re not the same as Wolves, Spurs, Leeds etc.

    It’s nothing to do with Nazi chant police. The Kop innovates. Never immitates.

  13. Let me guess Declan – you’re an Irish United fan. I suppose you will be telling us next that Celtic started the YNWA song. I’m sure the O’Shea bounce has been going for years and years. In any case, it’s hardly the same if it’s completely different words that United copied off us.

    Rory – sing what you like. I won’t be singing any Manc (and also as you point out – Wolves and Spurs) song.

  14. Why does any football song have to have a swear word in it? Surely with the scouse sense of humour & wit we don’t need to resort to vulgar words to make a song.
    Football is a family game not an adult only game.

  15. Less of the Nazi chant police please. People can sing what they like. We don’t need to check our song hymn book. And if your objection to the Kean-o chant is that it is a manc song, how come you don’t object to the fact that the scum fans sang a song about John O’Shea to the tune of the Torres song, long before El -Ninio arrived to grace the hallowed Anfield Turf?

  16. I was on the Kop last night and admittedly when he scored Keano was the first thing to come into your head.
    That didnt last long! Love that chant!
    Favourite at the moment is ‘Rafa’s got his Dirk Kuyt’

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