Lawro at centre of Keane-gate

Mark LawrensonFormer Liverpool star Mark Lawrenson has been caught up in a kiss and tell involving Steven Gerrard.

Speaking to Irish radio station Today FM, Mark Lawrenson said:

“I hate to namedrop but I was having a drink with Steven Gerrard at a function on Saturday night and we talked about Robbie Keane.

“He said they shared the same agent and quite honestly he thinks something’s going to happen with Keane in January. It sounds like he could be moved on.”

Liverpool FC moved quickly telling the media that ‘Gerrard did not recall those events’.

In the past few hours Lawro has amended his statement slightly to:

“I’m sorry if it caused any aggravation but it wasn’t meant to.

“Steven Gerrard’s name should never have come up in terms of Robbie Keane going in January. It wasn’t Steven saying that it was me saying it.

“The only connection I was making between the two was that they have the same agent and I have had a hunch for a while that Keane could go.

“But that is my opinion and nothing whatsoever to do with any conversations I had with Steven Gerrard.

“I happened to mention I spoke to him on Saturday night but I didn’t mean for that to come across in the way that it has been interpreted.”

Either way.  They do say there’s no smoke without fire….

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Lawro at centre of Keane-gate

  1. As an avid reader of the Mirror (for which lawro has a column )i have to say its quite obvious he’s got it right in for Keano.He (lawro )reckons Torres & Keane cannot work together!!!I have to agree with the above comments that he is 2nd rate and how he still appears and probably gets paid well on MOTD absolutely astounds me.

  2. lawro has shown he is unethical and is ruining his reputation. no one will want to tell him anything now,so he has blundered badly. apologies arent remembered mistakes are.

  3. At the very least, Lawro is guilty of betraying a confidence or telling tails !
    He assumes that because both players share the same agent it has some kind of ‘hidden meaning’ and for some strange reason it confirms his hunch that Roy K will leave.

    Lawro is a coward, he gave the impression that Stevie G gave him imformation that Roy K will be leaving !
    Lawro hasn’t the courage of his own convictions, he passed on the responsibility to Stevie G !
    Lawro has now put a chasm between himself and LFC.
    All LFC players will not want to give him ‘the time of day’ in the future.
    As a TV / Radio football pundit, Lawro is strictly 2nd rate. His comments this week confirms it.

    Bobby Sox

  4. Lawro’s made himself look a right attention seeking t**t!
    All he’s done is let himself,the club and Steven down.
    He may have been a good player, but pulling stunts like this show what kind of person he is

  5. Lawro you’re a disappointment. Why say something and then backtrack? It’s ridiculous. You knew you were in the wrong, so you tried to fix it – the only problem being you made yourself look even worse.

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