Liverpool go back to grey with new Away Kit

New LFC Away Shirt 2008Liverpool have finally unveiled their brand new away shirt for the 2008/09 season.

The new away shirt marks a return to a famous Liverpool grey kit from the late 80’s with a grey chequer-board pattern and the adidas logo and stripes in Liverpool red.

The shirt also features a red trim at the end of the sleeves.

We published an image of the potential shirt in January and there is expected to be one more shirt released this summer, early next month.

The brand new Liverpool away kits and the new LFC away Goalie kit are available to pre-order now. Delivery will be on the 17th July 2008.

You can see the full range here

23 comments on
Liverpool go back to grey with new Away Kit

  1. It seems that you’ve put a great amount of effort into your article and I need to see a lot more of these on the Internet these days. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I do not have a bunch to to say in reply, I only wanted to register to say tremendous work.

  2. ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you ” the past in the future…” BAAAH! this jersey is an embarassment to the department that designs them, are they running out of ideas or what, why grey? aren’t there other away kits that were worn in the 70’s maybe 60’s?

    lets be serious, you can’t expect stevey g to lift a trophy wearing one of those….

  3. The only real problem with it is that the carlsberg and the name number should be Red. like the 89/90 kit if i recall correctly. then it would look ok.. the checks make it look like old corner flag material. reina’s black kit should be the away jersey. i.e the black with red trim looks spanking.

  4. Its awsome i love it dont no why people are slagging it off i like the idea of going back to the 89/90 season it might bring us look.(sign villa)

  5. I love it honestly i think its a nic kit. I think the more time people give it the more theyll start to like it. Everyone said the United kit 2 years ago that had the badge from like a 50’s style was crap but it grew on people like this shirt will i think. I also like the greeny blue european one thats coming out too. Cant wait to get them on me 😀

  6. Never mind things could be worse just think of those poor evertonions.?Who would want to have a shirt like that…… forgive my spelling.The correct spelling for evertonions should be ONIONS because they always make you cry…

  7. Awful. I dont think many of fan would buy it. And I dont want it ever. Better change the color and its design.. plz adidas design a good one..

  8. I actually really like it. And if we play anything like the last time we wore this kit we’ll all be singing come May.

    I’d hold off on the slagging shirts off as well – there one more shocker to come.

  9. I remember Taggert complaining in the nineties when manure wore grey that players found it difficult to see each other on the pitch.

  10. i think tom hicks was right when he said rick parry needs to resign , surely he’s the person that gives the go-ahead for new kits and this gery is horific , i know we had it in the 80’s but come on now were 2008

    we need to write a new history not looking back to the past all the time

    what is wrong with our marketing department

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