Reds set to buy Mascherano in 4 installments

Javier MascheranoLiverpool look set to tie up the deal for Javier Mascherano in the next week, with the fee likely to be paid to the players ‘owners’ MSI in 4 installments.

Javier Mascherano has been speaking to the official site, stating his desire to stay with the club.

“It’s not finished yet but I am hoping to stay here.  I have a lot of confidence that after the next week I will be able to say ‘everything is right and I am staying here in Liverpool’.

“We now need to wait. We are very close but we need to talk again. I think everything will be OK. I’ve waited a long time, so I can wait one week more. The fans like me and I love the fans. They are great and that’s the reason I want to stay here.”

Liverpool are already believed to have paid £1.5 million to MSI for the loan of their player, and another £17 million will be the fee to release him from their grip.

Javier also went on to comment on the weekend’s game against Sunderland, his 26th Liverpool appearance:

“When it was 0-0 at half-time there were no harsh words like the boss delivered last week when we were playing Havant. We knew we would have chances in the second half, so we weren’t feeling so bad at half-time. We knew we could do something to win the game. It was just important we kept calm.”

“The difference was that we scored early in the second half and you could see that gave us a lot of confidence. Once you’ve scored, you become calmer.”

“We owed the fans a result. We’ve played badly recently but now we can have confidence again. We can go into the international break happy and then we have a big game against Chelsea. It’s a difficult place to go, so the win over Sunderland was important because it means we can go to London with a lot of confidence. We can play with confidence again. We are close to fourth spot again – just one point behind. But now we have to keep this level.”

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Reds set to buy Mascherano in 4 installments

  1. We need Mascherano, especially as I think Alonso will be back off to Spain in the summer, which is unfortunate because I have a lot of time for Alonso!!

  2. because they’ve got no money m8. They aint got 17 quid never mind 17 million. in a strange sorta way i think we deserve everything we get for selling our soul to the devil, i wish we could return to the good old days of being a football club and not just another rich fat mans play thing…….


  3. Most big deals are paid for in installments,and dont forget we have the momo money coming in, and with the saving on his wages it the Yanks arnt shelling out 18 million !!!!

  4. Why 4 installments is it that no-one an the board will sanction the payment in one go or is this how all deals are done.Don’t say it I bet we’ll be told it’s the American way.Dam Americans….

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