Momo set to line US pockets

After Liverpool spent £6.5 million on Skrtel two weeks ago, under the new regime you always knew the American owners would try to turn a profit on the transfers, and Momo Sissoko’s deal – worth over £7 million, is likely to go through by the end of the season.

The player is likely to move to Juventus at some stage in the next week according to Benitez:

“We know that they (Juventus) are interested in Momo but we need to wait until the end of the transfer window and we need to be calm,” he added. “There are two Spanish clubs and two Italian clubs also interested in Momo and we will try to do the best for the club.”

When asked if he thought Sissoko would leave this month, Benitez said:

“Yes, I think so. It could be a possibility but it depends on the other teams if they push hard or not.”

If the deal goes through, according to our meticulous calculations, the new owners – who promised ‘substantial’ transfer funding will have handed Rafa a total of £15 million in one calendar year to attempt to wrest the Premiership title back.

And when I say handed – obviously I mean they will have taken a loan out.

Leave our club you pair of leeches.

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Momo set to line US pockets

  1. I think Momo had a great start here and I liked what i saw but for some reason he lost his way but you know as soon he gets going again he’ll look the good player he is and a lot of fans here will not believe that they’ll be watching the same guy and we’ll say wouldn’t you adam and eve it…..

  2. Momo though a decent ball winner has got to be amongst the worst passers in the game so good riddance to him.Would be wonderful if DIC came in and also showed the likes of Voronin,Kuyt and Kewell the exit door too.
    Furthermore,even if Rafa was given £100 million more to spend he wouldn’t get any closer to the top three let alone making us champs because he’s got the attitude of a pussy!.He must also be sacked and replaced by a no nonsense manager who knows what he wants and how to get it.I am no fan of the Americans but Rafa is using the current situation to disguise his own inability.

  3. i totally agre with what as been written here i am just hoping and praying that the re-financing fails and D.I.C come to the rescue it would be the best for all parties concerned.

  4. True, but lets be fair, Sissoko is SH*T!, he couldnt pass water!

    Weve got to get rid of the SH*TE, Sissoko, Riise, Voronin, Pennant, Kuyt, Crouch, BENITEZ, etc.

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