No dough for Barry – Alonso set to stay

Xabi AlonsoLiverpool’s net spending this summer is around the £12 million mark.

Despite the £40 million war-chest promised by the American owners it appears that the £18 million for Gareth Barry is still struggling to be found, and the Americans may have to take out another of their favourite loans to land the Aston Villa man.

Steven Gerrard’s thigh injury looks set to rule him out of the Standard Liege away tie and Xabi Alonso will almost certainly feature which will render him cup-tied, and his value will plummet.

Alonso is not interested in a move to a club outside of the Champions League elite, and in our opinion, this is quite right.

Many Liverpool fans will rejoice that Xabi Alonso looks more likely than ever to stay at Anfield – it is a sad situation that this looks like this is thankful to an injury to our captain, and the on-going mistruths and mismanagement of those in charge of our club.

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No dough for Barry – Alonso set to stay

  1. Alonso to stay. Buy Barry.Give the owners a slap and lets go for the league. I really dont think the owners understand that the club runs red not green i dont want to be envious of any other club this season. We need players that show passion for the club.Come on ye reds

  2. I definitely donot agree with Sam above saying that our fullbacks are world class. I think that these are our weakest link by far if you look at the Chelsea and Man utd fullbacks in comparison, and _Arsenal for that matter. Even our centrehalves are thinly spread. Carragher the best by far, the rest are unproven as yet in the premiership in my opinion, but have the potential possibly to make it as they are quite young and still learning the premiership. El Tel Alicante Spain

  3. What is wrong with this club of OURS if we can’t stump up £18m on Barry. I would be delighted if Xabi stayed and even more so if Barry lined up with him for the beginning of next season. I am pig sick of not having a go at the league – THEM MANCS ARE CATCHING US UP….

  4. Red, you asked rhetorically how much have the scum spent this transfer window ?? The answer is that they have just spent £32 million to buy Tevez and are willing to pay at least £25 million or more again for Berbatov. The only thing stopping them doing this is Daniel Levy’s annoyance with United. If they don’t sign Berbatov they will almost certainly sign someone similar for a similar fee like Huntelaar or Santa Cruz. There is no suggestion whatever of Ferguson having to flog off key players to fund this spending. In fact United have hardly made any real money from player sales either this summer or last despite their ongoing spending on Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves, Tevez and co.

    Anfield Online. You’re doing a magnificant job holding those two Americans to account. I have not met a single red yet who agrees with the sentiments of those who are criticising you and you’re dead right about the American propaganda machine trying to muzzle fully justified criticism on this and other fansites.

  5. Lad/Lasses,

    I am a Villa van who has had to put up with mediocrity in terms of league positions for a number of years.

    I am not posting to have a go because you are trying to buy arguably our best player, but if your owners have the money to buy Barry, and MON has given them the green light, why is this deal not done and dusted? It is just as detrimental to AVFC to have this deal dragged out as it is for you lot.

    At the beginning of this week, I was certain that GB would be off but now I am not so sure.Why havent LFC stumped up the cash?

  6. I will like Alonso to stay and also wish Barry to move to Anfield the conbination of these two may make LFC the English champions

  7. Are you lot deluded?

    Alonso has been dining out on his first season for the last 3. Yes he looked quality and can pass a sweet fourty yarder but he can’t tackle, is painfully slow and couldn’t score in a brothel.

    Barry is mobile, scores 12 plus a season, is solid in the tackle and is consistant….Alonso is not.

    Alonso is a nice guy….they finish last

  8. Come on reikirebel

    We probably spent 35 million, not 70 million and secondly, and more importantly, this was paid for out of a loan that we are currently spending 35 million in interest a year on. I don’t remember us ever spending that kind of money on interest in the ‘bad old days’.

  9. Calm down, calm down…. let’s put some things into perspective and draw some comparrisons. I love this club, as much as the next one, and whilst I accept the yanks are not popular for the way they manage things in the media, they haven’t gotten themselves to the multi-millionaire status by pishing their money up a wall. Since they have arrived they have invested in players and we’ve bought some good ones, but we now have one of the biggest squads in the premier league and we are continuing to soak up young talent from around the continent. With my business head on, I too would be challenging Rafa to utilise some of this talent we have acquired and dispose of underutilised players to help to balance the books.

    Let us also not forget that the club are also trying to ring fence funds to the building of a new stadium. Where the funds will come from and when it will get underway is a different story, but the clud will need to be run much more tightly from a financial control perspective to ensure the funds will be available to commence building… that will mean that Rafa will need to learn to utilise the value of his squad more and liquidate players more readilly. We will have to manage our finances in the same way as Arsenal did whilst they were building the emirates…

    Thats my thoughts, and they’re all about prudent management of funds at a time when capital is difficult to come by.

  10. Anfield Online …. which spin is true … yours or the one you suggest is coming out of liverpool? … last season we spent over 70m on NEW players which was more then manu (just under 60m) this seaon we are about 30m on NEW players, yes we sell but so does everyone else … so whats the problem?

    Rafa is making the decisions about players staying and going, Rafa has SAID he DOES NOT need to sell Alonso … He also said it would be nice to have more to spend but is HAPPY!!!!

    The truth is alsono has been a little off the last season and Rafa wants players giving there best every game … maybe now alonso has upped his game again, Rafa might change is mind but to blame the yanks is crazy ..

    Here’s how i judge … Is Rafa happy?, do the team look happy? are we playing well? if the answer is generally yes to these then we are moving forward … for me we are way stronger then we have been for many years … with our total commitment to supporting the club I do believe we have a great chance to win silverwear this season and push for the title!!!

    reikirebel 🙂

    Great season ahead

  11. Barry is much more versatile and consistent.alonso had his chance took it and threw it away when he went missing in a few key games.If we are consistent we will win the premiership.KEANE has been consistent for six years with spurs getting into double figures every season.The key signings have to have the word consistent attached to there name just like this comment.

  12. The best news I’ve heard for a long time.
    The whole Gareth Barry story has got tedious and boring. What is the point in letting Xabi go especially to Arsenal. You can see it now… Wenger turns him into a 30million player and we look like chumps because we moved him on to make way for Barry. Barry is good, I don’t have any worries over that. But does he suit us more than Xabi? I don’t think so and his preseason form would suggest that the last thing we should do right now is let him go.

  13. delighted xabi is staying, one of the best passers of the ball in the premiership, cant see where barry was going to fit in anyway

  14. Fair enough, I think we only got about £9 million for Momo and we bought Skrtel as well, so maybe net spend of about £16 million.

  15. Need to bear in mind we spent about £25 million in January as well. This will have eaten into the summer transfer fund. At least now we are splashing on first choices like Torres, Keane and Mascherano, rather than having to settle for Bellamy, Voronin and Pennant.

  16. Oh dear oh dear. The American PR machine has swung in to effect with some of the above posts.

    Yet again some of the blind fail to heed my main point. We have spent £12 million this summer. We were promised substantial investment, yet either the Americans have to add further loans (on top of the hundreds of millions) on the club books, or sell players to fund another the purchase of Gareth Barry. We probably will get him, I said as much, but the fact is our owners are yet again letting us down.

  17. I hope room can be found for Xabi to stay. His class is undeniable and he deserves better than to be shoved out the door as a make-weight.

  18. Who allowed for that to be posted.

    Full of inaccuracies & hyperbole.

    The Gareth Barry deal is done & very nearly dusted.

    He will be a Liverpool player within hours & even the haters of Gillett & Hicks cannot dispute they have given Rafa money to spend on players.

    Yes players have been sold, but they could have done things that would have upset us all.

    Nando was floated around as a possible Chav buy for 50+ Million, but they didn’t.

    They haven’t asset stripped & while things are quiet & we are buying players like Dossena, N’Gog, Keane, Barry & possibly (A)nother & getting rid of the dross – im a happy chappy.

    Rafa has already stated he doesn’t need to sell Xabi in order to buy, so once again – talk sense or don’t bother posting.

    PS. As for “Despite the £40 million war-chest promised by the American owners it appears that the £18 million for Gareth Barry is still struggling to be found”

    Can you do me a favour & sit down for ten minutes & actually work out the Maths on players sales & purchases.

    Your claim that I pasted is simply not true.

  19. Honestly, i will be glad that Alonso to stay in the team, with or without the addtion of Barry, but in the footballing world, no one can be sure, until Alonso is really cup-tied until the Transfer Windows is closed in the end of the month.

  20. What the other night showed us is that we need Barry, now stevie’s out for the first game all it will take is an injury to Xabi and the centre is thread-bare. So much for the yanks putting money on the table John Morres was putting more out year on year to get the team moving and somehow these so called fans who own the club are zipping their pockets tight. Thanks for your help Tom now Fuck off back to where you belong. 12 mill your a disgrace…

  21. can’t understand the thinking in getting rid on Xabi. certainly not for Barry. i don’t see this as a step forward. Now getting rid of the Yanks who understand nothing about this club should F**k Off

  22. 1) Alonso will not be leaving for less than 16million pounds

    2) Gareth Barry will join Liverpool for 18million pounds (this week)

    This is fact, forget wether we summise wether the owners will invest, they are , and have (skrtel, mascherano) and will continue to back the best manager in the premier league. We dont need bad publicity going into the new season (we has enough around xmas last year, I suggest the enemy within has a good look at themselves) so we expect on a Liverpool site. GOOD POSITIVITY! We do not need to sell to buy, however if and when we buy Barry this week IF anyone tables a bid for either Voronin, Pennant, or Benayoun it will be considered. YNWA CHAMPIONS FINALLY 2008/2009

  23. speculation is never good, but negative speculation about your own club is like a cancer …. please stop it NOW! Your not keeping me informed, your just gossiping in a negative manner and it does nothing for the supports of this great club or the club! never was a 40m war-chest quoted by the club and every club is selling as well as buying as the credit-crunch is hitting every business and football is a business …. i like the new players and feel we are a better side this season … all we have to do is turn a few draws into wins and guess what ….

    your comments about mistrust and mismanagement is nothing more then your ignorance regarding business and your narrowmindedness towards our club (that means everyone in it) … you wondering why i’m having a go … because you and sites like you put us throw a hell of a ride last season with your almight attitude and negativity about the owners, i believe we could have finished higher if we had stayed together as a club!!! .. let it go and promote what WE are go at, the best fans in the world (thats given for support .. not pulling the club apart)! I’m a true fan of over 40 years and know what real support is, I’d like you all to look back and feel the pride i feel and then get on with supporting this great club to the next title win, which won’t happen till we support as one … again!!!

    reikirebel 🙂

    great season ahead

  24. I feel Alonso is a great player but, only in the slower paced matches such as the Champions league. Barry on the other hand is younger naturally left sided and has the tempprament to play at a high tempo in big premier league games..Alonso hasn’t done it for us for two years now!! Its time to move on..

  25. what a joke this summer transfer window has been………….the two from america have dragged the club through so much nonsense………..who can tell me they are happy with .

    a the barry sage

    b the thought of having to ofload alonso anyway

    c the selling that we have had to do and the media circus that goes with it..

    d the lack of promises and in time to give rafa time to plan with his new players settled in…

    this takeover is only now really hitting home….

    these two i could kill them……….

  26. I agree this whole saga reflects badly on the Yanks once again (what else is new?) but Rafa’s apparent determination to splash out £18 million on Barry when other areas of the team badly need strengthening also raises questions about Rafa’s judgment. Barry is a good honest pro but we already have three world class central midfielders (all younger than Barry and with more ability and big game experience than him). We also have several very promising young rookies as well. Barry would not be any more effective as a left winger than John Arne Riise because (despite being left footed) he does not have the pace or trickery for that position. Having little width makes it easier for opponents to defend against Gerrard and Torres in the middle but Babel and Keane are not natural wide players so where is our width supposed to come from ?? I say keep Xabi and use whatever money we have to get at least one good natural winger.

  27. Why is everyone else reporting that the money is in place and the deal should be done by the weekend? Pennant/Voronin and possibly Finnan all likely to leave which will raise more then the £9m needed for the upfront payment, with the remainder to be paid over time. More trash scare mongering, why not wait untill the transfer window closes and then slate the owners if there not forthcoming.

  28. Alonso MUST stay at Liverpool. His distribution and work ethic are as good as anyone at the top. He was unfairly criticised at points last season but we must remember he suffered a foot injury that restricted him to the sidelines for months. Further, he started to come back into form towards the end of the season, had a good summer with Spain and looks to be back to his best in pre-season.

    I am a big fan of Barry and believe he may bring a more physical presence than Alonso but i truly believe that it would be a foolish move to sell Alonso. His vision and ability to thread killer balls makes him one of the best passers in the game and it will be a big blow if we lost him.

    Surely im not the only liverpool fan that wants him to stay?!?

    in regards to Barry, as i have mentioned i do rate him highly but honestly is there any real need for him???

    we have Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Lucas Leiva and both Plessis and Spearing have been more than impressive in pre-season and look like they could handle themselves in the absence of the olympic players.

    Please please let us sign a versatile winger as we still lack someone with flair who can play on either wing. Yossi and Ryan Babel are both excellent players but i would rather see the amount we have been quoted for barry spent on a winger who will bring a different dimension to the team. I like Kuyt a lot and you cannot fault his technical ability or work rate but he is not a Right/Left Midfielder and i believe it is the width that will be our weakest link.

    GK’s = Reina/Cavalieri
    CB’s = Agger/Carragher/Skrtel/Sami = WORLD CLASS
    WB’s = Arbeloa/Aurelio/Finnan/Dossena/Degen = WORLD CLASS
    CM’s = Gerrard/Alonso/Mascherano/Lucas/Plessis/Spearing = WORLD CLASS
    ST’s = Torres/Keane/Kuyt/Ngog/Nemeth/Pachecho/Voronin = WORLD CLASS
    WF’s = Babel/Benayoun/Pennant = NOT YET WORLD CLASS

  29. i will sacrifice 100 bulls to the gods if Xavi stays!! you dont sell such a high quality midfielder, look at his preseason form, he wants to stay, and even if we need barry, that is not sacrificing Xavi, and Lucas is still not up to that level yet!

  30. i like Alonso i think he is a very good player but Barry is more suited i the Premier League simple as, i would love it if we got Barry and kept Alonso

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