Peter Crouch – will he or won’t he?

Peter Crouch has one year left on his contract and has so far refused to sign a new Liverpool FC contract. While speculation has linked him to other Premiership clubs such as Portsmouth, the player and the club appear deadlocked.

Liverpool have offered a new contract which he has not signed and if he allows his contract to run down he could join another club for nothing next summer. However the reds will be keen that either he signs a new contract soon, or the club will be forced to sell him this transfer window.

Capello has so far kept Crouch in the England squad, but Peter feels that the lack of games with Liverpool is hampering his chances of making the England first team.

Today’s comments from Crouch suggest that the player himself has yet to decide on his future.

“I have spoken to Rafa. I have to play more games if I want to stay in the England set-up.

“I didn’t play enough last season, that’s for sure.

“I need to play more at club level to be able to play at international level. You have got to be noticed.

“I need to play more games. I didn’t get enough and it’s something I have to look out for, for next season.”

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Peter Crouch – will he or won’t he?

  1. Peter Crouch is a Fantastic player and i will be gutted if he goes.Torres and Crouch should play up front with steevie G in midfield.Crouch attracts defenders to him leaving space for others and is a different option when the usual playing style is not working.He notched to put Man Utd out of the cup and destroyed arsenal in one many other of our players have done that in recent history?He scores often enough when given a run in the team.Sell Kuyt because if anyone is not a Liverpool player it is him.

  2. i mean he has got us very very important points for liverpool and with out crouch no strengh on the bench we had a better season when he played a whole season finishing 3rd and we finished of 4 th so pter crouch is valuble player liverpools future and i think it will be a big mistake to let the hitman go thimk about that before selling him

  3. peter crouch better than voronin any day even if he was 80 od but its not like rafa responce a tall to the fans comments and i just dont think thats right play crouch more or bugger of from liverpool

  4. Peter Crouch best bet is to go to Portsmouth and prove us all what we know that he is class! and would get better with more games! Brilliant in the Arsenal league game and should have been tried in just behind the striker, he always helped to linked the midfield well with the striker. would liked to see him play where Gerrard plays in 4-2-3-1 formation!! lets see if Gerrard stays in that position for the whole season! Deco/

  5. hi its me again still going on about crouchy WE need him he still has loads to offer !!!!! and how dare rafa say that he will only play him in the reserves if he dosen’t get what he wants for him peter deserves better than that . he has’nt done anything wrong only score goles and and show how much he loves playing for the reds he puts heart and sole in + we need to have some english players in the team what more does rafa want why has he turned on him so much ? all he wants to do is play football 4 us ………. i wish i could talk to rafa and find out ? . its a pity there are not a few more like him about so crouchy if you go good luck a lot of fans will miss you dont worry rafa might be following you soon

  6. I will be gutted when he goes i think he is great he always puts in 110% he’s no big head like some i could name he has scored some great goals. What i dont understand is rafa stuck by him when he couldn’t score and when he does score he wants to get rid of him the trouble with rafa is all he wants to do is buy foreign players and i think he has been treated like s**t so come on rafa give the man a chance get him on with Torres i think it could be another toshack & keegan tall & short and how good was that im at anfield all home games and the fans love him please dont let him go he’s a great lad.

  7. we need players like crouch, he’s a great decoy up front, if the defenders aren’t on kuyt or torres they’re on him, which means the other guy is free to score and vice versa!

  8. I love Peter Crouch. In a 4-4-2 formation, he can really do well with Torres. I really want him to stay, but he needs to play regularly.

  9. I for one didnt like crouch couldn’t understand how someone so tall cant head a ball but a goal to knock the mancs out of the fa cup overhead kicks against galatasaray limited appearences and time on the pitch but some good goals give the guy another year

  10. Crouch is a top player and I think it’s a shame that he does not play more, he has scored in most games he has played in and he offers a threat that allows us to change our style of play to match the opposition.Peter Don’t Go !!

  11. i went to the game against havant in the cup when crouch and kuyt played upfront and to be honest i couldn’t see where the goals would come from, hes just a target man that can’t jump to win an header and not a prolific goalscorer hes ok as an impact player but we couldn’t trust him to score enough goals if torres got injured i’d like to swap him for defoe

  12. I think he deserved to play more games last season, he’s better than Voronin. Rafa has never tried a combination of Torres and Crouch ,maybe it could have been deadly. Too late now he’s been pushed to the exit door.

  13. He is a good player but not !!!!!!!!! liverpool quality if we want to win th eleague we need someone as good as torres or play babel with him power and pace the way forward

  14. In my humble opinion, he’s not good enough for Liverpool. He is a solid player, but Liverpool needs better players. I wouldn’t be so sad if he goes away

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