Rafa holds talks with Liverpool fans

Spirit of Shankly

Rafa Benitez held a meeting with four representatives of Liverpool fans’ supporters group Spirit of Shankly which he has described as positive.

“It was a very positive meeting and I explained how happy I am with the new staff – Sammy, keeping the spirit of Shankly alive – but also Pellegrino, Paco de Miguel and Xavi Valero for their new ideas.

“We were also talking about the future and I told them about my idea to build stands at the Academy so that our fans can go to Kirkby to see the reserve team and the players.

“These are things that can improve the spirit of the club but also improve the experience of the players so that they know that they are with a top club with a lot of tradition and a great history.

“We were also talking about ideas to improve the club, trying to be positive and work together.”

The SOS group has held meetings with George Gillett ahead of last week’s United game and also club Chief Rick Parry.

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Rafa holds talks with Liverpool fans

  1. how much more money and time does rafa need. this is a club steeped in tradition and winning ways. See how Mourinho is transforming Inter. Almost 200 million pounds in 5 season and yet struggle to beat the like of Stoke. Thats what makes a champion,ripping your opponents like Man U does.I hate Man U but boy have we got a long way to go. think rafa should do the honourable thing and leave.

  2. We still have too many journeymen who do next to nothing.Granted that Kuyt covers every blade of grass however we purchased him to score goals and he has failed in this regard,neither will he ever be an effective winger!
    Why not give Pennant one last chance to shine before he probably leaves?.The very dull and ineffective Lucas is another one who should be shown the door yet i still believe that we probably have the best spine in the premiership.
    I’d welcome the return of Michael Owen too Anfield so hope we can pull this one off come the January transfer window.
    It’s very frustrating yet predictable to see us defeat the likes of Man Utd yet struggle to penatrate defensive sides like Stoke who play with eleven men behind the ball!!.
    We’ll not win the title until we learn to breakdown teams who visit Anfield only to defend.
    I’ve said it many times and will do so again that Rafa Benitez will not win us the title partly due to his poor signings though every now and again we are capable of defeating the likes of Man Utd and Chelsea however we still lack consistency.

  3. I was at the game against stoke and we played well but could not get the ball in the back of the net, after the United game I was really looking forward to this one and thought we would get a couple of goals but was very disappointed, we have got to start scoring goals we’ve got the derby on saturday so let’s hope we can get a good result there

  4. yet again failing to beat the lower teams,i agree that if steve g goal had been allowed then the flood gates would have opened and we could have beaten them easy,everton fans are talking saying that they beat stoke and we could not,not to worry you everton fans,come saturday and we will destroy you,ABDUL a true RED

  5. Arsenal changed their team as well, but Wenger didn’t get stick for rotating. Ferguson dropped Nani and he didn’t get criticised for that. Statistically, Rafa doesn’t rotate any more often than any other manager in the top 4. But he’s the only one that gets a reputation for it. What do you expect him to do, play the best 11 in every game even against the likes of Crewe?

  6. it is not good result at all.i am frustrare and it made me think this season will be like last seasons!
    i allways pray 4 liverpool win the title in som future years.becos of stevei bcos he stayed with us in hope wining title and i pray 4him achieve that bfore he become old. i love him becos of his loyality becos his so patiant he is different from others.

  7. Great to see Rafa talking to our grass roots fans and a stadium atmosphere will be great in Kirkby. It will give the majority LFC fans a reason to stay in Kirkby once the Blue shite move there.
    I must comment on Stokes part in the game on Sat.
    They were a disgrace and there fans also.
    No respect and i heared that they were disappointed with the atmosphere at Anfield!
    No wunder when your team stays in its own half/penalty area
    for the whole game. With the usual school boy chants were are used to at Anfield including booing Torres and Gerard.
    They will be first to go down and lets rejoice as punishment for their lack of respect(their fans) and the shite they played on their first visit to Anfield for all the school boys.

  8. totally agree with jonski red leiceter but .the shocking thing about the game was stoke .imagine being so long out of the premier league to come and play liverpool and have 11 men behind the ball for 90 min .what a boring team crap football your going straight back down for 100 years .think about talking to your grandchildren how you came to anfield and shit your self for the total 90 min . rather to say we went to anfield and really pushed liverpool. now thats a better dream

  9. The only changes that were made yesterday were Gerrard, Torres & Mascherano. We should not be playing Mascherano in home games anyway against teams like Stoke. I think the problem was the chances we missed, we did create lots only time will tell if it was just one of those days. There is no way now you can play the same team week in week out, no successful club does nowadays in any top league. Football is so different now to 20-30 years ago.

  10. well yet again we are not destroying smaller teams and if we are going to mount a challange we have to win these games. arsenal did it yesterday and we have to do the same
    it’s everton next we have to win this one do not keep swapping the team around play the same eleven week in week out like we did in the 70’s and 80’s.

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