Reckless Americans bleeding Liverpool dry

Hicks and GillettKop Holdings, the debt laden company set up by Hicks and Gillett which effectively owns Liverpool Football Club, has published details of its accounts for the first seven months of the new American regime.

The figures which only go from December 06 (takeover date) to July 2007 (nearly one year ago) make disturbing reading.

The two owners themselves cost Liverpool FC a staggering £1.5 million in travel expenses and legal costs (you don’t expect them to pay for those flights themselves do you?!) Liverpool had to shell out another whopping £10.3 million on the failed first stadium design.

Of the £1.5 million, around £1.15 million was spent by Gillett, with the other £300,000 spent by Tom Hicks.

In the year to July 2007, a year you may recall that saw Liverpool participate in the Champions League final, the club made an astonishing LOSS of £32.3 million before tax.

Nearly 18 months have passed and the stadium construction that the Americans promised to begin ‘within six weeks’ is still waiting.

Liverpool will now have to find £30 million a year to pay back interest on the huge loan that the Americans have taken out to try and make their money out of the club.

Liverpool FC is being bled dry by two men failing to act as ‘custodians’ of the club.

The disgrace continues.

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Reckless Americans bleeding Liverpool dry

  1. How the hell did Hicks and Gilette get the financial backing in the first place to buy LFC, they couldn’t run an ice cream van never mind a multi million pound football club, our history will count for little if they are left to ruin our club and history could be all we have cos if they carry on we may not have a football club for much longer, remember Leeds, they went into financial trouble sold players went down the leagues, administration, DIC or any reputable businessman HELP HELP HELP.

  2. they aint got a clue they cant even spell soccer never mind waching a football match they dnt even know words to ynwa y hold the scarf like youre proud when its pure evil theyre a bunch of twats like bluprinted comments are

    all the hardcore scousers it dnt matter wat the yanks are doping will still stick together strong as ever with the 5 european cups and 18lge make that to 19nxt yr if we get villa and keep alonso

  3. They need to accept that they don’t have the money or knowledge to bring Liverpool back to the glory days. Sell to DIC for a small profit and go home. Gillett seems to want to sell to DIC but Hicks is holding everything up. He will soon realise that he wont be make any profit from LFC in the near future but by that time it will be to late. Liverpool cannot afford £30M interest each year for the laon they took out. Hicks would be willing to sell but only for a huge profit. LFC is about history and tradition not money. Hicks doesn’t care about LFC, just his bank balance.

  4. David Moores.Hold your head in shame!!! YOU sold out to these blood sucking american
    idots.And look whats happened.YOU said that you wanted to “up hold the fine name of this football
    club”….then was blinded by the pound signs and the “all american” BS

    How can YOU sit in your seat at Anfield,around the very fans YOU have let down,so badly?





  6. A bloody discrace that it was sold to two Americans in the first place what do they know about European Footfall and the way it works, nothing is the aswser and nothing is what they will leave us with when they finally go. A bloody discrace the pair of them…..

  7. This just confirms what we already knew!!!

    Absolute disgrace! They took us in, bled us dry and now they better disappear quick!!

    The only reason Hick’s expenses are less are due to the fact that he knew he was NOT WANTED at Anfield, thus stayed away more than Gillette. 🙁 🙁

    Where are DIC to ride them out of town?

  8. its about time every liverpool surporter, stands agaist hicks/ gillett. they are a shambles it needs to be done now none of them should be allowed near anfield again, only to clear there offices out. every possible move to get them out should be done. otherwise next season will be another about 2 yanks.

  9. Liverpudlians…what a pity!
    now what can you really do against your own “masters”, your two BIG BOSSes. will you cry? singing and raising flags in the streets?
    just accept your fate, fools!
    the club is in your bosses’ hands, not yours. You are completely powerless!

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