Reports: Chelsea bid for Torres

Torres chance against ChelseaReports from Spain suggest that Chelsea have made an initial bid of around £39 million (50 million euros) for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres.

The talismanic Liverpool striker has scored 33 goals in his debut season for the reds, 24 coming in the Premiership.

The reports from Radio Marca in Spain (who yesterday said that Alonso had signed a pre-contract agreement with Real Madrid) suggest that Roman Abramovich has identified the Spaniard as his number one target.  The report has not been carried by the Marca newspaper which has a different editorial team.

While Liverpool fans, and no doubt Benitez, would categorically laugh off any bid from one of the clubs arch rivals, with the two clowns currently in charge of Liverpool – you never know.

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Reports: Chelsea bid for Torres

  1. im a celtic fan and like seing liverpooll do well and there is no chance that fernando torres will leave liverpool,why would he leave a team wer he is top goal scorer and has a lot of respect for?especially for a team with no history and no atmosphere like chelsea?ynwa

  2. HA HA Chelsea can try all they want to try and get Torres  but at end of the day he will still be Liverpool player for years to come, So you might as well give up now chelsea,  And another thing why i think he wouldn’t go to chelsea because when torres had his interview on Liverpool Fc web-site befor christmas talking about why he pick liverpool and other things as well and he said the only club he ever wanted play for is liverpool but if he was never at liverpool now he would still be at his club he loves and supports as a boy and i wouldn’t leave if liverpool never come in,  But them he said club he wouldn’t like play for in prem is chelsea because football they play doesn’t play is football-he he now thats true what he said.

  3. i find it hilarious how fans from other clubs come onto these message boards just to slag off our team, do you have nothing better to do with your time true blue? hats off to chelsea though, no manager and a hat-trick of runners up medals this season, good for you. and yet you come on here and try to deliberately fuck off the most decorated club in england! and before you say anything about history, fuck off mate, a club is NOTHING without its history. where would our world famous respect and legacy come from without the hillsborough disaster, ynwa and shanks? whereas youve got league titles you can count on one hand, and a couple of domestic cups. since good old roman came along you had fuck all, and even with his money you cant fucking do anything right. we bought torres, our biggest signing, for around £20mill. you bought shevchenko for £30mill and wright phillips for 21, malouda getting towards that figure. quality additions mate, quality.

    as for the torres bid, not even the mancs would be as disrespectful as to do that. its a fucking farce, especially as the kids got a huge respect for liverpool and loves it there.

  4. true blue i can only presume you are a homosexual with special needs, until abromavich came along you were nowhere men and you know it. rafa has spent only 70 million in four years while you lot spend that year in and year out and you still havent won the european cup. no doubt red roman will up sticks and leave in the near future and you lot will dissappear up your own backsides where you came from.

  5. Torres is a ledge he will never go. He will score 50 goals next year LOL!! Maybe more. That will get us our long awaited title!

  6. Think Aldo said the right thing about Chelsea “plastic flags for a plastic club”
    Could not stop laughing at that flag that said scouse free zone at the CL final,more like european cup free zone for you muppets! Also Terry crying was a great sight and to be fare all Chelsea do is play for the whistle and Drogba deserved to be sent off because he is a fucking disgrace to football. Well maybe next year hey when roman spends sorry wastes another 100million hahaha!!!

  7. what a complete load of s**t. the guys a red he had youll never walk alone inscribed on his skippers band at atletico. he took a pay cut to come to liverpool hes not going to leave after 1 glorious year to have to fight for his place in chelseas squad he enjoys liverpool. well on hsi way to being a legend i wish him best of luck

    ash LFC-YNWA!

  8. listen its a load of bull torres was born to play 4 Liverpool and thats final and about Moscow big
    whup you finally beat us Chavski after what umm oh yes 3 attempes and what happened your ponce of a Frenchman anleka missed and Drogbaa slaped Vidic wat a bugger so UP YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tru Blue not worth my time



    LAMPOST AND DROGBA will be sold to Mourinho

    CL Predictions
    Ricardo Carvalho will be booked for dirty tackling
    Drogba will fall over his own shoe laces

  10. Chelsea supporters slag us all you want, all I have to say is Shevchenko (Dare I say anymore)
    How much did he cost and how many goals has he scored?

    We will always have the last laugh.

    Long live the Scousers, Rafa and Liverpool FC

  11. Just to reply to the one and only real idiot on this site at the min TRUEBLUE where were you four or five years ago when ken bates took you lot to win your first trophy for how many years. Even when you won this cup we still did not hear from any of you lot on any social networking site at all that is until the russian revolution came along. And in all those years from that has happened what have you won really ok granted you won the premier league a couple of times more than us lately with the exception of the charity shield but what else oh yeah nothing that really matters you twat. So even at that history dont have to come into it so you keep going kid you never know you might even outrun the duracell bunny with your bullshit.

  12. Yea, facts, or… lets just say this season…

    We knocked you out of the champions league in the semi-final



  13. His Armband Proved he was a RED, TORRES,TORRES
    You’ll Never Walk Alone It Said, TORRES, TORRES
    WE Got the Lad from Sunny Spain
    He Gets the Ball, He Scores again
    FERNANDO TORRES, Liverpool’s No9
    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
    FERNANDO TORRES HE AIN’T Goin’ NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t normally say anything on these forums but I just had to have my say to “TRUEBLUE”. Chelsea for one thing don’t know the meaning of the word history because they havent got any all chelsea have got is a tw*t of an owner in Abramovich who thinks if he waves enough cash at a player they will come and play for them. Where’s the pride in that???? Chelsea have no heart just a bunch of 11 players with massive egos and wages to match. Get this through your thick head Torres or Gerrard would never join scumbags like Chelsea!!!!!!!

  15. Jesus chavski fans are thick.
    Okay so lets not talk about history, lets talk about say, since 2000.

    How about :

    1 Champs League title
    1 Uefa Cup
    2 Fa Cups
    2 League Cups
    2 Super Cups
    and 2 Charity Shields.

    and the mighty blue sh*te? Thats not even history, thats now. Spending less money, with passion
    and atmosphere.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about

  16. Listen all you scousers it’s as simple as this…


    Do you get it? F**k your history cus we don’t care, the plain and simple of it is we beat you, knocked you out the cup, we’re going to moscow and you’re not.


  17. History is important mate! If you got none, then your no one and you and your team are no one!!
    And as for your big worm, up north, we call it a penis and I certainly dont wanna bite it!! However, I do have a German Shepherd called Jake who’d probably make short work of it Chelski boy!!

  18. i think el nino would make the right and stay to liverpool!even we havent won any trophy in england for long time. surely we still be one of the greatest teams of the world!for the chelseas fans…we made it to the champions league final and we won it much more times that u!LEAVE TORRES

  19. true blue can stick his jjb flag up his ass, torres will stay at liverpool for the simple fact that AS IF U WOULD PLAY 4 FUCKING CHELSKI

  20. Ha Ha Ha, History, History and wait for it, History. Just like I said before. You cant use the word Liverscum in a sentance without using the word history at the same time. We move forwad in life you bunch of knob jockies. How many league titles has Steve G won. Maybe in the future when Chelsea is still makeing history, they might develope a time machine and then you muppets can travel back in time to re celibrate winning something. Any body else want to take a bite of my big worm and then I can just reel you in as well. I will help you out, your response will probably start with history or 5 times. Have they got schools in Liverscum?

  21. what a dickead that “true blue” is!! Its arseoles like him that gives his pathetic club a bad name
    when you get yourselves a history mate, come back and give your opinion. Until then, why dont you go and hump yourself with the blunt end of a rag and bone mans bugle!!!

  22. Ha,ha,ha you chelski scum boys make me chukle you realy do!……i like what that chap said about the plastic jjb flags, that was funny, that was done to raise the fuckin atmosphere at the bridge lol!!
    And why?..because they have no songs, they don’t know what to sing and when, i mean they do not even where home chelski shirts when playing at home, half the fans i have seen waving those joke plastic flags are in Ben Sherman shirts and Ralph Lauren shirts, ha ha ha,,,,they suddenly became interested in supporting a football team they never knew existed before that dodgy oil baron bought you as a play toy lol

    Remember blue scum spitting on players and throwing bottles and coins and verbaly threatning our players when SG was taking corners at the shitty bridge could also be classed as death threats, in which you was giving out to Avram the slug Grant lol

    Also when you won the premiership under moureen that was the first one for 50 years(WE HAVE 17), you have never ever won any european cups(WE HAVE 5), and if you have it would of been in the early 1900’s, also may i add that you have not won the premiership this season nor have you won the European cup, as that other scumshit is going to you lot will end up with the same as us, CL qualifacation and thats it nowt else….fuck all…..and how much money have YOU spent over the past 3 years?…SWP waste of money as he is too small, unfit and can’t even get to be a regular in the first team, Shevchenko…lol….well what do i say you pay 30 million quid for a 30 year old home sick flop….well done lol..i can go on all night about you lot, you rely do make me laugh..thanks 😉

  23. Why are chelski tw*ts on a liverpool site anyway???? I know there club is pretty boring as it is but surely they have there own chavy website to go on to and talk all this bullshit. Torres wouldn’t spit on a chelsea shirt if it was on fire so the suggestion he’d join them is probably the funniest thing i’ve heard since they gave avram grant the managers job :):) What a bunch of tossers.

  24. I can’t believe the attitude of some of these Chelsea fans. Mega millions have been pumped into a team that was at best a Spurs or an Everton. Money will not buy history or a sense of belonging and that why there is no mission of Nando going south. As a red it pains me to actually want ManU to dump you in the CL! I reckon though that with the game in Moscow (Abramovich’s back yard) someone will be got to and Chelski could very well cheat their way to victory! The Russian Mafia has a lot of clout you know!!!

  25. All of you are cranks(except for the kopites OFCOURSE!!!)are talking wet.We are the most successful club in the country.So all of you can go and chat crap about Liverpool are crap Everton and Manchester United are the best because they are WRONG.We’ve won it 5 times.You’ll never walk alone.WHO HAS WON THE MOST TROPHYS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS.Let me think…

  26. chelsea fans atmosphere is based on them waving those shitty jjb flags every fuckin big game that they get free with the kit or some shit. nuff said.

  27. Dear Jason, think about this, would Jose Moaninho win anything if he didn’t inherit the core of the Chelski team (Lampard, Terry)? No! If we are pathetic then Chelski is no different. Here are some reasons why Torres will never choose to join a pitiful side like Chelski.
    1) He is not going to be attracted by a club whose heart and passion is determined by how much Roman money goes into the “Transfer Players” account.
    2) Instability at Chelski. It is not known if Grant, Lampard and other core players will leave due to the Mourinho effect.
    3) Lack of respect from players to Grant.
    4) Chelski’s reputation of ruining world class players. Look at Ballack, Shevchenko. Even Essien, he is wonderful playing in Lampard’s position for Ghana, at Chelski, he jsut could not play to his potential.
    5) Presence of Drogba, Shevchenko, Anelka. There is too much competition and this could inevitably result in further unrest in the dressing room.
    6) Why does Torres want to leave a club when he is beginning to be a favourite among the fans? Certainly, he has no wish to follow the footsteps of SWP and Duff.

  28. That knobhead should get his facts right, the only death threats were made by EVERTONIANS against Barnaby and Rooney so dream on chelsea scum, you haven’t won a lot yourselves we have won far more than you lot can even imagine……….. so wrong again

  29. Even if we did take the offer why would torres leave the club he supports and loves. and go to a club with no atmosphere and no history just a bunch of gold diggers that is why gerrard didnt go. as rafa said the pasion is in the heart not the flag. What you dream of is what we have achieved.

  30. How many years has it been now since you actually challanged for the English title?
    As far as money goes, whats a matter? Isn’t the little post office account good enough
    for you any more. Rafa out. He has only won trophies with Gerard H’s old team. After that he
    totally trash it by adding shit at the same time as wasting any money hes been aloud. And by the way he has had a fair bit of money and still no more silver. Ha Ha Ha, you are shit……………

  31. Its not possible to hate Chelsea anymore than I already do (with the obvious exception of anything connected to Man Utd). Luckily we have History on our side and Nando is as Loyal as anybody else.

    They are only doing it to wind us up and test the resolve of the Yanks – in the hope that they will accept thier offer and cause a rift that will see Rafa walk away.

    DIC will buy out Liverpool before the end of June – And then we will have the same spending power as them. So make the most of your day in sun Chavs, it will be your last

  32. Its the only way he is going to win any trophies. Liverpool are so far out of touch and that is with him and Steve G. I think they should both come and ignor any death threats from the fans. How can you make death threats to football players who has served the club so well? It can only happen in Liverscum………………

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