Riera good for Spain

Albert Riera has received a late call up to the Spain squad after injury to Diego Capel in training.

Benitez is in no doubt that the player can have a promising future in the Spanish national squad.

Speaking to the official site, Rafa said:

“People maybe don’t realise the situation and how well he’s playing.” 
“I could tell you he’s doing really well and leave it at that, but you also have to remember that since he’s been here the games have been United, Everton and Man City away. That makes how he’s doing even more impressive.
“Spain has a very good group of players, so it’s not easy – but he can be there. If he keeps playing well here, it will be easy for him.
“I think playing in the Premier League and Champions League can also make a massive difference to the progression of a player.”

Liverpool have 5 players in the Spain squad for this weeks games. Valencia, Villarreal and Barcelona each have 3 and Real Madrid have 2.

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Riera good for Spain

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