Share Liverpool FC plans unveiled

At 5pm this evening a unique plan to try and take control of Liverpool FC by the fans was launched. Within 10 minutes the website had crashed due to massive interest worldwide.

Below is some of the text taken from the site before it crashed.

Why should Liverpool Football Club become a source of profit for anyone?

We propose a model of ownership similar to that at Barcelona. This club is owned by their ‘members’. Over 100,000 fans have bought single ‘member’ shares, which entitle them to elect a Board who will run the club until the next election. At Barcelona it is once every four years.

That way, no one can ever buy the club. Its structure makes its sale to the next sporting conglomerate that fancies a Premier League football club a legal impossibility.

The shares can never be sold; the club can never be sold.

Lets stop Liverpool Football Club becoming a trinket any rich man might like to wear around his neck. This club is close to the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

How much will it cost?

We estimate that a sum of £5,000 each will be enough. We need 100,000 members. 100,000 x £5,000 = £500 million
That should buy the club and go a long way towards building a new stadium.

How does it work?

No one can own more than one ‘member share’ and, apart from the initial purchase, these ‘member shares’ cannot normally be sold on. If you buy a ‘member’ share: No one will ever own more of Liverpool FC than you do, and you will be able to take part in any election to decide who runs Liverpool FC.

It’s one member, one vote. It’s democratic, it’s fair, and it protects Liverpool FC from becoming the target of corporate buyers ever again.

What more could you ever do for your club?

– Secure ownership in law
– Debt free
– Real involvement

Sounds good, what do I do now?

If you want to be a part of this, and are interested in hearing more, simply use the ‘Your feedback’ link at the bottom of the page, or click ‘Count me in!’ above to add your name to the list. Once we get an idea of the scale of interest in this idea, we’ll know whether it’s a real possibility. If you want to be a part of the ongoing history of Liverpool FC, now’s your chance.


Isn’t this a pipe dream? You’ve no chance have you?

It’s no pipe dream; its do-able. Liverpool Football Club has millions of fans across the world. Most of them will have been worrying about what has been happening to our Club lately. And they’ll be realising that life as a Liverpool fan could get much more expensive. There may be no plans yet, but ticket prices may have to be steeply hyped in years to come to help repay debts. We’ve seen what’s happened already to season ticket holders at Man Utd. You have to commit IN ADVANCE to buy all home Cup games – without even knowing how many games that will be! It includes all League cup; FA and Champs League home games…. Say ten in total on average. That’s an extra £400 – £500 to add to the price of your season ticket at Old Trafford.

What will happen at Liverpool FC when the debts bite (and we have seen more and more debt secured on the Club’s equity)? There is around £180m of debt secured in Kop Holdings Ltd. and no answer to the question: Who will repay it when it falls due in a few years time?

Our guess is that fans will bare the brunt in the end, not just in Liverpool but all round the world as the Club ‘sweats’ every asset. So instead of us paying off the millionaire owners’ debts, why don’t we just buy it ourselves instead? Why would anyone want to pay off someone else’s debts?

Are you really going to get 100,000 people to sign up in this short a space of time?

We took nearly 50,000 fans to Istanbul – Athens too. In reality, it cost most of us between £1,000 and £2,000 to make the trip; more if we took our partners & kids along. Liverpool fans have always turned out when the Club needed them. They find the money somehow, even at short notice. And remember, there are literally millions of us round the world who really care about LFC.

Yes, but £5,000 is a lot of money. Won’t many Liverpool fans be effectively priced out of something they’d love to take part in?

Take your point. We don’t want to see any Liverpool fan excluded. We will seek to provide opportunities for groups of fans to purchase one ‘member share’ (carrying one vote) between them, providing they can nominate one individual to represent them.

Why shouldn’t I just wait and see what happens, without putting up any money?

You could miss out badly. The list will close. Also we will propose giving the first 20,000 people to respond special staus and possibly enhanced advantages for ticket purchase. Those who commit first deserve some reward for their enthusiasm.

Modern sports clubs can’t be run like this, can they?

Why not? Many people know that Barcelona and Real Madrid are owned by their fans. So are German clubs, apart from Bayer Leverkusen. In fact, teams owned by their fans like this have won the European Cup 6 times since it became the Champions League in 1992. Even in USA, the NFL Green Bay Packers are run by a not-for-profit company; they’ve won the Superbowl 3 times despite having by far the smallest population of any NFL team.

That’s fine, but in Britain, especially if you need a new stadium, you need a sugar-daddy. That’s the reality, isn’t it?

No. Look at Arsenal. They’ve no sugar-daddy. The club costed up its plans, secured loans and convinced people to lend to them at a fixed-rate. The Banks trust the club’s finances will be well-run and that fans will continue to watch the club. If we could show how much fans of this club care, and how they’re prepared to back their faith with hard cash, then everything changes.

We don’t need a sugar daddy – we ARE the sugar daddy – because most of the money comes from us in the end anyway.

How do we get investment in the future or cash to buy players?

If we have a well run, debt free Club to start with, there will be money to buy players (how much do you think is spent servicing the Club’s debts?). Also the elected Board may wish to raise money (as any business must sometimes). At Barca, very rich individuals stand for election with promises of further investment. But it doesn’t mean they ‘own’ any part of Club.

But surely this way of running things ‘mutually’ belongs to the past?

The Co-operative group, with shops, a bank, insurance and undertakers is run like this. It’s got a turnover of £8 billion a year, and buries 1 in 4 of us! It is also the biggest farmer in the country and the biggest retail co-operative in the world. It‘s owned by over 2 million customers, all owning one share.

What if we don’t get the £500m?

Lets say we only get £100m – the equivalent of 20,000 fans signing up. At that point we would ask the 20,000 ‘members’ what they want to do. Some of us might want – as a group (Fans’ Trust) – to buy a significant portion of the club’s shares. Certainly, at that point, any individual member who wanted the money returned would be entitled to it.

Can I sell my share later on? What if I need the money back in a rush?

The simple answer to the first question is no. There will be no ordinary ‘trading’ in individual shares – no profit can be made from selling them – (otherwise the Club would be permanently ‘up for sale’ – just like Man Utd was). However, if a member can find someone who does not already own a member share, then a transfer
at the original price may be arranged through the elected Board.

Nobody will be asked to part with a penny until a detailed Constitution is presented in which all necessary details are made plain.

How do we know we’ve hit the target?

We will have a partner Bank where the monies will be kept until we reach the target. We will ask the two Bishops of Liverpool to act as verifiers for us – they’ll see the bank accounts, have access to all the books and be able to speak to the bank to certify that it’s all there. We will also ask the Liverpool City Council Treasurer to act as a scrutineer.

So, if we don’t make the targets and we all take our money back, what about the interest the money has earned?

We’ll donate it to a Charity of your choice, less any deductions for verifiable expenses incurred in running the ‘Share Liverpool FC’ operation (website server charges; legal costs to draw up a Constitution etc.).

What will we get to vote on?

Members will elect the Board of Directors for Liverpool FC, for a term to be decided by you. (Barcelona elect their President every four years.) After an Election, just like the Government, the Board will have executive control of the Club, but they may want an elected ‘Fans’ Council’ to advise them. The Board will know that – in a few years time – they will be judged on their performance by the owners – YOU.

Will we get a vote on the team or the manager?

No. The elected Board has responsibility for running the Club and will employ professional administrators and managers to deliver the targets it sets.

Will members be guaranteed a ticket if they want one?

With 100,000 members? You’re kidding!

Has anyone ever done this in UK before?

No, though there have been many formations of ‘Fan Trusts’ at professional clubs in the past decade– and three Football League Clubs are run by a majority shareholder Fans’ Trusts. Liverpool would be the pioneers in completing a ‘members’ buy-out.

What we propose would probably starta ‘revolution’ in Club ownership structures in UK. But then, Liverpool fans have often been at the vanguard of changing the culture of football.

We have a question to ask you!

We want this to be a genuine fans’ initiative and we know something about the costs of professional advice. Are you in a senior position in banking; accountancy; corporate finance etc. ?

Please contact us using the form below if you think you could provide voluntary assistance to this project.


If we go ahead with this, it has to be done properly and we will rely on Cobbetts and our other advisers to guide us towards a structure which is legally sound. This will mean detailed work in putting together a proposition and a constitutional framework which is clear and robust so that anyone who becomes a member will know exactly what is involved. At this stage, before this work is done, we confine ourselves to setting out in broad terms what we want to achieve.

In legal terms, Liverpool Football Club would have an ownership structure similar to that of Barcelona and to co-operatives in the UK and would be run on the principles used in modern mutuals.

The key principles are:

– That membership and elections work on a ‘one member, one vote’ basis
– That powers and responsibilities are divided in a clear and effective way between elected representatives and skilled and experienced executives.
– That elected representatives do not manage the club or pick the team, but ensure it is run properly and efficiently
– That the organisation plays a constructive role in the community


There will be predator protection to stop the mutual being taken over or dismantled, and at the start, members will be asked to approve a transitional board for the new mutual LFC on joining, and the first election of a Board will be held within the first year.

“The Barcelona model, to me, is how a football club should be run. They are one of the most pre-eminent names in world football, yet the club is owned by its supporters on a one-member, one-vote basis and they control it. That strengthens it because it’s never subject to the whim of one person; it’s a collective endeavour. English football should see that as a big strength. I’d love to see if we could grow the Barcelona model here.” (Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport)


Forum discussion on the subject is here

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Share Liverpool FC plans unveiled

  1. there is slow progress with this proposal but I’m keen to invest in Liverpool fc.Get the Yanks out and let’s
    Buy them out,and also a new stadium with the help of a sponsor.
    When the fans own the club we will go from strength to strength.Let it be..

  2. i dont hve 5k but i wish i did and, when i am able to invest i wont regret it, so a message to real madrid, chelsea, arsenal, man u and barcelona bring it on cause were bringing it to LIVERPOOL!!! (cup)

    yours sincerely
    belal from

  3. I think it would be a great idea to give the club back to the people. We will be able to clear all debt and also fund a new Stadium. Count me in.

  4. I have been a fan all my life and this is a great initiative. There is still a lot of work to be done and we need a solid financial plan to succeed among the big clubs but this is a beginning and I am willing to struggle with you all…count me in!

  5. Count me in, I am not sure if we can everyone to commit, but lets give this a try. Maybe Steve Morgan will buy lots of shares?

  6. sounds brillant but not to sure , who would provide the cash we need to compete with the scum,arsenal and them other flash cockneys. £500mil wont last long with a new staduim to be built
    and we are 2 or 3 top players away from being world class, players in the same league as torres and gerrard, big jimmy.With torres costing between 21 and 26 mil depending wat paper you pick up plus an extra £150,000 for every 15 goals he scores and considering he’s scored 18 in 6 months wat will that be in 3 years.

  7. I’m into this scheme think that its a good idea get the americans away from anfield!!
    I would be happy to spare 5,000 for my club but dont think there will be enough people to support this idea!
    UP THE REDS Olive

  8. sounds 2 good 2 b true but what the hell im in and i was just wandering can u purchase 1 4 your kids? or is it 1 per household/family? GET THE YANKS OUT B4 THEY RUIN OUR BELOVED CLUB!!! wonder what the great man(BILL SHANKLY) would make of the disgraceful goings on at our great club???? i blame moores and parry anyway they should b ashamed of themselves!!! remember “AT THE END OF THE STORM THERES A GOLDEN SKY” youll never ever walk alone!!!!!!

  9. Count me in, its time we took OUR club back.
    If we are able to make this happen we will be the envy of every other club in the country.

  10. Count me in, simple as that.

    I think it should be open to more than 100,000 though. 150,000 min, if we are going to do this do it right and ensure that there is sufficient funding to cope with inevitable unforeseen costs with the new stadium as well as, let be honest a major squad change.

    I just hope this really happens now before we turn into another souless club.

  11. I asked for details now I’ve seen more I am definitely in although I am a southerner Ialways used to go home and away when you did not need to book tickets months in advance. Getting some priority for tickets should be made available to a certain degree.

  12. Dont ever forget what people have had to live through for our club.
    The 96 want our club back.
    Lets listen to them and our hearts.
    Get the ownership of OUR club back to where it should be.
    With the people who understand………..

  13. If I had a spare 5000 pounds I would DEFINITELY spend it on this even if it meant i had to live on the streets! This is a fantastic opurtunity for true LFC fans to run the club the way they, and all other reds, want to.

    However i believe the fans who sign up should be able to commit 1000 pounds in reserve just in case the club falls into bad times or the club needs a little extra cash to buy new players and fund stadium developement, PR activities and player wages.

  14. The idea is great but i don’t understand the reason for doing it the co-operative way and the small number of shares, what worries me is that a lot of fans will end up borrowing the £5k and this just transfers the debt from the club to the fans. why not set up a new plc to aquire the club from the yanks, price the shares at £100 per share, limit the number each person can buy to 50, but have the shares as tradable on the stock market (to make it easy to buy the shares) and run the club as a plc but with out debt as this will have a big benefit as they say on sharelfc, if the initial shares are disributed evenly amoung the clubs supporters there will never be a situation where a preditor can buy up the club, it will be owned by the fans in the way that best suits each fan, secondly the new stadium could be financed by a supporters bond, each bond would cost £100 and pay a nominal ammount of interest, say 3% pa (to cover inflation) and would provide a flexible way for fans to support the club in a fair way that still allows the fans to sell there own shares / bonds if they fall on hard times.

  15. This does seem the way to bring back the club to its supporters.
    Like most of us I consider ‘Owners’ to be just the custodians of ‘our’ club. The ‘Barca’ model seems to be a viable way for a’fan’to become more than just a ‘punter’

    The other thing that springs to mind is that as a Member think of the responsibility that you have to ALL the other fans world-wide…… This is quite awesome The 100,000 would be answerable to millions from the highest to the lowest! An amazing thought and in its own way quite daunting.

    Key to the plan must be a thorough investigation into the Spanish/German experience and an analysis to see if it would stand up in the UK. I am relaxed in the thought that many many great minds and persons of talent would contribute to the idea and its execution.

    As for the money?…….count me in!

    ……………. JD

  16. I love this club very dearly and it breaks my heart to see it in the state that it is, lets get rid of these two americans once and for all and make this dream a possibility.
    I may not be able to buy a share but would be most willing to make a donation if it meant that this truly great club would be owned by it’s supporters.

  17. There is no power greater than an idea whose time has come!
    That time is NOW and this is THE idea!
    The most successful retailer on the high street (John Lewis) is run on similar (but not identical lines) but you will not find the financial press nor the business establishment proposing its propigation – why? “snouts in the trough”

    Democratic? Left wing? Yes!

    Workable? Definately! The proof in in Spain Germany and elsewhere!

    I was in the old Den at Milwall a few days before Hillsboro when we were being “herded” through tight passage ways in this ramshackled, decripid ground. Ironically Liverpool supporters started making sheep noises – tragically within a week 96 supporters where dead, hundreds injured and thousands scarred for life. Its time to stop being sheep and time to take control of our own destiny. And £5000 is not the “price” – its the investment! Count me in!

  18. I have been to Rome.,Paris.,Istanbul.,And Athens.,I wont take the Wife on Holiday This Year.,That’s £6000 Saved., Count me in.,I would sell my Grandmother to watch Liverpool.,I Love This Grate Club, And I Think Its a Brilliant Idea.,Its about time we stud up., The Board Have never given a dam about are Fans.,

  19. Right, Its 24 hrs since the website crashed and it has not yet reappeared….Get it sorted and lets see the true response.
    I recon 1 in 10 that say “i’m in” will actually come up with the dosh so we need 1.5 milion “count me in’s”.
    Get it done now!!!!!
    This club can BELONG to us.
    What would the rest of the English clubs think?
    Imagine the effect on the Manure….COME ON!!!

  20. The idea is great in pricipal, however the cost is prohibitive to most of us. Why not have more than 100,000 shares. There are millions of us fans who would like to see this happen. Why not 1,000,000 shares at 500 a piece?

  21. Great idea, count me in. Liverpool fans have the power to force a sale from Hicks & Gillette. If they dig their heels in fans should stop all spend on tickets and products until they sell.

  22. Definitely count me in!
    Let’s get back the respect that this great club demands.
    Liverpool FC will not be some rich man’s plaything.

  23. If Share Liverpool FC are having problems then Anfield Online does currently have a spare webserver available. The website could be up and running in about 6 hours if you simply change nameservers and upload the site.

    Feel free to contact me if anyone from the group is reading this thread.

  24. This is it. The time has come to outlaw the YANKS. Lets do it.

    I am in IT to KOP it.

    Count me 110%.

    Please sort out the website. Thank you very much

  25. H&G must be rubbing their hands at this, seeing leverage to push the value of the club up. We have to play hard-ball with them – pay off their debt and give them a reasonable pay-off or no deal. We must not get into a bidding war with DIC or anyone else. Meanwhile, any organisation that out bids us, or stays on when not wanted, has to be assured of a bumpy ride ahead of them. One way or another, it’s the supporters who pay off they existing loan, or choose not to.
    I’m a pensioner and can’t afford £5k. I’m going to get the rest of the family together and see if we can take a share between us.
    John C

  26. Don´t be stupid and read before making any poor comments.
    Fans would choose the board through an election for 4 years,and the board´d choose the manager.

  27. “Sounds promising and I am interested, but one question.Where do the funds come from to build the new stadium ?”

    Paul, Share Liverpool FC have proposed 100,000 supporters contribute £5,000 to a fund which will be used to buy the club and fund a £300million stadium.

  28. Paul McMahon, you are right…500million (if yanks agree) is to get rid of them. We still have 60million working capital to start some work.

    Then we need another 250 million which means another 50,000 fans. Anyway I don’t think the yanks will sell at 500million.

    Remember they quoted DIC 1bn for their bloody shares of our beloved club. That’s not even counting the stadium.

    If we are ready to pay crazy money…

  29. Folks,

    “Please contact us using the form below if you think you could provide voluntary assistance to this project. ” and “Count me in” must be done in their web page, not in this one.

  30. First 20000 to get ‘special status’ for ticket allocation etc? Hardly sounds like everyone equal does it? Those who can afford £5K to the top of the list. Not the working class Utopia we are hoping for is it?

  31. Great idea, can’t wait for the site to be up and running again. Thanks for all those who have provided some info on the site crash.
    Will be interesting to see the worldwide appeal of the Reds once the site is up. I’ve a feeling that it’ll be beyond most people’s expectations.

  32. ALSO….what happens when we want to buy players? who fronts the cash for them? As I understand it 500,000 buys out those yanks and gives us a stadium…what about the ongoing costs after that?

  33. Count me in,

    One question I would like to raise is…if there are 100,000 share holders who makes the decisions for the club, surely 100,000 people will have different views as to how the club should move forward. Do we elect a CEO to run the club…and who would that be?

    I want the best for my club…if this is the way forward I will give what evet if neccessary

  34. I think it is a great idea and will probably end up getting a bank loan to pay for it , but I think 200,000 fans paying 2500 ponuds each is more realistic . 5 grand is a lot of money to part with in one go and I do not think you will have a problem getting that much interest in the scheme , you could even divide it up smaller than that . Just a thought , by getting more people involved it would help people who would love to get involved but can’t at that price .

  35. i am in 100%! its exciting, its new (in england) and its what liverpool fc should be about. its heartbreaking seeing our club been ripped apart by people who are ignorant of our history and to the importance of the fans!

    the only question is how the hell do you get on to the website to register your interest…

  36. I am interested, but one question. Where do the funds come from to build the new stadium. As I believe the £5ooM is to get rid of the Yanks.



  37. Great idea, and would love it to happen. There is absolutely no chnace of it happening though. The best way to ged rid of the yanks would be to organise a mass boycott of a home game. Even a drop of 10,000 would have a huge impact. What are the chances of acheiving this? Slim to none I would say, there is always someone else ready to step in and take your ticket (look at the mancs). If we cant get 10,000 fans to stay away from 1 home game how are we supposed to get millions (this is what it will take) to back this?

    This should have been done 5 years ago when we could have bought the club for a fraction of the current price.

  38. COUNT ME IN………..

    Our club is not a plaything for any rich playboy to make a quick buck from !

    Give LFC back to the people.

    Where do I sign up ?

  39. Sounds promising and I am interested, but one question.Where do the funds come from to build the new stadium ?



  40. it would be a great idea if they could get the yanks to sell,and we would set a trend in this country to get each and every one of us to have their say in how the clubs are run.I have always thought that we are the best supported club in the world and this just proves it BRING IT ON YNWA.

  41. Been a LFC supporter for 30 years and what’s happening is not good. I want in and can someone please tell me where to sign up

  42. I’m a chartered accountant, let me know if I can help. I know my other half would love one of the shares, and I think it’s a great idea

  43. Brilliant idea, only worry is that a lot of fans who would like to get involved won’t have £5k avaiklable. Need to seriously consider options for smaller shares or easy way of getting together for several people to own one.

  44. Fantastic idea. Count us in. Our club should be owned by those who share our beliefs and dreams not those who want to destroy our traditions and ethos. Let’s get our beloved club back into the hands of the people who really care – us, the fans. YNWA

  45. Man they always said Liverpool is the biggest has the biigest fans in the world and this just proves it!!

    COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know the limit is 5,000 pounds can you DONATE more??

  46. Went to look at the scheme this morning as I think its an excellent idea but can’t get on the site. Am definitely interested – probably along with hordes of others. Can anyone let me know what is happening?

  47. It sounds like a great idea…although i have to ask, what will happen when we need to raise money for tansfers? if we need to secure external funding then this will need to be done as soon as is possible.

    Also, why not lower the price of the shares and get more people involved…i would dearly love to own a piece of LFC, not least because i am a lifelong supporter, but also because i just cannot get tickets for love nor money and im really annoyed about it. I dream of owning a season ticket for just one season.


  48. I’m in.
    It is a fantastic idea and makes absolute sense.
    It is an opportunity to make the club what it really should be and probably, at heart always wanted to be, at least in some way – this will truly get the us back in line with the tradition and ethos of the club after the battering we have taken from the individual greed, naivety and ignorance of Hicks and Gillet.

  49. Yes, the first paragraph of the article mentioned it. Although, it hasn’t “crashed”, it has exceeded its bandwidth allowance due to the high number of users, so the web site will have to move to a larger capacity web host, expect it to be up again in 1-2 days.

  50. Well what can i say as a liverpool fan i would love to be in this venture but i wud also pay500mil myself and buy the club i have been intersted but its the money that counts id need some to partner with to join force and by the club i ama person who has liverpool bet interst to heart and i would do anything for thi club by makin it a force in the EPL and europe.

  51. I agree with Joe, why can’t the member share price be lower? I can’t afford $10,000 but even as a student I could scrape together $300. Since there are millions of us Reds fans around the world I doubt we would have trouble finding enough that can and will pay the lower price.

  52. Doesn’t look good when the share website says it needs the bill paying…

    Great idea though, and I’m going to get in touch with a few people to get a little consortium together. People clubbing together to buy one share is the way it’s going to work, as 5 grand is a lot of money. Better anyway, as more people will be involved.

  53. our club is slippng on and off the field something needs to be done. count me in if i can help in any way i will 5 grand is way to much for me with a family thats the only thing

  54. Hi, it is me again!
    Just in case some of you readers are wondering why I end with
    WE WILL WALK ALONE! instead of our favourite “YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!”
    Very simple – just a reminder that if our beloved Liverpool Football Club truly become like Barcelona Football Club, then we will truly truly become untouchable as we ourselves are member-owners. We would then be able to prevent the club from being poached by the preying eyes of profiteering billionaires whose blood and spirit does not cry out I LOVE LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. Indeed our beloved club should not become any rich man’s trophy or trinket or bracelet.
    The only trophies should be those that fill the Club’s trophy cabinet year after year, be it the Big Ears of the Champions League trophy, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the FIFA World Champion Club and of course not forgetting the LONG OVERDUE English Premier League Champions Trophy!
    This club is truly close to the hearts of millions of people the world over. One cannot and should not underestimate how much joy seeing Liverpool Football Club winning matches and CLINCHING REAL TROPHIES CAN BRING TO ITS FANS from various economic backgrounds across the globe.
    So once again, I say, Let Get This Darn BRILLIANT IDEA off the ground…get it moving!
    With much love from a little red dot known as Singapore.

  55. it is an excellent idea. i travel to anfield about 9/10 times a year from london and get in a good few away games in and around london too. some farther afield like newcastle.

    a day trip to a game costs me the best part of 60/70 quid including travel, sometimes more.

    i spend a couple of thousand a year on them anyway. what’s 5 grand to secure the future of the club i love so dearly.


    lets ALL do it. come on!!!

    one day, “when the reds go marching in” will be referring to 100,000 of us shareholders plus the millions of fans worldwide and we won’t be worried about any harm coming to our beloved club.

    “walk on redmen, walk on”

  56. Hi one and all,
    Finally someone in UK got the guts to put up this proposal and so let get it moving. Am from Singapore and am very interested in this myself and we have a substantial base of Liverpool supporters here.
    It has been extremely galling to see what is happening on both on and off the pitch…more especially off the pitch!!! Captain Steven Gerrard is right – what happened off the pitch does affect what is happening on the football field. COME ON, Liverpool Fans the world over…..WE BETTER NOT BECOME LIKE LEEDS UNITED!!! That is what my friends in Singapore and Malaysia – those who loves Liverpool since young are very concerned about…so PLEASE THINK THIS OUT PROPERLY as to how Overseas Liverpool fans can get involved. I am very sure that there are people in Asia who would love to join as individual member-owners at lower than 2500 pounds and this is largely due to their social-economic background – 5000 pounds upfront is a tad too expensive but they do love Liverpool Football Club a lot!!
    And we should also consider ways to get Dubai Investment Capital involved in one way or another. After all, it does help to know, as all of us should know by now that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum is already a strong Liverpool FC fan way, way before that unmentionable American duo pull the wools over our eyes with a damn big sea of red ink through a public relations spin or lame stunt of cowboy boots and hats at Anfield.
    Come on, people, let get it going!
    With much love from a little red dot known as Singapore.

  57. I would like a share but i like the idea that shares are a little less expensive so you can buy up to a maximum of £5000 worth….but it would mean that those with max shares would be the leaders of the buy-out…so it would not be all equal

    Have tried the Sharefc website and it is down at the moment.

    Put my name down for 1 share at £5,000


  58. hello i have read all this info and think its a great idea and would be willing to pay £5000 for a share in liverpool football club. under the heading…
    Sounds good, what do I do now?
    it mentions If you want to be a part of this, and are interested in hearing more, simply use the ‘Your feedback’ link at the bottom of the page, or click ‘Count me in!’ above to add your name to the list.

    ive looked for the count me in button to click but cant seen to find it,
    could any one help me out with how i would go about putting my self forward thankyou

  59. $10,000 is simply too much at one time. Barcelona requires $250. Why not allow for $300 memberships, and a person can purchase more membership shares up to $10,000 worth?

  60. This is a great project one that every true Liverpool fan should try to be part of. Forget the jeremiers moaning willies
    and negativity lets do it. Its a historical opportunity for future Liverpool fans we are not Man U. WE ARE lIVERPOOL we can do it.

  61. How are u so sure that the yanks will sell to the consortium of fans?

    I am def. interested in being one of the 100 000.
    Me and a few fans can put 5K togther no problem.

  62. Dera Sir/Madam

    Count me in for the scheme. The idea makes perfect sense and is in absolute keeping with the traditon, ethos and nature of the club. I am from Ireland and I am sensing a very initial positive response from the masses of Liverpool supporters in Ireland. I have worked in the banking business for a number of years and would gladly help on any voluntary basis that I could


    Stewart Doyle


  63. why not raise an inital 300 million at 3,000 each and ask each person to guarantor another 300-400million at 3-4 thousand pounds each .that will give enough inital money to buy back the club at no more than the original 180million they paid for it and enough money to clear off any existing debt .my understanding of the 350million debt is that it includes money for initating the new ground and next summer sales .3,000 ponds is much more realistic and any future money needs of 200 -400million can be raised gradually by a combination of limited borrowing and 10 year season tickets over a period of time and not at once. remember just because MU have a 70,000 stadium doesn’t mean we need one.
    and for gods sake fire Parry .liverpool as a business is run really badly.he nevers get palyers for less than the asking price never mind what he has masteminded with these americans

  64. I talked about this 2 years ago to my mates they laughed at me. Well I for one will gladly part with 5 grand for my piece of my club


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