The Back-Stabbing Americans

After the announcement from Bayern Munich confirming that Liverpool had held talks with Jurgen Klinsmann, the reds co-chairman Tom Hicks has been forced in to revealing the degree of interest in the former Germany coach.

He confirmed that he, Gillett and Rick Parry were all privy to the plan.

“We attempted to negotiate an option as an insurance policy to have him [Klinsmann] become manager if Rafael left for Real Madrid or other clubs that were rumoured in the press,” Hicks said.

“Or in case our communication spiralled out of control for some reason.”

Undermining one of our greatest managers of recent years, especially in favour of a man with a limited CV compared to Benitez, is wholly unacceptable.

Let’s hope the future of our club is resolved soon – and without these three back-stabbers who now lie at the top of OUR club.

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The Back-Stabbing Americans

  1. Those tosser americans need to pack there bags and get the next flight home.They have totaly no idea how to run a top class football team,it would be ashame to see RAFA leave, he as done our club proud.

  2. Too tell you the truth… I tough that these two american wil be able to handel the club. But too not have RAFA on our side is just F*****G CRAZY!

  3. Its time we got rid of these two half wits,we need to turn the heat up on them they think there out of all the flack hiding in the usa, lets take the war to them and start bombarding the american news papers with email starting with dallas hicks home town..

  4. two things can happen;
    1; new players are bought and that will take everyones mind off whats happening
    2; the fans can make the result of this yank fiasco by doin the unthinkable – boycot the match and merchandise. Granted no one is going to be able to do that for long, but a strike of some sorts at a game would be the only thing powerful enough to get them to go – or even get their finance offers withdrawn.

  5. what the hell do them two fat american shit stabbers think they are doing to the club.they are probably on romans pay role on a mission to ruin us.stand firm benitez and the honky jam rags will soon be leaving.Bring on D.IC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree with everyone. The yanks and Parry fuxk off….But I don’t agree with all this Rafa ass kissing. He seems to have lost his was a bit. In his team selections and tactics he seems very nieve sometimes. There is too much dead wood floating about the club too. Kuyt, Pennant, Vononin etc. I would like to see Rafa appoint an assistant. This may stabilise his decision making and give him another point of view. I do respect some of the work he has done ie. bringing Mascha an the wonderful El Nino.

  7. Let the yanks stick to what they know best. (Cookies and Coffee). Europe’s greatest club is being run by 2 turkeys who remind me of president bush. Buying the club was a decision they took lightly and now they are paying for it. They’re up to their necks in shit and the only way out is to put their hands up and sell the club to someone who actually cares about the supporters and traditions of LFC. As for Parry. He can follow them back to america and become their personal little secretary serving them cookies and coffee with his stars and stripes aprin. RAFA STAYS no matter what. I think he knows this shit cant go on so he’s holding out until we get new owners. He knows how a club is run and he can see that their digging the hole deeper for themselves every week. YANKS OUT, PARRY OUT, RAFA STAYS…

  8. What hicks is saying is he read in the newspapers that Madrid are interested in Raffa does that mean he’ll speak to someone else the next time he reads that some club has an interest in Raffa.How stupid he must think us if he thinks we believe that…

  9. The Americans are making this great club look foolish – if it isn’t fixed soon (Yanks out) what players will want to come to a club with such instability?

  10. Shouldnt the supporters association organise some type of Demo or at least hand out banners to be held up in the kop to let the yanks know were not happy ! If we pressurise them enough they may be forced to sell !

    Parry out now !!! he is also to blame for the mess we are in !

  11. Fan loyalty and managers being given a fair crack are admirable Liverpool qualities but this ‘in Rafa we trust’ is just blind loyalty – Rafa has blown it!! He has had plenty of time and has spent a packet – a lot of it on players who aren’t up to scratch, we’ve got no chance of the Premiership this year, yet again (despite that being our priority this year), and it is due to Rafa putting out frankly surreal team selections and formations – did nobody watch the Wigan and Reading games?

    Rafa to go!! (although to be replaced by someone decent i.e. not Klinsman level) We also need a good clear out of the duff players (Kuyt, Voronin, Pennant) and those past their best (Kewell, Hyppia, Riise (don’t get me wrong the last 2 have served us admirably)n it seems Sissoko and Finnan)

    It’s crunch time for the Americans – time to spend!!

    As for DIC? Do you want this glorious club with its history of people power to be owned by ruthless dictators who are only interested in making squillions at any cost? The human rights record of Dubai / UAE is appalling, it’s an oppressive regime and the wealth of these ‘Princes’ is at their populations expense. I’m affraid although their money is appealing but they aren’t.

  12. i think tha the americans av handled the hole situation completely wrong i think they shud jus give the club up and sell the club to sum1 tha knows about football.

  13. IN RAFA WE TRUST. Those scumbag yanks need to f**k off back to the states oout of the way. between them and the rik the pratt parry they are going to ruin the reputation of the most successful club in english history. Rafa needs to be given support from those in charge and not stabbed in the back, making him and our glorious club look a disgrace in front of the nation. Something needs to be done soon or we will plumit into a club crisis. Bring on the DIC to save us and support our one and only Rafa. YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE. WALK ON.

  14. I always thought how could you trust anyone who wears a pink and green tie, it’s sad to say but it looks like Parry pandering to the Americians has ruined the club. The only one who can save it is RAAFEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL.

  15. The Americans are total back stabbers and in stead of trying to get rid of the BEST manager we have had for years get behind him and put their money where their mouths are and let RAFA go and bring in the best to do the job.They cannot keep blameing RAFA we need more players like TORRES, CARRA, STEVIE G and so on.Something has to be done before RAFA says ive had enough then where will we be .GET IT SORTED.Cheers Giles.

  16. give rafa two more seasons with a decent budget and total backing and we will be one of the greatest teams in the modern game. carry on with the three blind mice and we will be the laughing stock of football. these money making scum need to sell to someone who has lfc in their hearts.
    sick and tired of the yanks and parry dragging our great club into the gutter.
    rafa please stand firm the fans love you

  17. These yanks should get out fast.And they can take parry and snoop dogg to carry their bags for them.”An Insurance policy” bloody idiot.GET OUT!!GET OUT!!GET OUT!!

  18. I ve seen enough “Americans Out” comments on many other websites to suggest that the strong consensus is to get the Americans out. A recession is about to happen in the USA the evidence is there for all to see, all of the businesses of the Yanks would be affected let alone the exchange rate. Whatever assets they have, values will be down. What are they going to do when they cant refinance or pay off the interests rates for this next loan they re going for, get another loan?? They re totally out of their depth, typical big thinking americans who underestimated the situation required.I hope someone starts an ONLINE PETITION to get them out or at least to give them a peice of our mind- “AMERICANS OUT” PETITION!!

  19. 1st time in years we get a manager with a football brain and desire to take the club where it belongs and PARRY and them silly american so called business men try to wipe out everything in a few Months ! Great Stadium ? nope. great Funds for Players ? Nope..come to think of it besides having Coffee with the German in California what have they Done ?. Parry your a Disgrace and when the Americans go YOU go with them and LEAVE RAFA THERE. we are the Fans and we know when something is right and RAFA IS RIGHT and when something is Wrong..PARRY..HICKS..GILETTE.

  20. I had a horrible feeling about these yanks at the first press conference when they called us the ‘liverpool reds’ and a ‘franchise’…. but I could never have believed that these cowboys could do the damage to our beloved club that we are now seeing. We are about pride, passion and respect for LFC and i’m sorry to say that these guys haven’t got the first idea of what we’re about – as evidenced by the disgraceful way they are treating the best manager we’ve had in 20 years. Pack your bags boys and leave our club alone. IN RAFA WE TRUST!!!! YNWA

  21. How dare they – all along it should have been Steve Morgan but he wouldn’t pay the inflated valuation that Moores wanted. Can’t really say I blame him – but surely we need a local boy and more importantly a REAL fan, to come up with the goods and take the club forwards. These jokers have made us a complete laughing stock – The scum have given us a clear demonstration of how it should be done. Rafa only spent a net amount of £23m after the sale of Garcia, Bellamy et al… Rafa has not spent anywhere near enough to catch the big three but I still feel that the likes of Voronin and Kuyt have failed to deliver. I am actually worried for the future of our club now; Rafa is who we want, bin the Yanks as soon as possible.

  22. they should get out now before they ruin our club.We should have went with D.I.C. day one.they WOULD have supported rafa with funds and they wouldn`t have been handseither.They would have let the board run the club day to day without any stupid interference.These yanks dont understand how a football club is run.BRING ON D.I.C. to take us forward.

  23. please DIC take over this great club of ours and restore liverpool fc back to being one of the best teams in the world..
    lets get rid of these lieing yanks.. they ruin everything..
    lets not let them drag the name of liverpool fc down to their level !

  24. RAFA should be backed to the hilt by us fans. Let these these bloody yanks know we won’t put up with this bullshit & lies.

    RAFA is the only man for the job as far as I’m concerned, just hope he stays…….

  25. Parry out, Hicks out, Gillett out – Rafa in, DIC in. These Americans are farcical & Parry is a collaborator and should know better.

    If we lose Rafa we cease to be a big club and become another Tottenham.

  26. an absolute disgrace, we now look like that joker club from White Hart Lane. I wouldnt blame Rafa for wanting to leave after this whole carry on! He’ll still be a hero in our eyes!
    Jurgen Klinsmann??? What were they thinking? All he’s ever done is take Germany to the World Cup Semis, a feat the majority of host nations achieve at this level!
    Sacking Rafa will only take us back to square one, he is on the way to building a side that CAN win us the title, he just needs another season at least, dont forget if Rafa goes, our new GOD-like number 9 may pack his bags and join him on the first Easyjet back to Spain. Then where will that leave us???
    Are these guys mad or just plain stupid? It’s not the first time Rick Parry has messed about, remember the Gerrard contract fiasco, my opinion is Parry would have sold Gerrard to Chelsea without a second thought, but instead we’ve been sold out to these two Yankee jokers who havent the slightest idea about football never mind the runnings of the most highly decorated club in the game!

    I would far rather have 25 Arabs sitting in the main stand on every other Saturday than these two jokers supporting us through a telephone line, what in the hell way is that to run a club??

    The sooner these quick-buck seekers are overthrown the better, then Parry can run up a phone-bill pandering to Shiek Mohammed!!!


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