To all the Liverpool fans worldwide

The past couple of months have been difficult, no question.

No matter where you are on this great planet of ours, this is to remind you that we are all connected. We are all here for each other. Our love for Liverpool Football Club will never die.

Anfield Online, along with a number of other LFC websites, will always have the interests of our football team as first priority and the enormous response we have had in recent weeks to the troubles at our great club have only served to prove what a unique set of supporters such as yourself our club has.  We promise to always do the right thing – with the best interests of Liverpool FC at heart.

Players, manager, coaches move on. But as fans, there will only ever be one team in our hearts.

You DO support the greatest football club in the world – the greatest sporting institution in the World.

Whatever the future holds, we will fight together, and above all

WE will never walk alone.

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To all the Liverpool fans worldwide

  1. Awesome bit of text this! Really shows the unity amongst Liverpool fans across the world, we are the greatest club in the world and we have fans all over the planet whether it be; beijing or london, liverpool or sydney!

    You can only dream what we have achieved!

  2. Great Video, We Are Liverpool!!! No one should forget that, We might be down, but we are not out…Going through hard times will only make us stronger. “We are LFC, We shall always go further, over the highest mountain, through hell and fire, for we have no fear, we shall always go one step further, where others have failed, we will not fail you. We are LIVERPOOL FC”

  3. Raffa could have left us when chairman backstabber tried to sign up Herr Klinsmann but instead he stayed and now he pledges himself to help us win the league.He is capable enough to do it,more then capable but what he lacks is the one thing that all managers need and that’s backing from those in charge and not backing with half hearted cash but enough to go out and compete with Man U & Chelski otherwise we’ll always be playing catch up and fighting for 4th spot.
    As for the present set of players I agree with some of what Ron K said ‘but not all’…..

  4. Yes its been very hard times at Lfc-if only we could a balanced same side-it would help-kuyt a real let down-and other players are not good enough-maybe get to 4th spot;and go for the FA cup- ; champs league very doultful- -ynwa–

  5. Very touchy, All LFC fans in Indonesia will always proud for being part of REDS fan, win or loose. Walk On! with hope in your heart.

  6. To all other Anfield attendees this afternoon – They think they know we care and we do. So as always treat todays game as your last and prove to everyone how much we care for our LFC, sing LOUD and sing PROUD. That way we remain untouchable……….

  7. I belive 5 or6 of our first team squad are not good enough . We,ve been let down by the players we got for the last 2yrs . Torres and Bable are the only class players up front,we need a left back /a right back/ a left winger i think Pennant is the only player that can get the ball over .I Remember when two wingers sent the ball over and the forwards stuck it in . That was,nt that long ago,and what happend to picking the best 11 ,do me a favour i played footy untill i was 30yrs old, you never played if you was,nt good enough,the best 11 got the shirt ,if you need a rest you shoud,nt be a professinal footballer . I have been a Liverpool fan all my life i,m 52 now the new owners are not clued up to what were about ,Parry and David Moores are responsable for selling the club they picked the yanks so they should try to solve the obvious misunderstanding that exists between the fans who pay and always belive and the new owners who dont have a clue what were about YNWA .RK .

  8. Sure we will never walk alone. i live in Rodrigues , a small island in the indian ocean near Mauritius and have been supporting LFC since 1984(24 yrs).Despite sometimes getting frustrated am very proud of being a fan of the Reds. Longlive liverpoolfc.

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