Yet Another Blow to Liverpool FC Stadium Plans

Liverpool Football Club today announced another delay for the proposed new stadium which could mean a massive blow to see work starting in Stanley Park. Although Hicks himself said in an interview earlier this year that the credit crunch would not affect the stadium plans, it seems the excuse this time around is exactly that.

It is understood that it wont be for another year until work might start on a new stadium but in the meantime, the latest plans for a 60,000 seater stadium wil be looked into being increased to a 73,000 capacity. But how are fans able to believe anything after another setback like this?

Surely this is another nail in the coffin for the American owners’ hold on Liverpool and the general feeling amongst fans is that it’s even more obvious these men are wrong for the club and need to pack up and leave.

Spirit of Shankly spokesman Jay McKenna said: “SOS has been expecting this news for over a week.

“It is our firm belief that the owners have neither the resources nor the intention to deliver this project, and are using the current economic climate as a subterfuge while they attempt to drive the potential sale value of the football club up.

“As SOS has maintained throughout this debacle, the owners have no money, no credibility and no dignity, and are not fit custodians of the club.

“We demand their immediate resignation and the sale of the club to fit and proper owners.”

It’s very clear that off the pitch, Liverpool FC are going further backwards with the owners not willing to dig into their own pockets. Apparently Hicks and Gillett have been in talks with the Royal Bank of Scotland looking for more debt to plunge the club into. A loan in the region of £300 million to fund the stadium was obviously passed back when finding out they would have to provide around £200 million in equity to fund such a loan.

It’s many months now since Gillett said work on the stadium would begin in 60 days. Maybe he actually meant months. It is after all only one small word to mistake in a statement. One thing is for sure though. The mistake of ever letting these owners get a hold of Liverpool Football Club is appearing far larger than any stadium that anyone could ever dream of making.

The official statement from the club earlier today: “Our commitment to building a new world class LFC stadium is undiminished. Like many other major development projects in the UK and overseas we are affected by global market conditions and as such work on the project will be delayed in the short term. We will use this period productively and progress the proposals for the stadium to increase its capacity to 73,000 seats.”

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Yet Another Blow to Liverpool FC Stadium Plans

  1. Its simple these yanks are full of broken promises aside from the stadium, when they came they said they would bring in star PLAYERS, so far i only see one that they have provided funds for, they also said they will challenge man u, well without these star players we haven`t got a chance! YANKS OUT!!!!

  2. It’s another sad episode in the recent history of this great club. Foreign owners who have no ambition, no heart, no soul and no money. Rafa deserves medal having to work with the 3 stooges (AKA: Hicks, Gillett & Parry). Hicks & Gillett WILL take this club to the wall and make it such a bad proposition potential investors such as DIC won’t touch it with a barge-pole!!

    !!!!! YANKS OUT !!!!!

  3. These Yanks are making OUR club a laughing stock. What next ? Ground sharing with The Bluenoses ? They don’t give two stuffs about the club and the sooner they go the better. We need help – and soon. If it is not lack of funds for new transfers then it’s this ridiculous situation with the ground. Our REAL glory days of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s seem along time ago now and kids these day must be tired of hearing their parents saying how the club will turn things around and maybe this is our year…It’s hard but we must keep the faith and hope G & H get the message that they are not wanted.

  4. They brought in a digger two weeks ago to dig a hole before it left an hour later,if I was a cynical man I would think that someone is up to something and I smell a rat, could it be that the contract says that they (the owners) have to start within a year or why else bring in a digger to dig a hole and then go, it makes no sense because as sure as eggs are eggs they knew a few weeks ago that they would ask for an extention on the stadium.

  5. David Moores sold our club to the Americans.Rick Parry is only an employee working for LFC.
    The new stadium looks far away into the distant future.
    Our kids will see it we might not!
    We can only hope we get a new buyer for our great club.
    We live in hope.
    They didnt mention the credit crunch for us fans when they put our season ticket prices up?

  6. WHY OH WHY wont these dumbarse yanks just f@@k off back to
    the U.S. and let the club go to someone who loves the club for what it is and not a another part to a portfolio. And it has been asked so manytimes at the ground and in pubs from Norway to South Africa what the F@@K was Parry doing by selling the club to these people (term used losely).
    PLEASE can we have it back.

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