Alonso joins squad for showdown talks

alonsoXabi Alonso last night arrived in Vienna with his Spanish team-mates to meet up with the rest of the Liverpool squad.

Liverpool take on Rapid Vienna in a friendly this evening before travelling to Asia for the next section of their pre-season tour.

Alonso, who has with his agent been positioning for a potential move to Real Madrid, is believed to be having showdown talks with Rafa Benitez and all eyes will be on whether he boards Liverpool’s flight to Bangkok or whether he leaves Austria to head to Madrid.

According to some reports Benitez and Alonso have not even spoken since the end of the season – which supports the widely held belief that the relatinship between the players is abysmal.

Whilst Alonso joining up with the squad can be taken as a positive sign – there is also a strong belief that this was done to avoid disciplinary measures and also to allow Xabi an opportunity to say goodbye to his team-mates.

The next 24 hours could be crucial in the Xabi Alonso transfer saga.

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Alonso joins squad for showdown talks

  1. Dunno about anyone else but I’m getting a bit sick of this now. It’s obvious Alonso wants to go, he just hasn’t got the balls to come out and say it publicly. When he starts spouting some tosh about ‘it’s not up to me, it’s up to the two clubs to decide my future’ that really wrankles, becuase it’s bullshit. If he sat on the fence any longer he’d get splinters in his arse. If he wanted to stay he’d come out and clear this nonsense up and fight for his Liverpool future. What an absolute twat. It’s the same sort of bullshit that Ronaldo put Utd through with this ‘I don’t know where I’ll be next season crap’. Course you know, cos you’re the only one that can makie the decision. Dick head. Lost all respect for him. If he wants to join the circus then fine. LFC made him into one of the most coverted players in Europe and in 5 seasons he’s become a better player under Rafa. If he wants to see his career regress as part of another Perez project doomed to failure then good going. Surely the alarm bells should have been ringing when Alonso helped us trounce a gutless, heartless Madrid team last season, and he WANTS to joiun that shite. Muppet. Get out of our club!

  2. please stay xabi we need you

    rafa plz dnt let him go we need players like him in our squad if where goner win the league an other trophies this season plz dnt let him go hes is one of the best in his postion

  3. the thing is now its a joke, its nearly important time coming up in pres eason and we are still having to deal with all this shite,,, its just crazy, we have just had the best season in 20 years and yet again we have fucked about in the market so far and done very little business, i love liverpool but i will tell any liverpool fan that its clear if we do not add and gerrard and or torres get injuried for any lenght of time, bang goes the tittle challenge end off.

    buy some better players sell the crap who are just clogging up the wage bill.

    out should go- babel, lucus, dossena, itandge, voronin, arbeloa comments didnt feel me with the fact he is committent red? sell him too
    – in should come

    silva, srna, grosso, cambiasso, villa

  4. If we wants out let him, Wes Snejder in and David Silva in….Brill. Good luck Xabi, if your hearts not in it we don’t need you.

  5. Stay for this year, help us win that 19th Title..The fans have always supported you, chanting your name etc..we need you now for this crucial campaign and if we dont win then………… renege on your contract, this fantastic club and the supporters

  6. the only way id ever think of alonso leaving as a good thing is if we sign david silva with the money (which is likely) and real madrid do rubbish next season and get smashed 6-2 again by barca! 😀

  7. i really hope that alonso stays. He was my Liverpool player of the season last year. But if he lost heart with Liverpool, then i hope Rafa can find an able replacement. Sneider at his best will be acceptable. Although i dont feel that Liverpool have the money to get Silva or Villa. I really thought we are going to get another striker this season!

  8. xabi please go away from anfield..just transfer to madrid..after you go then will come in two young talented player like wesley sneijder and david silva…come on redssssss…YNWA

    • What on earth are you talking about. You want Xabi to leave. He was our best player last year and in his position no one comes close to him. His passing is unbelievable

      • But the bad things is alonso cant score many goals like torres & gerrard so must let him go. He is not young now meanwhile Sneider can score many goals & also young than Alonso. So many draw games like 0-0 with Stoke city, Fulham, West ham it can’t happen again. Sneider & Silva can make strong our wing to help Torres & Gerrard score. No Alonso nevermind because we still got Mascherano & Lucas here.

  9. Gutted to see him leaving but the fact that he did not come out to state his desire to stay, I can see that his intention is to leave. All the best Xabi. How I wish you can be with us for at least one more season.

  10. i think he will stay myself, rafa doesnt have to sell him and he has alwyas siad i honour my contracts, some clearing of the air is needed between them as i think they are very close and have fallen out .
    hope he stays if not then a world class replacement and silva,

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