Aquilani fitting in well

Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt has praised new reds midfielder, Alberto Aquilani’s qualities ahead of this weekend’s clash at Fulham.

Aquilani could play some part in the game to make his Premier League debut.

The Dutchman said of him:

“We are pleased to see Alberto play.

“We’ve known him for a while around the club but this was his first game, and hopefully we can see a lot more of him.

“He’s a nice lad on and off the pitch. He told us he couldn’t wait to start, so it’s good for him and for us that he can finally play.

“He has tried to be involved not only in training but also off the field. He tried to play cards with us on the way down to London and pick up the language. And to be honest, he’s learning pretty quickly for an Italian!”

“The only thing I can say is that he is desperate to play and wants to show English football how good he is.

“We try to give him as much support as we can. Hopefully we will see a lot of him now this season.

“Every player who comes to Liverpool is his own personality. He’s not the new Xabi Alonso. He has to show his quality himself, and we will support him and help him.”

Liverpool are back in the capital to take on Fulham at 3pm tomorrow.

8 comments on
Aquilani fitting in well

  1. Well done Dirk you are a great professional and giving support to Aquilani gives us a bit of confidence in him and our team.
    Lets hope we get a good result today but Fulham are no pushovers.

  2. 13 minutes 3 perfect last touches on ball on his debut just gave me enough of Alberto n i guess he will be a perfect even better replacement for Alonso GO GO GO ALBERTO MA FULL SUPPORT IS WITH U!!!!

  3. Aquilani will be the Fabregas of our team, perhaps with a little tinkering of the formation to play both Gerrard and Aquilani behind Torres.with mascherano lucas and aurelio as a midfield three.

  4. Yes, the 13-minute debut by Aquilani was more than satisfactory. Hopefully he will be a great mid-fielder for LFC, in the mould of Steve McMahon or Ian Molby.

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