Arbeloa deal almost done

Alvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid’s deal with Liverpool to sign wantaway defender Alvaro Arbeloa is near to completion.

Rumours suggest that Real Madrid will pay £4M for Arbeloa who signed for the reds in January 2007 from Deportivo La Coruna.

Speaking to Marca, Arbeloa said:

“At present I am only focused on Liverpool, but it is true that (the deal) is nearly completed.

“As I understand, it seems everything is going well and there is little left to resolve.

“It could all be sorted out this week.”

Arbeloa is in the final year of his Liverpool contract and has refused to sign an extension.

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Arbeloa deal almost done

  1. Can anyone name our back 4 for next season (3 weeks away) and even better, name a decent back 4 if we get two injuries to the original set up, we as a club are taking a big step into dangerous territory and could miss out on the Champ League and forget about even getting close to the Prem League, RAFA GET IT SORTED AND DO IT SOON, will watch liverpool x1 in Dublin on 17 Aug but worried about first team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Arbeloa was a great footballer who played and kept the ball as well as any player in his position . He will be missed and suited the prem and the way we played him very well. i agree he wanted to go, with 1 year left on his contract we had no option but to sell him.
    Many thanks to him and wish him well only time will tell, but if he is on the bench he will need some sun tan lotion, unlike here!!!
    Umbrella nd long jons and a brass monkey!!

  3. Better that we get something for arby than nothing, if he has refused an extension and only has a year left he could go for free after this season. Glen isn’t worth what we payed but in the inflated market we could have ended up paying allot more for an English defender and he is an improvement on Arby if he keeps last years form up the lad has a good defense brain and can produce the quality we’ve sorely missed at crucial times in games we can’t break down….. Oh and Dossena ! em thanks for the two wicked goals son and all the best.

  4. Personally I think £4m is a pathetic price to sell arbeloa. He improved so much last season. Glen Johnson is not 4 and a half times better than him.

  5. Arbeloa is nothing more then an average player who got homesick!.With Johnson now signed and sealed i for one won’t be feeling his absence.

  6. Think we still need someone for Torres up front, Silva or Aguera. If Xabi does go we still have two of the best m/fielders around in Gerrard and Mach. With Dossena headin to Italy and Arbaloa going back to Spain we are very, very short on defenders and will struggle if we get injuries as we haven’t got much cover. This is a scary situation to be in so close to the start of the league…….

  7. to be honest, i dont really care! i mean, arby is a good player but never as good as glen. i hope he does well at real but i hope he realises he’ll never get played! with pepe, raul albiol, sergio ramos, meldzer and heinze, who would!!!!!! only the worlds best defenders would be able to fight for a place in that defense and, however good he is, arby is definately not one of the best defenders in the world!!!!!

    alonso is different. he IS a world class player and WOULD get in to the real midfield, which is partly why i dont want him to go. to be honest, the only reason i wouldnt mind if he went is if dossena goes to napoli in return for hamsik and then with the money from alonso to sign david silva. we could also ask for negredo and £30mil for alonso. negredo is young, and seems to be a good finisher. we’ve got n’gog (okay…) voronin (has his days) and nemeth (coming on well) as well so im not really sure we HAVE to concentrate on a sub striker for torres/gerrard.

    here’s the team that i want to have next year if alonso leaves:


    Johnson Carra Skrtel/Agger Aureilio/Insua


    Kuyt Gerrard David Silva


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