Babel motivation coming from Dutch team

Babel and Torres

Ryan Babel has insisted that being dropped by the Dutch national side is what is spurring him on as he tries to finally make a mark at Anfield.

Liverpool’s number 19 has had an indifferent 2 years at Anfield failing to take numerous chances afforded to him. He was dropped from the Liverpool squad early this season and subsequently dropped from the Holland national side. He was only eventually called up due to an injury in their side.

Babel said:

‘Not being called up by Holland has definitely scared me into doing something. The situation for me is clear. This has to be the year for me. I am trying to do whatever it takes to get into the team.

‘If I give everything and the situation is still difficult, then you have to be honest with yourself. But I’m still confident that I can be a very important player for Liverpool.

‘For the first time in 33 games, I wasn’t called up for the national team. That was very scary. It’s clear I have to play a lot of games for Liverpool to earn a ticket to the World Cup. The Holland coach made a statement that he wants his players playing for their clubs.’

It’s a shame there isn’t a World Cup every month to give Ryan Babel some motivation.

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Babel motivation coming from Dutch team

  1. Having seen Babel run at teams and scare them to death makes me wonder how it’s taken so long, he looks like a winger when he does this, so I hope he gives us more in the coming months…

  2. Babel has been a sack of s**te since we bought him, although the 8-0 rout of Besiktas has been the best performance ive saw him in, and thats because we were 5-0 up and he didnt have to do a lot.. IMO he seems similar to Collymore in the “im bigger than the club” philosophy.

    If that is the case, he can just f**k off back over the pond to Holland.

    Voronin, Dossena, Babel, & Degen out in January

  3. So he’s playing well for the sake of himself and not the team? Oh goody. And once this international break at the start of October is over and done with, he’ll be going back to the same lazy, disinterested, woeful player he has been for the past 12 months until the next batch of internationals.

    Ah well, at least for the final few months of the season he’ll really be trying which can only benefit the club in the run in.

    Still the wrong attitude.

  4. You just need to speek to raffa not putting statments out and hope’in he will read them ask fo the numer ‘7’ and ask to play were you think you’ve play best in your carer like what position you’ve scored the most goals in and got the most assists.

  5. We need you, you better prove yourself; and I think winning the premier league title is no way less important than winning the world cup, and that is a point; Liverpool can win the title but Holland is no way near it…

    You better think of that

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