Benitez insists Torres will not be sold

Rafa BenitezIn an interview with The Times, Rafa Benitez has insisted that the club would not sell Torres without the manager’s approval – and if they did he would quit the club.

With Liverpool’s debts crippling the clubs ability to compete in the transfer market, the suggestion was put to Rafa that the owners could see a potential sale of Torres as a way to lower the club’s debt.

Benitez said:

“It won’t happen. I’d quit.”

Rumours have been circulating over the past 24 hours that the reds must make another large repayment to RBS in January, on top of the £60M that they were forced to pay in the summer.  The reds are likely to aim to reduce the size of the squad to do this, meaning Benitez will have no transfer budget in the transfer window.

He will, again, have to firstly arrange player sales as early as possible to see how much is in the increasingly meagre Liverpool piggy-bank.

If Real Madrid dispense with the services of Manuel Pellegrini then it is likely that they will make their fourth offer to secure Rafa as manager, but after turning down three job offers already Rafa insisted:

“I want to leave a winning legacy (at Liverpool).

“People are worried. But the team will improve. When we have key players on the pitch we are as good as anyone. We have proved this in the past.”

Rafa went on to defend his transfer record which has been the subject of some exceptionally dishonest reporting in the press.

“When we have spent big, normally it’s been very good business. Torres, Mascherano, Reina, Alonso. Keane is a good player but we had to sell him because he was not playing at the level we knew he could play. Ryan was signed for the future and we are waiting for his improvement. He has to be more consistent.

“With the fringe players, we needed to take a gamble on Bosmans and one, two million-pound players. Some of these players have not been good enough for us. It is a risk you have to accept when there is not too much money about.”

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Benitez insists Torres will not be sold

  1. i will be very sad to see torres go.Hicks and Gillet should just walk out of our called owners go and leave liverpool in peace not in pieces.torres should stay.owen is a good example for torres.

  2. No one wants to see Torres leave but if we’re eliminated from the Champions League then replaced by another side in the so-called top four it could get really serious.

    I feel the owners will accept a bid of around a £80 million for Torres without even worrying about Rafa’s threat of resigning for they’re only in it for the money.

  3. I think the media and others should leave the manager and his players alone to get on with the job of bringing the team together and improve morale and obviously get the team rolling again.

    I firmly believe the Yankees should pack up and head back to america land. They are the reason this club is in decline and demoralised and bring in someone who knows about LFC and what it stands for.

  4. On paper or rather in the papers we seem to be in a right mess financially.
    But again we need these Americans to come out and give us fans some confidence for the near future, in our team and club.
    They dont deserve to be part of Liverpool Football Club
    Do us a favour and ‘do one’ p*** off.
    If Rafa went he would leave us in the s**t and prove he wasn’t up for our prem league.

    We were only one player away from winning the league last season so what went wrong this season?
    We will still be here when Rafa and the yanks have gone but what state will we be left in?
    New owners ? come and get us you wont be disappointed

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