Gerrard wants new Liverpool contract

Steven Gerrard and Jamie CarragherAfter Rafa Benitez’ five year contract extension Steven Gerrard has declared.

“I’ve never been happier.”

Liverpool’s talismanic captain has 2 years left on his existing contract, which would take him to the age of 30.  But with Liverpool’s re-emergence in being able to compete at the top of the Premiership he feels now is the time to commit the rest of his playing career to Liverpool FC.

Rafa, armed with his new contract, is set to try and extend all the clubs top stars contracts at Liverpool – including Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher – in an attempt to provide stability back to the football club which has been sadly lacking in the past 18 months.

Steven Gerrard went on:

“I’m really happy at the club at the moment.”

“I’ve got two years left on my contract. If there was a chance to extend that, I’m sure I’d do it. I’ve never been happier than I am at the moment throughout my career because I’m playing in a top team, I’m playing with world-class players and I believe the manager that, going forward, we can be successful.”

“There’s a good feeling around the place at the moment.

“It’s important not to get carried away. United are still favourites. If they win their game in hand, they’re four points ahead, a decent lead at this stage of the season. But confidence is high, the momentum is with us. We have to focus on what we’re doing and, if they have another slip up, we have to capitalise on it.

Stevie also suggested that he regrets his petulance about bickering about his position for Liverpool.

“My relationship with Rafa has got stronger as time’s gone by. Maybe when I was a bit younger I was a bit selfish, thinking of myself a bit too much when he was playing me out of position [on the right of midfield]. I should have maybe taken a deep breath and realised he was asking me to do that for the team. But, at the moment, he’s playing me in my favourite position, I’m captain, we’re winning. Things at the club are really good.

“For years and years I’ve moaned about not being involved in a title race and being far away from the other teams. But at the moment I’m playing in a team that’s capable of beating anyone in the league. I’m settled, I’m happy. Things on the pitch couldn’t be better.”

Happy days!

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Gerrard wants new Liverpool contract

  1. It’s happy news that two of the upper tier squad members have signed new contracts(Gerrard and Kuyt); Gerrard’s signing being the bigger and least surprising. However every Liverpool fan earnestly awaits the Torres//Alonso extensions with the latter a doubtful one when reflecting on the range of clubs keen to bag him. The two in my opinon are just as important to our current dominating style of football as the G himself. And as Dave has mentioned already in different words – stability means to prosper. We need to know who loves Anfield and is ready to defend the honour of the club with Spartan-like mentality.

  2. This can bring a lot of stability to the club. Takes away from all the other soap operas re ownership issues. There is no doubt liverpool are blessed to have one of the worlds best players commit his long term future to the club.

  3. This is great news, Gerrard has been head and shoulders above everyone in England this season, he has to win player of the season. Get him a new contract signed and then get our other top players signed up on new long term contracts. Stability is the key. The spine of our team is as good, if not better, than any other team in Europe with Pepe, Carra, Skrtel, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard and Torres. World class!

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